Why is Everybody So Angry about Apple’s iPad?


I realize that anytime you write a post regarding Apple or an Apple product, like I did on Thursday after Apple’s iPad announcement, it triggers a lot of emotional responses from both Apple lovers and haters, but I’ve gotta tell you, after reading some of the comments from my post, and how people reacted to Terry’s post (which I linked to) and other articles around the Web, I think this iPad product announcement has actually wound up making some people madder than Nikon’s pricing for the D3X (and I didn’t think that was possible, though I think it’s just as silly).

So, here’s a quick Q&A to wrap up this blog’s coverage of the iPad until it actually ships:

Q. Wow Scott, some people were really mad about you recommending that they should buy an iPad. Why do you think that is?
A. Actually, if you re-read the post (link) I didn’t recommend that anyone should buy an iPad. I just said I was going to buy one (well, two. One for my wife as well).

Q. Then why were they so mad?
A. Anytime you use the word ‘Apple’ in a sentence, and you’re not referring to New York City or a healthy snack, it triggers something in people who hate Apple with a passion that knows know bounds, and they go on the attack.

Q. They really hate Apple that much?
A. Just ask the folks at Engadget.com (one of my favorite sites), who ran a post yesterday on how to get a custom RSS feed that excludes their news about Apple for “…people who hate Apple news.” (their words).

Q. OK, but why do they have it in the for iPad? Is it because of all of Apple’s hype around the product?
A. Apple didn’t hype it at all. Apple didn’t even mention it. In fact, you couldn’t get anyone at Apple to even admit the existence of the iPad until the moment it was actually introduced.

Q. So Apple never promised anybody anything in the iPad?
A. Nope. Apple is notoriously secretive about product releases, so there were no “the iPad is coming” ads, or banners, or anything from Apple itself. Even Apple’s media invite only said “Come see our latest creation.” The hype wasn’t created by Apple.

Q. So why are some people so Mad?
A. Because they were led to believe the iPad would have some features it in it doesn’t have.

Q. Did Apple lead them to believe this?
A. Nope. Just rampant rumor and speculation all over the Web.

Q. So they’re mad at Apple because the rumor sites made them think the iPad would have more or different features?
A. Yup, pretty much.

Q. That’s crazy.
A. That’s a statement, not a question.

Q. OK, isn’t that kind of crazy?
A. Yup.

Q. And they’re mad at you because you told them you’re buying an iPad, even though it doesn’t have those features, right?
A. Yup.

Q. But you never told them to buy an iPad, right?
A. Right. I just gave my opinion, which is, I think Apple’s going to sell a lot of them. That’s what my post was about.

Q. And that made some people really mad?
A. Oh, yeah. They let me know in great detail why I was wrong, why Apple was wrong, and exactly why they weren’t going to buy one.

Q. Why would they take the time to write a long comment on why they wouldn’t buy a particular product?
A. Ahhhh, this is what really amazes me the most. You see, Olympus just came out with a small point-and-shoot digital camera called the Olympus Optio I-10, and I looked at a very favorable article about it, but it’s not really for me. There are some things I’d want in a point-and-shoot that it doesn’t have, and there are some things it has I don’t need, so I’d probably go with something else. But yet, I have no urge whatsoever to write a long detailed comment to that Olympus blogger about why that Olympus isn’t for me, or where I think Olympus messed up in not creating the perfect product for me, nor do I post something telling the writer that he’s an idiot for writing about it. You know what I do instead? I just don’t buy that camera. Instead of spending my time writing comments like that, I figure I can use that time to write a book or two, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.

Q. After the iPad was introduced, most analyists greatly upped their predictions for how many million units Apple will sell in the iPad’s first year. Do they know something we don’t know?
Yup. They know that the iPad isn’t for everyone, just like the iPhone isn’t for everyone, but they also know there are enough people who, when they see and hold one in person, will absolutely fall in love and buy one right there on the spot. There is a big market for the iPad, it’s just not for everybody, but it doesn’t take everybody to make a product a hit. It just takes a lot of somebodies.

Q. But it doesn’t include a phone? How it could it not include a phone?
A. It’s not a phone. We all already have a phone. This is supposed something in-between a phone and a laptop (at least, that’s what Apple says).

Q. But isn’t just a big iPod Touch?
A. Kinda. It’s actually more than that, but wouldn’t a big iPod Touch be really nice? I always wished mine was bigger (stop snickering).

Q. But it doesn’t support Flash, right?
A. I know, that’s the one thing I really wished it did, that it doesn’t.

Q. Well, that’s a deal breaker for me.
A. Then don’t buy it.:)

Q. Hey, you’re being kind of harsh, aren’t you?
A. Not at all. Seriously, if it’s not for you, you shouldn’t buy it. The iPad’s not for everybody, and not everybody will buy it. If it makes sense for you, great. If it doesn’t, why in the world would you buy it? Besides, I put a smiley face after my comment to take the harshicity out of it, because I don’t work for Apple. If you buy it, don’t buy it, etc., it doesn’t change my life one way or the other.

Q. Aren’t you going to write a book on it?
A. My plate’s pretty full this year with all the updates and new titles I have coming, so no iPad book for me.

Q. Hey, are we going to be able to shoot tethered into the iPad?
A. Maybe. Terry had a post on his blog about Apple’s “iPad Camera Connection Kit” which lets you import images from your digital camera into your iPad.

Q. Shouldn’t Apple have come out with a product that is for absolutely everybody, that immediately fulfills everyone’s individual needs, and included all the speculated and rumored features, no matter how far fetched?
A. Yes.

Q. Then why didn’t they?
A. They never have. No one ever has. Well, maybe except for Microsoft. (wink).

Q. Hey, aren’t you just a big shill for Apple?
A. Yup. Hey—-anything to boost the stock price for my Apple stock.

Q. Do you have Apple stock?
A. No.

Q. So what do you get from Apple? I’ll bet you get lots of freebies from Apple, right?
A. Nope. I don’t get “jack squat” from Apple. If I want Apple software or hardware, I buy it like everybody else. I did get a free t-shirt from a guy in the SoHo Apple Store after I spoke there once. That was cool.

Q. Yeah, but I bet you get special treatment at the Apple Store, right?
A. Sadly, no. I know one person there: Jessica (hi Jessica), and if I wait in line long enough, she’ll help me, just like everybody else. Hey, but when my son dropped his iPhone (a hand-me-down), the woman at the genius bar had been to my Orlando Photoshop seminar last year.

Q. Did she hook you up with a free replacement?
A. Nope. It cost me an arm and a leg to buy him a replacement. Well, it just cost an arm. I made him pay the leg part himself. It’s that whole parent thing.

Q. So you really have no “juice” at Apple do you?
A. Not a drop.

Q. So why did you say you were impressed with the iPad, and that you were going to buy one?
A. Because I was impressed with the iPad, and I’m going to buy one.

Q. That was pretty risky, ya know?
A. I know. Mentioning an Apple product is not without peril.

Q. Why is that?
A. Although there are three types of people: (1) Apple haters (2) Apple apologists and (3) Everybody else, when you write anything about Apple—–anything—you immediately hear from numbers 1 and 2.

Q. What’s an Apple Apologist??
A. That’s someone who defends Apple’s decisions no matter what.

Q. Have you experienced them first hand?
A. Not since I mentioned how much I hated my new MacBook Pro because the gestures on the new trackpad kept rotating my Photoshop CS4 canvas, but luckily Adobe released a plug-in that stopped the rotation, so my life is back to normal.

Q. So some people were mad that you pointed out that problem?
A. Like you cannot believe. I did a short video showing the problem to run here on the blog, but I stupidly posted it on YouTube.com and then embedded the video into my post. Big mistake. I still get emails from Apple apologists telling me I’m an idiot for trying to use Photoshop with a trackpad, and that the problem is my fault–not Apple’s. I just wish “idiot” was the phase they most often used. Sadly, it usually had one less letter. Those are Apple apologists.

Ask Terry White what happens if he posts something the least bit critical about Apple. When he posted that the USB ports were too close during his review of the new MacBook Pro (they are, by the way)—-so close that you often can’t connect two USB devices at once, people railed him in droves, claiming that instead of Apple properly spacing the ports, that instead all USB flash drives and cables should be redesigned with thinner bodies to accommodate the tighter ports.

Q. But you just said you agree that the ports are too close? Isn’t that saying something bad about Apple. Aren’t you going to catch a rash of $%&$ for posting that?
A. Absolutely.

Q. Doesn’t that worry you?
A. Honestly, I’m getting used to it. It used to bother me, but I find it bothers me less and less since I added the Delete Post key as an Apple Quick Key. ;-)

Q. Does any of this surprise you?
A. Not at all. In fact, I’ll guarantee you that after all this, at least a few people will actually post comments here today going on about how Apple has totally messed up, and then they’ll go on to explain why they’re not going to buy one.

