Here’s the 3rd episode of the New Season, featuring special in-studio guest: Chase Jarvis! Plus we’ve got Larry Becker with another installment of “Cheap Shots” where we shows how to create a modeling light for your off-camera flash for under 5 bucks. I’ve got a great tip for sports shooters who need more frames per second, plus Matt has a tip on better focus if you’re shooting things that move, and even more cool stuff. Check it out below.

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  1. OH I GET IT…it is Groundhog’s Day! We’re re-experiencing this terrific episode! Clever!

  2. Another great episode! Really love this show.

  3. Kalradio explained…groundhog day! HaHaHa, good one!

  4. Scott,
    While the D700 may only crank out 5 fps without the MB-D10 grip, the D300 will capture 7 fps, gaining only one fps with the addition of the grip. The other thing to note is that with either camera, you will only get those 8 fps when the batteries are brand new. Your fps rate will drop quite quickly if you are shooting a lot. So in the case of the D300, there isn’t a whole lot to be gained by adding the 8 AA batteries. The D700 is a different story.
    Trev J.

    • When the D700 is equipped with the MB-D10 Battery Pack and you use the higher-capacity EN-EL4a lithium-ion battery or AA cells, the D700 shoots 8 frames per second. It does not get this bump without the EN-EL4a (or AA’s) and it needs a special adaptor to do this, one that does not ship with the battery pack.

  5. Wow, what a difference that battery pack makes! Would a battery pack increase the fps of my D90 as well?

  6. What I do not understand is why people say us that there are two autofocus modes (1 Shot, AI servo or C and S) and one is for moving subjects the other for still subjects but NO ONE ever answers the very silly question: why on earth should I use 1 SHOT or S if I can simply use the continuous mode for everything and forget if the subject is moving or will suddenly move. What is the very real advantage of using S?! Thanks a lot for your answer…

  7. Great episode! Chase is my photographer crush, very informative thank you.

  8. It’s pronounced “JAR-DEE-NO” :)

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