Q. Seriously, you think someone will actually do that?
A. I would bet money on it.

Q. So you think because you mentioned the iPad missing Flash, now you’ll catch some heat for that, too?
A. Absolutely. It kind of comes with the territory, but somehow, I’ll trudge on.

Q. The iPad’s not even shipping yet. In fact, it’s still months away. Do you think we should hold our judgment until we actually hold one in our hands and try one out?
A. Absolutely not. Judgment should be passed immediately (if not sooner). Nail Apple, Steve Jobs, and anyone the least bit connected to it, on any level. That’ll teach ’em to try to introduce a new product that doesn’t appeal to every living person.

Q. So with all these people screaming about what it doesn’t have, do you still think Apple will sell a lot of iPads?
A. Yup. Millions and millions in its first year. I know, but not to you. You’re no sucker, you’re smarter than that, you’re no chump, etc..

Q. Hey, did you mean me?
A. No, not you. Them (you know who you are).

  1. Scott, I have 3 laptops and a big workstation HP desktop. If I had it to do over they would all be Apple. I think the best thing I bought last year ( besides my D3s) was my IPhone. If you are a serious photographer that spends money all the time then I think the IPad is worth a try. ( if Apple is reading, send me one now) There are a lot of us “loyal” Kelby followers who are going to support you on almost anything. How many of the 700 that showed up in Texas negatively comented to you about your IPad post?

  2. Man, this thing has just literally blown-up the Internet for the past week LOL Just wait until it comes out and there’s lines around the block of people waiting to buy one and all the haters will be hatin’ even more hahahaha — either way, it looks like this is going to be a HUGE product this year.

    1. I agree with you and Scott!!
      – Apple’s iPad made a surprise appearance at tonight’s 52nd annual Grammy Awards when Stephen Colbert pulled out an iPad to read the nominees for song of the year. ; o ))))

      1. It was very easy for Stephan to get one. I am sure Apple paid big bucks for that spot. After all it is marketing. You don’t think Stephan was just lucky to have one do you?

  3. Scott, I didn’t have a chance to read your whole post today as it’s kinda long.
    I just wanted to tell you why I won’t be buying an iPad.

    but first, I have to figure out why I’m up posting on the internet at 3:18am.

  4. Scott, Love Apple products, I have an Apple laptop, iMac and iPhone but I wont be getting an iPad, I have no use for it the same as I have no use for petrol in my diesel engined car, I’m not upset or mad, I just have no need for it!
    The worrying thing for me regarding Apple is my next upgrade from my current iMac (24″ normal screen!) to either a glossy screen iMac or Mac Pro with a cinema display. For a photographer, only having the option of a glossy screen, for me, is a nightmare. Not so much the glossy, reflective screen, but the fact that it enhances the colours, saturates them, so how can you work on a photo with confidence even after calibrating the screen? Perhaps I’v got the wrong end of the stick and this isnt a problem at all but I’v got to upgrade soon and I’v know idea what to do! Any ideas on a third party screen if I go down the more expensive Mac Pro route?


      1. Agreed, specifically one of the Spectraview II lines with their software to drive the process. There’s an entry level P221W, from there the 2490, 2690 and 3090 (all wide gamut expect the 2490).

  5. I find the buzz, positive and negative, absolutely fascinating. Some people are really so upset about what the iPad will and won’t do. Why?

    If BMW were to launch a vehicle that had 3 wheels and a battery power plant because it was more economical and they saw a gap in the market would we write it off as a supersized motorcycle, an underpowered car, or simply rant on about how it only has room for two?
    No, we’d say, ah thats nice but Im not in the market for it.

    Why do we have expectations of Apple to do something and then get upset when they don’t?
    Apple never said they were bringing out a netbook killer or a kindle killer. They said they were bringing out something that they feel the market lacked. End of story.

    Have we been misled about “the best internet experience in your hands”? Sure.

    I am glad Apple has the “you know what” to stake its reputation on a product and at least try. When they flop (Cube / MB Air) they flop. When they succeed (iMac / iPod / iPhone) they really change the face of how we do business in spite of some minor perceived shortcomings (Floppy drive / DRM / Flash).

    Do I agree with everything they do, no. Do they care if I do, NO.

    Do I think they have some of the most brilliant marketing strategies ever? Absolutely!. Practically everyone is talking about a product that doesnt even exist yet? Now that’s hilarious.

  6. Great post Scott, I’m going to get one and my son is asking for one everyday, (his birthday is coming up). The ipad looks useful to me so I’ll get one, I don’t understand why your original post should get people so fired-up.

    By the way, I just worked through your photo recipes book/DVD at the weekend and learned a lot.
    Thank you

  7. Nice Q&A Scott. I dont understand the haters? Apple is really the company that seems to get bashed no matter what they release. People seem to forget that Apple releases quality products (OK, expensive) but quality none the less. They also continue to strive for ‘the next big thing’ which they seem to manage.
    The iPod changed music and music listening for a whole generation.
    The iPhone changed the way mobiles are used and look today.
    Their laptop/workstations and software is used by pro’s all over the world.
    The iPad could be another ‘big thing’, its functional and has LOTS of applications if used correctly and to be honest at a great price (for Apple)

    You dont have to love everything Apple do, but please stop hating. Instead why not taste the forbidden fruit ;)

    1. A death threat? That is absolutely unconscionable. After all, it’s only a piece of technology and it’s very nice of you to make an offer to give one away. I cannot help but offer my assistance. While I have no expertise to track down the offending commenter, I’ll help you divert his/her attention by selflessly accepting the free iPad. That’ll throw ’em off your trail.

      1. Look out Scott,

        I hear tell a Apple bomber is on the way to Microsoft with Nerf Balls. That that person has to be from state of Washington


  8. Q. Then why were they so mad?

    I think they’re mad because no-one else knows how to satisfy the customers like Apple does. And they know that, and pisses them off. ‘We’ (referring to the Apple lovers) don’t like Apple and it’s products because they’re shiny or because we’ve been brain-washed. It’s because they really work and are far more durable, intuitive, powerful and easy to use than any other similar devices. And, of course, they’re shiny and gorgeous. But that’s just an extra in the package.

  9. I think it’s odd to post a piece that long about how apparently Apple has all kinds of “haters” (which you would never know by riding the subway and seeing pretty much everybody, including people who can’t afford them, using iPods and iPhones) and stick in only one or two lines about how outsized the affection for Apple among its supporters is. For the record, I neither love nor hate Apple- because they’re a corporation that makes consumer products. The idea that someone should have the kind of loyalty Apple users have for their products, even the ones that aren’t very good or that fill no existing need whatsoever, or that anyone should viscerally hate a company that clearly makes some good products, is absurd.

    I would bet you dollars to donuts that about 75% of the people you call Apple “haters” are simply fed up with the fact that the people who are devoted to the company beyond all reason can’t resist the urge to proselytize and tell everyone who is happy with their PC’s or Linux systems how “wrong” and yes, “stupid” they are. Apple has done nothing to generate this anger- but its fans certainly have. The same way that veganism is great for all sorts of reasons, but calling someone a “muderer” for eating a burger is simply obnoxious (or, conversely, being an Atkins dieter and insisting to someone that pizza is poison.)

    As someone who has used computers from all ends of the spectrum, I think I’ve met far more Apple proselytizers than I’ve ever met Apple haters, for the reason that PC users simply don’t care all that much about that they consider a tool. What they get annoyed at is people who dismiss every flaw in their own products (like insisting that Macs never crash, when my two years as an employee at a MUG and additional two working at a college writing center tell me otherwise) and continue to insist that they’re somehow more better, smarter, or cooler people for using them. That is, in fact, religious, and it’s downright creepy.

    1. Exactly! It’s the same reason people find new converts to religions or Linux (I’ve been both) very annoying. When you first discover something that’s so awesome and different, you only see the upsides and can’t understand why everyone is so dumb they can’t see how wonderful your chosen operating system or religion is. Then, with time, you realize that everyone should be entitled to his or her opinions. In the time in between you probably acted like a jerk to a lot of people.

  10. As I was writing the above post, Mr. Oliveira came along to demonstrate my point. People don’t like smug, arrogant, or delusional (making a statement like that about individual products is one thing, but to say that in general about a company that has, in fact, made mistakes? C’mon). it annoys them. It’s more than possible that people don’t like the iPad for the reasons the author states, and not because of some deep insecurity, isn’t it, Joao? (In fact, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the psychology that says people would be “pissed off” because a company satisfies its customers. Saying A=B is not an argument, it’s a slogan.)

    1. I agree. In my opinion, the iPad is not that great, although it is very interesting. But that’s just a matter of time. Apple knows how to evolve naturally and I can see on this controversial product great capabilities. We’ve seen it before. The iPhone wasn’t that great at launch, even the Mac used to be far less interesting than it is now.

      And, beside of what the iPad is, I can see some things that will be a great breakthrough in future creations. For example, the chip that equips the iPad. Designing both the complete hardware and the software in one device will make it even greater. It’s a quality control that no-one could ever accomplish.

      1. Yeah, but I still think it’s dumb that, since it’s based on the iPhone OS rather than OSX, you can only run one program at a time. What is this, 1991?

  11. I won’t get one. Apple thinks we don’t need to do two things at once like make a VOIP call and use the web browser at the same time. Don’t give me excuses about performance because I have much weaker machines and smart phones that multitask fine. Too bad. I think this is my only deal breaker.
    Cool product otherwise. It’s the best tablet implementation for the price I’ve ever seen.
    It’s a shame. It’s 90% of what I want and missig 10% of what I wish It did have or I could add to it.

    I’m at least wating for the real hands on reviews first.

  12. When are Ford going to make a car that I like? I hate all Fords, past and present…

    That’s how ludicrous the whole Apple hater BS is.. Why is a technology company different from car manufacturers? In Australia, you either love Holden (GM) or you love Ford.. but never ever both!! That would be un-Australian! There is great healthy rivalry, but not to the extent of this ridiculous Apple hating bollocks! Get over it people, they are a publicly listed company, they need to make money like the rest of us. How they do it is up to them, and guess what, besides all the nay sayers, they’ve been doing a pretty damn good job for a long bloody time!

    1. So you hate Ford but you don’t understand why some people hate Apple?
      Aren’t you contradicting yourself?
      People hate the way Apple does thing just like you hate the way Ford makes cars. Why is that hard to understand.

      1. I think you are focussing on the first sentence too much.
        Maybe Phil should have put the sentence between quotation marks (that is what you call “” right?), but it becomes clear from the rest of his post that he finds the statement in his first sentence just as much BS as the Apple hater thing.

  13. So let me see if I get this…the iPad is for sale…if I want one, I should buy it…if I don’t want one, i should not buy it.

    is that it?

    Will it make blurry pictures sharp? If it does…I don’t want it….

  14. Superb stuff, but the overall message to remember is that fruit is good for you and apple bashing is misguided (ask my dentist). I remember when we used to bash apricot – and good reason, they were crap at keeping the dentist away.

  15. My mother used to say ‘if you can’t think of anything good to say, don’t say anything’.

    My father used to say ‘Don’t criticise those who do when you’re one of those who don’t!’

    I say…..an awful lot of work will have gone into anything that is manufactured to such an amazingly high standard….why are people SO critical?

  16. Great post Scott, I never understand the people who get really emotional for or against apple products. If you are for a product buy it, if you are against buy something else and spend your time productively instead of slating a product.
    In my house i have a XP desktop, a XP laptop, a vista pc, a linux machine and a macbook, i’d happily add an iPad to the list, but as i don’t need it and its facilities don’t plug a gap in my technology needs i’ll spend my money on camera equipment instead :-)

  17. I would put myself as a 50% Apple lover and 50% apple hater to the core. I hate ipods. Low quality audio coupled with high prices, Add to that a proprietary Itunes software to load songs. No copy/paste? blah…. the things I love about Apple; Mac OS, Mac OS, Mac OS.. ooh and also the LED backlit monitor cum CPUs…. Love it.

    Scott, why the disrespect towards lengthy comments by people who don’t like Apple product and articulate about it? After all, this is a blog with the ” comments” option. People are inclined to interact with the author of the post, either positively or negatively. Web 2.0 ( or is it 2.7 8 ?)

    “have no urge whatsoever to write a long detailed comment to that Olympus blogger about why that Olympus isn’t for me” But you don’t mind if people write lengthy favorable posts praising your knowledge? And you don’t mind writing a lengthy blog post stating why the Ipad is for you.. :)

    PS: The nuts who abuse you using foul language, are just that, nuts…. My rant doesn’t cover that segment.

  18. Great post Scott, what a funny read :)

    I’m split regarding the iPad. If TV shows, Movies and iBooks becomes available in the European iTunes stores, then it’s almost a no-brainer (just add multi tasking). But for now, it’s almost useless for me since we can’t get access to all the goodies that the Americans can.

    (Actually, we can, but we would have to break the iTunes Store T&C’s in order to spend our money there, by creating a fake US account and add money using gift certificates).

  19. Ding!,Ding!,Ding!….we have a winner folks! AC Walker is the “Hater of the Week”. It wasn’t good enough to go on (and on) about how he doesn’t “hate” on Apple or their fans, but he just couldn’t resist the urge to criticize another poster Jao, who by the way AC, said nothing of about PC users being insecure. Project much?

    1. What award should we give you? Certainly not the reading comprehension award.

      “I think they’re mad because no-one else knows how to satisfy the customers like Apple does. And they know that, and pisses them off.”

      BTW, I’m so sorry that my post was lengthy. And that someone held a gun to your head and forced you to read it. But I do appreciate your proving my point by refusing to respond to a single thing I said and instead immediately go into knee-jerk and ad hominem mode. Cheers.

      1. “I think they’re mad because no-one else knows how to satisfy the customers like Apple does. And they know that, and pisses them off.”

        Where does it say there that they are insecure about their choice of equipment? It says that apple knows how to satisfy their customers, and by comparison to other brands that might might irk them. He didn’t say they were or should be insecure about what computer they purchased. Once again, is there something you’d like to share with us? ;)

  20. It’s all about somekind of levereging.

    There are Apple-lovers and Apple haters, if Apple haters would drop the ball, then it would be Apple love all over the place and everyone would think that Apple is the new God and that it invented everything and that anything that comes from them is perfect. This is not true, and when trying to leverage this, Apple-Haters appeared and somehow went too far. Now, its a scale rocking back and forth since either side is so strong.

    Also, honestly, if the iPad or other Apple product received the same attention as other products (I don’t care about gazzilion roundups) it would be a lot different. iPad came out: news. iPad review: news. iPad impressions of the guy who saw one on the other side of the room: not news.

    its the media itsefl that justifies the creation of the exclude/ipad! not the Apple-haters!

  21. First, I have to say that I didn’t read anything about the iPad beforehand, nor did I read anything about it afterward, aside from what’s been on your blog.

    I watched the live “blog-cast” of its unveiling on Endgadget and thought it had a couple of neat features and I loved the form factor.

    I won’t be buying one though, simply because it’s not a replacement for a netbook, simple as that. That’s what I was hoping for.

    No animosity at all towards Apple, I applaud them for their product. Just not for me.

  22. This was a fantastic post. What a way to start the morning. I love your honesty and humor. I like the three categories of (1) Apple haters (2) Apple apologists and (3) Everybody else. I am somewhere between an Apple apologist and everybody else, like a 2.5. Haha.

    I look forward to your future posts.

  23. Thanks you Scott! You always know how to hit the trolls where it hurts. As an Apple fan who is willing to point out bad Apple features or products (the Mighty Mouse tops that list) I’m always glad to see that you can take a middle ground.

  24. Q. Why does Scott want only commenters that agree with him or cheer on his decisions?

    A. He wants a really boring comment section.

    Q. Why do fans of certain products find sober criticisms of those products based on objective technical criteria “angry?”

    A. I have no idea.

  25. I don’t like the iPad, and I don’t like Apple … but I don’t care that other people do. Your post is dead on, if your like it, buy it, it doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea.

  26. Piling on here. Apple didn’t release any new about the existence , let alone specs or features of their new product. Apple is no new comer to the marketing world, they can be accused of being guilty by omission. Allowing the vast legions of their lovers and haters to spin the internet in lots of directions about the iPad show more than a little marketing savy on Apple’s part. Well placed “leaks” and “rumors” can be attributed to the fruit branded company. Does anyone really believe that if Apple wanted to “correct” some of the inaccurate rumors they could? All publicity is good publicity.

    I agree 100% people should buy what meets their needs and budget. I do not have a need for the iPad, at least not at this time, but a second generation product may have enough bang for the considerable buck Apple charges it customers.

  27. Can you bloggers not see what the evil mastermind, otherwise known as SK Masta, is trying to do? There is a certain record, currently held by Zack Arias, for the most comments on the site that must be broken…..

    By the way,
    Apple sucks
    Microsoft sucks
    Canon sucks
    Nikon sucks
    Adobe sucks
    iPad, iPhone, iMac and pretty much everything else with an “i” in the name sucks.
    Monday mornings suck…

    Hope this helps Scott!

  28. I think there is a typo in the second to last question “do you still think Apple will set a lot of iPads?” should be “sell a lot”. It must be because the keys are too close together on your Macbook! :)

  29. Scott, I just love your Q&A series … really great way to point out the Child like mind set that goes on sometimes. Love it! I still don’t know what the big deal was about the iPad. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t its purpose to compete with the the mini-laptops?

    Again, well done on the Q&A!


  30. So true, Scott. I always enjoy reading your blog because you are so straight up. As I remember, when the iPhone came out, there were tons of articles bashing it and talking about what features it lacked or how the features it offered were less than stellar. How many iPhones has Apple sold thus far? Right. So all the iPad bashing we are seeing in the media right now is a pretty sure sign to me that this will be a stellar product for them and will once again shake up the status quo.

    I have to say, though, that if I can help myself I will try not to purchase one initially. Again, looking at the history of the iphone, it is clear that in less than a year’s time Apple will introduce a more fully featured iPad at an even more reasonable price. That’s what I am going to wait for.

  31. I am a bit worried that Scott is talking to himself, to much time alone in airplanes I think. But I do agree with him, not every product is for everyone, I would love to own an Ipad but I am going to wait for the second generation, that’s just my personal choice.

    1. I really want one but only if I could use it with Lightroom and the Nik Software plug-ins. Hopefully there will be an “iPad pro” in the not-so-distant future. I think the current model will be best used as an alternative to the Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS.

  32. It’s really crazy the amount of time people will put in to tell you, in specific detail, why they won’t buy the product you didn’t tell them to buy. Crazy.

    I always thought it was just me, with the MBP USB placement. I ended up getting a USB hub, just so that I wouldn’t have to mess with it.

  33. I wanted to second the thoughts of poster D. Gillespie. “Allowing the vast legions of their lovers and haters to spin the internet in lots of directions about the iPad show more than a little marketing savy on Apple’s part. Well placed “leaks” and “rumors” can be attributed to the fruit branded company. Does anyone really believe that if Apple wanted to “correct” some of the inaccurate rumors they could? All publicity is good publicity.”

    I love my Macs and will probably own an Ipad someday, but I think that one aspect of Scott’s post is off the mark. I heard a radio interview with a former Apple marketing exec. who said that Apple is very savvy in regard to speaking to reporters and others in the media “off the record” about products prior to their release. It doesn’t bother me, but I think it should be acknowledged that much of the “hype” surrounding Apple’s tablet was created (or at least greatly enhanced) by the company itself. They’ve done it before and it seems to work-why not?

  34. Spot on Scott. I am surprised you spent so much time responding to all this (^&^&(&(**. !!

    You have better things to do. Go forth and Photoshop….or Lightroom…or…

  35. I can’t believe you said you like Apple products AND pointed out flaws. That is totally wrong. You can’t be rational, we are talking about APPLE here. Rational should not be part of any Apple discussion.

    I am going to bu 5 iPads when they are relased and then return them all immediately!! That’ll show everyone!

  36. You are annoying me I actually like the idea of the ipad. But lately I have unsubscribed to your podcast and this waste of a time post on your blog those who who keep pushing the subject on and in. Are really getting out of hand so I am saying good day to you and I have unsubscribed

      1. Yet you both had the time to be rude on this “waste of time” topic. Ironic.

        Just wanted to say thank you to Scott for keeping it all in perspective – what you do is appreciated!

      2. Do you think they know we are all laughing at them?

        Did you put money on it in the end?

        Thank you for your blog.

        H xx

  37. Hello Scott,

    The rumor mill in Kentucky about apple and Ipad. It is vast right wing conspiratorial plot to overthrow the the Federal Government. Word on our dirt roads is this: Steve Jobs wants California to be a Nation separated from the US. He intends to put a IPad in the hands of every human being in the US. The IPad has a secret code embedded. Once activated, the chip sends out subliminal advertisements.

    Code word use to be Big Brother. The new government will be the BIG APPLE. Nutritionist have come on board with this idea. Apple trees will be transplanted from California to all of the US. Embedded in these Apple trees are Intel Chips, which will monitor all the Apple haters. Robotic insects will birth from these apple trees. They will attack apple hater homes, family’s and business. Peta is on board with the BIG APPLE, since no real insects will be used.

    I will be reported more on new developments as my flash team rallies around Adobe. We are informed by our agents to go to APPLE and FLASH them. We will wear underwear, (union underwear by the way) so as not to expose our bodies to the robotic inscects.

    Reporting live from the dirt roads in Kentucky

    Ken in KY.
    (we like wildcats peta, so take that)

  38. “You can’t please all the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln said that. I think. Or maybe it was Steve Jobs. Whoever said it, he knew what he was talking about. Here’s something else Lincoln said…

    Once they perfect a Spam Filter, they need to get to work on an Idiot Filter.

  39. LOL. This is awesome! I love these Q/A posts. The “that’s not a question” bit never gets old. I’m not convinced I want an iPad, but I suspect you’re right, once I hold one I’ll suddenly “need” one. The only thing I have to say against it at this point is that the name was a rather unfortunate choice.

  40. >Terry had a post on his blog about Apple’s “iPad Camera Connection Kit” which lets you import images from your digital camera into your iPad.

    Getting data into and especially out of the iPad is still a big question I’m waiting to hear about (from Terry or others). The most salient post on this topic came from MacWorld Q&A:


    Is there any way to get files off of the device? Can I access the filesystem when it’s docked?

    We don’t yet have all the details about how the iPad will differ from the iPhone in this respect. There is a file-sharing feature built into the iPad and used by Apple’s iWork apps; this suggests that the iPad will offer a space where apps can write data and that Macs or PCs will be able to mount and access like a shared folder. We’re not sure if this sharing will happen over Wi-Fi, when connected to a computer via USB, or both.

  41. I know I was a little disappointed in the iPad features but after percolating on it for a few days I realized it’s the perfect device for my mom and I may even get one myself now that I understand better what problem it’s trying to solve.

    It’s amazing how much religious fervor there is towards a company. I’ve been using Apple stuff since the original Mac 128K with System 0.9. Apple makes great stuff but they goof up, too. They’re just a company. I save my religious fervor for my faith in Jesus. And sometimes my Tennessee Vols. :)

  42. Scott,

    As you rightly say it’s not for everybody, but….can you tell us why YOU are going to buy one?
    Please don’t take that the wrong way. It’s just that there is a lot of things out there that say it’s not for everyone but there is little from prospective buyers as to WHY they are going to shell out loads of cash for one.

  43. Scott, as someone who is neither a lover or a hater, I can probably shed some light on this.

    The Olympus example isn’t quite apples to apples (no pun intended) because they’re a relatively small player. The whole Mac vs PC thing is more on the scale of Nikon vs. Canon. I think the reason you see people acting a lot more irrationally about computer hardware is because they feel threatened, at least to some extent. I’m a Nikon guy, but like a lot of Nikon shooters, I know that if they disappeared tomorrow, I could probably achieve pretty much the same results with Canon equipment. I’m confident that there will always be good camera equipment around that I can easily adapt to.

    As a PC guy, though, I would never want to live in a world that was Mac-only. I’m not a hater, but the differences in the hardware are significant enough that I think the choice needs to be there. And I think Mac people feel the same way. Both of us believes that even if we could transition from one platform to the other, we’d be miserable for a long, long time.

    Personally, I don’t get worked up because frankly, Apple doesn’t have enough market share to pose a serious, immediate threat to the PC market. At the same time, Apple is large enough that they’re clearly not going to fade into the sunset any time soon. In fact, they’re trending in the other direction, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the sunset was eventually re-branded as the Apple iSun. For now, though, neither the lovers or the haters need to feel threatened.

    Personally, I’m happy for the competition, which is always a good thing for the consumer.

    That said, while I love my iPod, my Droid will be supporting Flash within the next few months and the iPad really is just a huge smartphone that can’t make calls or fit in your pocket, so nyah, nyah, nyah… ;c)

  44. Great Q&A Scott. I always enjoy these.

    For my purposes I won’t see an IPad any time soon. And I’m not mad about it at all. I still like what Apple does, but sometimes a product just doesn’t reach out and grab me.

    Sorry you get so much flak for sharing your opinions. Keep expressing them though, most of us out here really enjoy your insights!

  45. I feel left-out. I didn’t comment on the previous post as either a lover, hater, or one of everyone else.

    My initial impression with the iPad was from watching Engadget’s live blog of the Apple presentation, and I was left unconvinced that the product was marketed toward me. Now that I’ve watched the video of the presentation, I have a better appreciation of what the iPad does, and what it doesn’t do.

    I think it’s likely that I’ll buy one when it supports 3G access. Of course, I’m somewhat concerned about how soon it will become “obsolete” as Apple upgrades it to include some trivial features like “tint control” that I absolutely MUST have, or if it drops the price by a couple hundred bucks, as with the initial iPhone. I know both will happen, but my unscientific gut-feeling is that I want at least 9 months before I feel someone got a better deal than I did. It’s not rational, but it’s real.

    I do have faith that the developer community will create apps we’ve not yet conceived. Some of them will be pretty cool, and perhaps those apps will be the deciding factor for other buyers. I was thinking last night about how I’d like a mobile Photoshop for the iPad to work. Simple curves adjustments with a slide of my finger seems plausible.

    My view of the iPad is that it’s a convenience, not a necessity. There are places where I’ll take the iPad that I wouldn’t drag my Macbook Pro simply because of a weight difference. There are also times where I won’t want either device to lug around, but I’ll be happy to have my iPhone. I’m not terribly excited about the iPad, but I’m definitely seeing opportunities for it to be a useful addition. I don’t even mind the absence of Flash support. IE used to rule the web with ActiveX controls, but Firefox brought about change to support open standards for presentation. Perhaps it’s time for Flash to die and let HTML5 take over.

    If there is some aspect of the iPad that excites me, it may be the iBooks store. I’m hoping it will be open for independent authors to sell eBooks without a publisher, as some independent musicians do on iTunes. Now that would be interesting.

  46. MISSING THE POINT: Can’t read all the posts if someone mentioned it but this is about Apple saving the publishing industry, that simple. What apple did in the music industry will now be applied with publishing, from books to apps.

    The attack on adobe and flash is clear, Apple wants to battle and eliminate flash. HTML 5 is a way off but Googles more open format will now be a very interesting battle , Google Apple, Adobe and HTML 5, amd amazon also I suppose.

  47. It is no mystery why Apple didn’t include all the technolust features this go round. Apple’s target audience is the many not the few. You don’t release a new product designed to satisfy the tiny fraction of the population known as the tech savvy! I asked my brother, who seemed excited about the ipad, and happens to be way smarter than me, if no flash support bothered him. He said “what is flash”? Apple knew it was critical to find a price point that would foster early adoption by millions of people. Apple’s tiered pricing on the ipad is pure genius. The newbie can get an exciting product for $500, while the more experienced can spend $800+ for more options. If Apple had included all the features the tech world lusted for, what would be the point of a second generation ipad? I’m confident that even the disappointed will buy one and then invest a lot of time and energy telling the other disappointed who bought one, how to jailbreak it! Trust me, the Ipad is a game changer!!

  48. Great post. Too bad you’re trying to use rational argument to shut people up who are raging because the iPad cannot impregnate multiple species as they had hoped. Perhaps try appealing to their lack of rational connection between expectations and disappointment: “if you continue to complain about Apple’s exercises of free will, they will cast a spell over you so can no longer use your thumbs”

  49. This put a huge grin on my face. It really does boggle my mind how people react to things. “Well I don’t see any practical use for it in my life, that means no one else will want one and it will bomb.” oy.

  50. I’m in your corner Scott. When I tell people that I want to buy an Ipad they say you have an Iphone why would you want an over grown ipod touch. I tell them that it’s not an over grown ipod touch that it will be filling that void between my iphone and my laptop.

    By the way I will also be buying one for my self and my wife. :)

    P.S. To all of the people out there that say well why doesn’t it have that. That is the beauty of the app store (even thought apple regulates what it sales) is that a third party will come in and develop something to fill the void (except for flash, that’s on adobes shoulders).

  51. Personally, Scott.. I cannot imagine why you allow comments at all. I wouldn’t.. it would make me cry.. uncontrollably. :^) All I can say is.. thanks so much for continuing to share your opinions, insights, and knowledge with all of us. We (the world-wide WE) don’t seem to deserve it, but I.. just little ole me.. really appreciate you.

  52. Scott, Getting worried about you having these conversations with yourself. Then again it makes for entertaining and enlightening reading.

    I did want to say that I have an iPhone, Mac laptop and desktop. I’m trying to figure out where an iPad fits in my life. No chance I’m giving up my iPhone. When I want more power than my iPhone the laptop works great. When I need more than the laptop offers the desktop kicks in.

    One one thing, I like reading your books the old fashion way – ink on paper. I love ink on paper!

  53. I use everything–Mac, PC, Touch, Droid, Nikon, Canon–so I don’t lean on the side of any specific brand. Really, They’re all big business interested in our money through whatever marketing schemes work for them, so everyone can stop pretending that one is less elitist than any other.

    I think it’s a shame that people aren’t more open about trying everything. Nikon guys should dabble in Pentax, Zune people should check out iTunes, you’re only boxing yourselves in. Regardless, the iPad is geek toy first, tool second (a pricey one at that). But like everything before it, it’ll gen up regularly, becoming something more useful.

    So get off your high horses and go rent a Blockbuster movie while you’re waiting for that Netflix Bluray to come in, ya bunch of over-consuming escapist.

    I love mock Q&A posts btw.

  54. Now I don’t know what to do…I’m an Apple freak: a veritable Apple cultist. I never miss an opportunity to take a shot at that other OS. I love everything Apple. I’ve used a Mac since 1986 and won’t own a PC.

    But I’m not going to buy an iPad because it just doesn’t meet my needs. Am I losing my testimony?


  55. I really want one but only if I could use it with Photoshop, Lightroom, and the Nik Software plug-ins. Hopefully there will be an “iPad pro” in the not-so-distant future. I think the current model will be best used as an alternative to the Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS.

  56. Q. But it doesn’t support Flash, right?
    A. I know, that’s the one thing I really wished it did, that it doesn’t.

    Q. Well, that’s a deal breaker for me.
    A. Then don’t buy it.:)

    Q. But Scott, I really want it for my membership to Kelbytraining.com. I spend $250 a year in membership fees to access that excellent content, but its in Flash! I can’t watch it on my iPad. Should I cancel my subscription, or cancel my iPad?
    A. ……..

    This is the real heart of the “it doesn’t do this” argument. Steve Jobs seems pretty committed, today, to ignoring flash in favor of html 5. So, does an organization like Kelbytraining.com change its technical business model to accommodate Apple, or do they wait until Apple “sees the light”? The third option, ignore the question, isn’t really an option at all, IMO. This iPad is perfectly suited to do a few things well — but accessing digital online content seem to be one of them.

    1. You pay for content, therefore any company would be daft if they risked losing members by limiting the way the members view that content.

      They have two choices, take on apple and lose custom or put their product out there so that all viewers can read it! No brainer as the yanks say!

      You never know, they may increase their membership!

    2. As a Kelby Training subscriber who’s got no interest in the Ipad I hope that Kelby refuses to support the Ipad. I’d rather my money be spent on more training titles rather than on paying to convert existing titles to something the Ipad can play.

      Of course Kelby Training could charge a premium for the Ipad enabled content. Apple users are accustomed to paying the 50% Apple Tax so they shouldn’t have any problem in paying extra for the privilege of watching Kelby training on their over-priced toys.

      From where I sit

      No Flash = No Cash

      Asking users to go without Flash is like asking people if they would give up e-mail and go back to fax machines.

  57. I think much of the frustration comes from HOPE. I believe that many people are frustrated with their current devices, be it phones, laptops, netbooks, etc. and are looking for the “perfect” device. A perfect device that is not too big, not too small, not too slow, long battery life, powerful, responsive, beautiful and amazing. The iPad was suppose to be that device, as will every other new device that come out forever. Some thought, if it only had OSX, multi-tasking, a phone and video, reheated coffee and pizza, could diagnose car trouble, and give a truly accurate weather forecast, then that would be the “perfect” device. I’m not sure anyone knows all the cool things the iPad will be or become, but it is not and will not be perfect. We will just have to keep hoping and being disappointed in OUR OWN search for perfection.

  58. Scott, thanks for trying to clear the air about this. I can understand how frustrating this can be to write your insights on “your blog” and have people go crazy about it. What do they think you are going to do? Its funny, I had a discussion about the iPad with one of my friends, I like it and he doesn’t. That was cool by me, but he sent me email after email trying to “convince” me that it was a waste of time and money. I have to admit that I found it comical after a while that he was spending so much time and energy trying to convince me to see things his way. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It really is that simple. I believe you nailed it in your post when you said that some people are just upset because it doesn’t have all the features that they wanted. Too bad. I wish they could see how this device really changes how they view and use the internet rather than having to boot up and lug around their laptop instead of experiencing it on a device that in my opinion is so much like a book or magazine. Thanks for the time and effort you put forth in your post. It’s the first thing I read each day and I appreciate the news, updates, tips, and the humor. Have a great day!!!

  59. Irreleph-ants: A group of opinions with ant sized relevance trying to bring down an object of elephant sized relevance one biting remark at a time. They are able to carry a grudge many times their own weight for distances that defy logic. Though often flamed with scorching rebuttals they continue to seek out the magnifying glasses of popular blogs in hopes that their opinions, viewed there, will seem large enough to matter.

  60. Haha, I love it Scott!

    Some people’s kids, I swear! People are so funny how they can get so worked up about this. I think it looks amazing. Think of it on the kitchen counter, the coffee table, in a studio, on a bedroom dresser. I think it’s an amazing tool. I agree with Scott…don’t like it? Simple solution, don’t by one. It’s as simple as that. Don’t rain on the parade.


  61. it has been always like this, enthusiasts defend what they believe in even if its wrong, and whenever you try to convince them they land an aggressive approach by defending their beliefs.
    its your blog, u r supposed to say what you want, if they dont like it its their problem.

  62. Scott (not to change the “can of worms subject”), can you tell me if there is a way to get another one of your 4 squared color cards to use for WB correction in raw? I bought your book when It first came out and I have lost my tear out card you had in the back of the book.

    1. Perhaps that would encourage Kelby Training to use something other than Flash, e.g. HTML5. Then maybe I could actually read something on the screen when a Photoshop application window is being displayed.

  63. This is why I love your books and blog (and videos, etc.)! Scott, you do a wonderful job dealing with any topic in a light hearted way. Keep up the great work.

  64. I just want you to know that I’ll never buy one of those over-hyped, terrible, evil iPads!

    Of course something like that doesn’t fit my life so I was never going to buy one anyway, but I still thought everyone should know. :-)

  65. “Instead of spending my time writing comments like that, I figure I can use that time to write a book or two, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.”

    Nice. The paragraph that statement was taken from was great.

  66. you know, I don’t really think the ipad is for me, and people getting them isn’t really an issue at all. I’m just concerned that apple is gonna shoot itself in the foot by insisting on staying with AT&T and resting on it’s laurels, so to speak. it really seems like they don’t feel like there is any credible competition and that thy can get away with not including things so basic as flash support simply because of the juggernaut that the iPhone is. hopefully they figure their shit out and the gen2 ipad is something that will explode the market just like the iPhone 3g, all name controversies notwithstanding.

  67. Great post Scott. I always enjoy your Q & A posts. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor in your writing style.

    I totally agree with your points. I don’t know if you can call me an Apple hater but I am not an Apple fan by any sense of the word. I don’t particularly care for iTunes. I don’t own an iPod or an iPhone. I have used a Mac in photography classes but still prefer the PC. The PC world is what I am used to and use in my job every day so I have no plans to convert to Mac. But that being said, I have benefited from the success of some of Apples products such as the iPod even though I don’t own one. I do have a Sansa MP3 player and love it. But I have to be honest, if the iPod hadn’t been so successful, would Sansa have ever built a competing product? Maybe, but probably not.

    I have to admit, while I don’t plan on buying one, I am intrigued by the iPad. No, it is not everything to everyone. But, it’s not supposed to be. It has potential and I think it will have it’s place in the market. Just like other products, any new technology spurs more development and competition and we all usually benefit in the long run. We are seeing this with the Kindle versus all the other recently introduced ereaders (including the iPad). We see this with Canon & Nikon all the time.

    There is no reason to get mad because a product is introduced and doesn’t have all the features you want. Be encouraged by the fact that a new product has been introduced that may just be the beginning of a whole new range of products from Apple and possibly various vendors in the future.

  68. Scott –

    So… What are your views on Pro Life / Abortion?


    However! What the &%#@! The D3x is $7499!?!? Nikon crazy – outrageous. I absolutely will not buy one ever, never, no how, no way. And how dare you write about it again (even if only a sentence)!


    (My current D3x still shoots beautifully)


    Mr. K, You Rock!


    ps. I think iPad is kinda’ cool, have a use for it, gonna’ buy one. And! Made the decision all by myself!

    1. Doug, have you shot with the D3 or D3s? I have those two models and love the high iso’s and wondered how the x does at low light situations. ( I would never buy one, just curious)

      1. Hey Ken –

        I love both the D3 & D3x – but for complete disclosure, I now only own a D3 & D700. The D3x was beautiful and I loved the rig, but the opportunity arrived for me to swap for cash, a 12-24 & a 70-200 – so… I couldn’t justify the expense as I didn’t really need the extra image size (and BIG raw files!). Using the D3x made me nervous, just 1 slip… :-) ouch. And frankly, I’m just not “there” yet.

        Now, from my D700 thru the D3x – I’ve never shot at ISOs above 800. Just don’t shoot in those situation and when I come close, I’m at 800 – Manual – usually a SB-900 is involved – and play with Aperture & particularly Shutter – always w/ a Tripod. I think the image quality is amazing at 800. But I’ve heard and read various post on Pros heading into very high ISO without fear on the D3x and D3.

        Check Moose Petersons’ blog:


        He loves the D3x but has the need for it as his subject matter and photography is from a world I’ll only reach in my dreams. Moose is a master – me, it’s back to crayons & construction paper!



  69. While I may or may not buy an iPad, I do own both Apple and Microsoft stock and those investments have financed many of my “toy” purchases. So critique either company’s products (or near-products), just spell their names right (to paraphrase a famous expression). Loved the post.

  70. This is why I love this Blog. Great post… I am with you 100 percent – I don’t get squat from Apple either. The only two entities that get as much money from me as Apple is the IRS and probably Disney. Thanks Scott! You rock…

  71. thanks for posting something rational about the iPad, I’ve been getting flack all week about it because I’m “the apple guy” around my office and my friends. No one thinks I’m serious when i tell them i plan on getting on, they immediately throw in their 2 cents about how it doesn’t do this or it doesn’t do that. When i tell them that it does what “I” want it to do, that’s why “I’m” buying it, it only seems to infuriate them more. I wast looking for laptop or a drawing tablet or a cell phone, people think I’m crazy when i tell them that i would ditch my laptop if i had a device with a decent sized screen that did half of what my iPhone does. Now I’ll have it, bottom line is it works for me, that’s all i care about.

  72. I always find your rebuttals to these types of things very funny. Your humor under fire is a credit to your writing style and your personality (which is one of your best attributes in my opinion). I learned very early in my career in the Navy that no one person or thing can be all things to all men (or women) at all times. Once I realized that fact and came to terms with it, my life became much less complicated. I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything scathing that, in the long run, was really insignificant.

    I love reading you stuff. It makes me smile.

  73. I have to admit, that even as a moderate “Apple hater” I laughed out loud several times while reading this. It really is interesting what makes people so worked up (myself included obviously) that we feel we have to go on a rampage about something like the iPad and not the aforementioned camera.

    I think for me, the anger flows from the fact that Steve Jobs could take a crap on frying pan, give it a chrome finish and a non-glossy screen and sell it as a Wifi antenna and it would sell like hotcakes JUST because it’s made by Apple.

    As a computer guy I’ve spent my whole life advising my friends and family to buy the best (imo) hardware they can get for the money because for all of us Winblows and Linux users out there, better hardware = better OS performance. So, when I saw the specs of the iPad, just looking at it objectively as if it had no OS, I was already under-whelmed. I believe I’ve already expressed my dissatisfaction with its software issues.

    It makes me mad for the same reason I hate Dell for selling millions of Windows PCs with only 128 or 256MB of RAM well into the 2000’s , knowing full well that they COULD have made the product and the experience ten times better just by adding another 5 bucks worth of cheap chinese RAM.

    I feel like Apple is just flat out cheating people by selling them a very expensive machine that COULD HAVE easily been ten times better with minimal effort on Apple’s part, knowing full well that they can get away with giving it sub-par hardware because of the hip, trendy appeal of their products.

    Obviously there are a lot of other companies that do this exact same thing, but people don’t follow them so blindly. Apple fanboy syndrome just disturbs me like Scientology.

    To Scott, I do apologise for ranting on your blog, it’s not your fault. I guess I just was hoping you would hate it like I did lol.

  74. Scott,

    Great post!

    It baffles me how much time you put into everything. No joking: Do you every sleep, or get to see your family? I know you have a huge team helping you out at Kelby Media, but you’d almost have to have someone dress, bathe, and feed you to get this much done (again, I’m not joking—though I’m sure you could crack some great ones in regards to this!).

    Regarding the iPad. My wife immediately asked if I wanted one. “Of course!” I said. However, I’m not sure what I’d use it for, or where I’d come up with the money (given my current circumstances). I do think it’s cool; it does fit a niche; it will become much bigger than anyone is giving it credit for (just look at what the iPhone can do now, compared to the 1st generation). This is only a stepping stone.

    I can easily see the iPad becoming something similar to a Wacom Cintiq in the next few years. Just wait.

  75. Scott – My only regret is I recently bought a good 10″ digital frame. Sounds like iPad could fill that job, too.

    And once iPad V2x appears, so will flash.

    BTW, I use Microsoft & Apple – also like Yankees & Mets.

  76. Why do the images of the Comments section display over the commentors’ names and first few lines of the text? I’m sure it an ill adjusted browser setting. Can you or one of your folks help? Has anyone else encountered this graphical irritation? Thanks!

  77. What baffles me is how people can bash a product before it’s even released or had a chance to run its course.

    Remember when the iPhone came out? It was $499 with a maximum of 8GB of hard drive space. It couldn’t copy and paste, you couldn’t send picture or video texts, you couldn’t even send the same text to more than one person. Since then? All fixed… and in a relatively short period of time.

    The iPad is being released in less than 60 days. Apple will get feedback on what users would like in terms of upgrades and they will probably release a new version around Christmas 2010 with some or all of those upgrades. Flash support, a camera, multi-tasking, etc. Sit tight. I’m sure the world won’t explode either way.

  78. You’re right that it isn’t for everyone. I agree that it’s a new way of experiencing the net, but I need multi-tasking and i prefer to read something that won’t burn my eyes after a few hours, i.e. REAL BOOKS, Oh and a graphics tablet. I bet apple will fix that in an update, multi-task I mean, but it wasn’t meant to replace laptops, net books and graphics tablet anyway, was it? I hated the iPhone when it first came out. Ok not hate but I wouldn’t buy it. After a few updates I got one and loved it and FYI i bought a 2g version ’cause i didn’t need 3g ’cause that’s not that big in my country, and it was a cheaper second-hand one. I’ll wait for it, iPad, to get better, which it probably will. Great… article? Or more appropriately Q&A.

  79. Top stuff Scott, as many people have said it was a great post. A very funny, very eloquent way of getting across a very simple message. If you don’t like the iPad, leave the credit card in the wallet and step away from the display. Here in London just like everywhere else there seems to be a debate raging about the iPad’s merits or otherwise. My favourite comment was from a friend at work – convinced Apple-head. She said her instant reaction on seeing it was that Steve Jobs looked like a mini-me holding up a giant iPhone. She isn’t convinced by the iPad and will happily go on with the host of other apple gear she has. I take a different view.
    For me its a game changer. The first real computer for people who hate computers, the key is the apps. If you want a map, its a map; if you want a game, its a game; if you want a browser, its a browser. Whatever task you want to do there will be an app for it, you will just download the app and away you will go. It will change the way many people look at computers. Those big operating systems we spend so much time learning in order to do anything on most computers will be less important, most people just won’t need them. Everybody I know who has an iPhone -and that a lot of people- use the apps more than the phone, and everybody I know wants an iPhone, wants it for the apps. They all have mobiles phones that work perfectly well, but have mental lists of apps that they would buy on day one.
    I think the iPhone was a stroke of genius, Apple -the computer company- has sold millions of beautifully designed, hand sized computers that just happened to make phone calls, and then built a world of mini programs to use on it. With the iPad they have a ready made ecosystem that could have been purpose built for it to move into, a world of single use applications ready to pop up on a screen big enough to be genuinely useful.
    For the record I’m a Apple-head as well, complete with iPhone and iMac and other stuff. But I don’t plan to buy an iPad, not yet anyway. I just don’t have a need for one just now, which is probably a good thing because I think they will be as rare as hens teeth for while. But the time will come when I want something that will turn from a map, to a book, to a television, to a game console among many other things. When that day comes I’ll be walking towards the iPad display in a Apple shop and reaching for my credit card.

  80. Great Q&A. I don’t want to open a can of worms here, but I’ve always wondered why Apple hasn’t priced more competitively to get a bigger market share.(8%or so now) Does anyone have an idea?

    1. Marty,

      I would say they price things very competitively given the high quality of the workmanship with not that much more cost. If they were to under cut further, I don’t see how they could generate positive cash flows. IMO their market share issues are due to proprietary protection that keep the swath of applications and peripherals seen in the PC world at bay. This allows them to support, very ably, the niche markets – graphical design, video, photography, etc – but keeps the general information systems folks from adopting them.


  81. Scott!
    Excellent point with Olympus.Why people wasted their time and write,that they will not buy iPad ?
    I don’t give a $&^%$# about it,the same way like they do not give a $&&%# about my decision.
    I would like to mention one more thing.
    Who will buy iPad?
    Not computer geeks,not smartphone nerds.
    Mostly people like my wife will buy it.
    She has no idea about Flash,but she knows how to post and see pictures on Flickr.
    She has no idea about multitasking,but she knows how to read, write an e-mail.
    She does not care about games,but she reads books faster,then I drive to my work :)
    She hates a mouse,but she is good with gesticulations :)
    And she loves to go outside on our yard and sit on a bench (Florida)
    It will be huge success.
    This kind of people wil buy iPad,like fresh and hot Chicago rolls:)

  82. I second the motion. Scott for President.
    He has the patience of Job, and the humor of Billy Crystal. Thank you for just being a great, down to earth guy that constantly makes me laugh.

  83. Ha. Great Q&A. I laughed so much the cat looked at me funny. I’m an Apple fan, but not an apologist (indeed, I’m still iPhone-less), and I think the darned iPad thing is way cool, but I’m not getting one yet. Maybe when a few more geegaws are added. And still, it bothers me not a bit that you and millions others will get iPads. Take that, extremists!

  84. Sorry, Scott. I love reading your blog, but that’s your worst post ever. I read this blog because I (usually) like the things you discuss as they relate to Photoshop and photography. But this was just pointless. I think it’s disappointing that you felt the need to defend your choice of buying an iPad from a bunch of angry (lonely?) and faceless keyboard warriors. I suppose, it’s your blog and you can write about whatever you want just as I have the choice not to read any of it. Which is a choice I made 1/3 of the way through that drivel.

    I can’t wait for this iPad crap to die down so life can go back to normal so that Apple Fanbois and H8ters alike will go back to being regular human beings and our favourite bloggers will go back to writing about things that actually enrich our lives.

  85. With all of this negative stuff going on about the iPad — THEN I AM BUYING ONE – IT IS SURE TO BE A HIT!

    I remember these same comments with the iPhone – yeah, that just didn’t work out for Apple either…when will we learn?

  86. Perhaps there is a certain dislike for Apple because they offer up nonsense statements about their products including their latest and members of the press such as yourself eat it up ?

    For example, why pretend flash doesn’t exist ? You’ll get a certain web experience without flash but why pretend it’s the complete web ?

    Or what about the use of the term HD by Apple. I can play HD material on my 1024 x 728 iPad. Really ? I guess if you simply redefine the world as Apple does (Web = no flash, HD doesn’t mean what the rest of the world thinks it means but in fact means 4:3 ratio, 1024 x 768 pixels) then you can say anything.

    1. No one is pretending that flash doesn’t exist. The issue is that flash has become bloated and finicky. If your browser crashes – 99% of the time it will be a flash problem. Adobe has to fix it or come up with something better. Also, if you are going to accuse Apple of stretching the truth about the features of their products you better start pointing at other companies too. They all do it.

  87. When will people get a clue? Apple isn’t holding a gun to their heads making them hand over their money. Personally I think there are two groups out there. The first group are the ones that hate everything Apple – most never having even owned an Apple product. The second group are the folks that are pissed because the iPad isn’t for them and they want it to be. Just like the big stink when Apple introduced the macbook air. It is cool but it isn’t for everyone. People just have to accept that there are products out there that just don’t fit their lifestyle or needs and let it go.

  88. The man has given you his opinion, and spelled out he doesn’t care if you buy one or not but you’ve all still managed to argue yourselves round in a circle. You just don’t get it!

  89. My issues with the iPad do not stem from apple overpromising what it will do, or whatever features it’s missing ( though it is definitely missing some )

    My biggest problem is that for the last month, in all of my photography and technology podcasts and blogs, all ANYONE seems to care about is the iPad, and all of the predictions they were making for how it was going to change the industry and change the world and have a camera and run OSX and have an OLED screen etc…. I think it’s a neat device, but I also think it’s just a big iPod touch with an optional 3G data connection, and I am so tired of hearing about it. I already have an iPod touch. Call me when something new actually comes out.

  90. I have to say I agree with you on most of this. I used to be an Apple Apologist, back when Apple was struggling to get back off the ground. Now that it is a big hit again, I still love Apple products, and I still defend them, but not like I used to. I feel that their decisions are theirs to make, but are not always the best ones. (Macintosh still does not support Blu-ray).
    Sure there was hype and rumors, none of which Apple started directly, but the expectation of that extra “WOW” factor in most of their presentations just wan’t there regardless. I was really hoping there would be some extra cool new feature that wasn’t already on the iPhone/iPod Touch that would really make it unique. Sure, it is bigger, supports keyboards, and has a book store, but those aren’t really wow factors, more like given factors for a tablet pc of this type. And since it does run the same OS as the iPhone, we all wish it would support Flash, but kind of expected it wouldn’t. I’m not sure why it doesn’t run flash, it is MORE than capable of it. Anyways…
    I am still thrilled that this product looks as good as it does, and looks like it will work extremely well. I will wait for the iPad 2.0 model, like I did for the iPhone. It is always a good idea to wait till at least the second generation of a new product, so they can work out the bugs and add much needed features. With any luck, in 2011, I will have a new iPad 2.0.
    But do let us know how the 1.0 works out for you.

  91. Come on Scott, that was a pretty abysmal scarecrow argument for people’s criticism of the iPad. First off, no one is angry. They just don’t like it. Aren’t they entitled to not like a product due to it’s specs and features? It’s simply not a well thought out product, it’s lacking key features that would make it useful and justify it’s price, and it’s disappointing due to the potential it could have.

    And you can’t claim Apple didn’t hype it, their message control is well known, as is their use of supposed ‘leaks’ to create hype. Come on, lets grow up. If Jobs calling it ‘magical’ isn’t hype, I don’t know what is.

    But that isn’t the issue either. If you detect any vitriol, its not towards some rather redundant piece of consumer electronics, it’s towards people who make long rambling bitter posts about the people who dare not to like the iPad. Sorry to say, kind of like yours.

    So, no one is angry, obviously, so why do you feel the need to defend a product you have nothing to do with? Can’t people not like a product based on it’s lack of features (are saying you WOULDN’T want to be able to run Aperature, or edit on Photoshop with a stylus like a Walcom?). The anger is towards the fanboys who can’t let it go that not everyone will buy any POS with an Apple logo on it. And on their insulting assertions that everyone not blown away buy it are suffering from some kind of mania.

    Why do you feel the need to misrepresent someones stance on a simple product, and defend it with such fervor? Why do you instantly right off any problem people have with an Apple product as some sort of anti-Apple dementia? That’s almost the definition of paranoid delusion.

    I’m not getting the iPad because I already have an iPhone, and a macbook. The iPhone fits right in my pocket, the macbook lets me do whatever I want, even run other OS’s. Am I simply blinded by anti-Apple rage that I can’t see the point of a product that is the combination of the worst aspects of both devices?

    Come on guys and gals, Apple’s questionable business practices not with standing, it’s this kind of fanboy snobbery that turns people off Apple products. Apple doesn’t need you coming to their defense, or insulting their detractors, they’re a giant corporation, they can pay people to go on the internet and pretend to be evangelists, so why are you wasting your time doing it for free? It’s just a tech company, not a religion, lets get some perspective. If people don’t like a product, they’re perfectly entitled to their opinion.

    1. Sorry about the above comment. It was probably unduly harsh. I’ve been reading too much of these “everyone who doesn’t think the iPad is the greatest thing ever is a blind idiot” posts written buy other photographers that I’m getting a little fed up. I’m having to cover up all my Apple logos so I don’t get associated with them, and accosted in public. :)

      Yours was actually one of the more even pro iPad posts, but I do think you’re misrepresenting people’s issues with the device a little. It’s unfair to say it’s all blind rage.

      1. Hi Spencer:
        Well, everybody may not be angry, but you sure are.


        P.S. Better check your blood pressure. I’m worried about you.

  92. Great post Scott! Of course you knew it would further enflame the zealots right? Though they will profess to not be angry or bitter, just before going off on a bitter tirade. :-)

    I plan on using my (well mostly mine, when my wife is not using it) iPad for on location presentations (ie: portfolios) to my clients. I believe the device will be a more polished alternative to a traditional laptop or photo books. Photography is a visual business and presentation is everything.. in my humble, non-inflammatory opinion.

    More clients FTW!

  93. Scott,
    Will you guys at Kelby Training be offering any of your online training videos in a format that can be played on the iPad? Talk about sweet. Relaxing in my bed, iPad propped up in my lap, filling my noggin with all of the goodness that your site provides and that I don’t get the time to enjoy while slaving in front of my computer all day long. That would be a killer app for me.


  94. Thanks a lot for this Scott! It made me laugh pretty hard. Ever since its release I’ve been getting attacked from all sides and all I can do is laugh at them while they talk about what it can’t do.

    I appreciate the sarcasm/humor in your post…so refreshing.


  95. Scott, I just love your Q&A posts… I can’t stop laughing!
    I hope you’re gonna write another “critical” article soon, so you have to post another of these hillarious Q&As.


  96. so basically you are inflicting a message that people should not speak of the iPod unless they’ve iPaid for it

    pardon me for not being amused by your auto-interview (?)… I’d have to go out on a limb and, in a very caps off way, express that I’m not even surprised by the sheisty premise… for it is well known that pro-apple individuals have the tendency to describe their path as “in/warm” while depicting other’s as “out/cold”… this is the attitude found in the very core of the apple existence… this is how lack of rationale is justified… kind of like the american SUV market

  97. First let me say I am looking forward to the upcoming release of this product. I see a huge potential for this as an access device for other technologies. Having spent years working in the technology industry, one common complaint for users of electronic document management solutions was a lack of an elegant, simple to use, interface. For example, there are quite a few EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software solutions available. These allow health care professionals quick, easy access to your medical records without having to physically pull a paper file. Currently these software packages require at best, a laptop with wireless access. Imagine your physician walking in to examine you carrying a laptop in addition to all their various medical paraphernalia… You can’t because they won’t. It’s much simpler for them to just carry the file! The iPad solves this problem. It has WiFi, it has web access, it can access ALL the patient records! Now the doctor is carrying a device Smaller than the original paper files that Virtually contains all his or her patients’ records… This analogy works across all document management fields. Lawyers have access to all their case files in the courtroom, Professors can access lecture notes from the lectern. The possibilities are endless.

    As for the violent opposition to this and other Apple products by certain groups, I believe this has more to do with their opposition to the cult-like product loyalty of Apple users. I was recently speaking to a friend who works for a major Japanese electronics manufacturer. I mentioned hearing that a product produced by his company had only recently released Snow Leopard support. He laughed and opined that this never occurs with new Windows Operating Systems. This wasn’t because of better preparedness on the Windows side. Quite the opposite. It’s because Windows users are jaded about any new release. They wait months after the release for all the bugs to be worked out prior to upgrading. Apple users, on the other hand, stand in line at the Apple Store the night BEFORE to ensure they can upgrade immediately!

    1. JBT, with the risk of appearing as a party breaker type or a non-popular kid in school that doesn’t have the latest and greatest (apple product)…also as an active member of the IT community, I can’t help but succumb to some good old critical thinking

      to start with your beautiful analogies and anecdotes, which are great but currently can only be categorized under fiction… the present real life poses challenges that are beyond apple’s dictated (closed) technological utopia

      1. iPad in healthcare – a complete no-no for multiple reasons, some of which include the following: lack of legacy support, lack of general security & performance level with WiFi in a hospital scenario

      for a product to comply with rigorous HIPA act it must maintain near absolute level of privacy protection, which is near impossible with current shortcomings of the 802.11 standards… not only the encryption problem (I am writing this from the neighbor’s WPA secured wifi network), but also the multipath propagation and signal attenuation, or the wifi leak, which makes a good case for a spotty network that can be compromised with enough resources…as we speak, there is no good defense against a primitive (yet effective) DOS attack… a testament to these security issues is a case from several years ago where a network security team was able to successfully change the blood type on a phantom patient after infiltrating hospital’s wifi network (through a combination of physical access, DOS, encryption and bug cracking)… pause and think about the implications for a second… and never forget that human life is at stake

      which easily make security the the most important point… even though a proper level of security could be engineered, it would simply cost too much… both in financial and usability terms… and to the present day, it is not viable… we are simply not there yet… it is very foolish to assume otherwise

      secondly, the mere lack of legacy support and lack of flexibility of the iPad platform renders any serious implementation impossible…

      same applies to other industries that heavily depend on document management… such as the ones you mentioned, judicial and educational… sure it’s a great idea (an old great idea if I may add), and we will get there… just not right now… and definitely not with an apple iPad… just because somebody (eg. Steve Jobs) says so, it is simply not designed to offer a robust solution for anything else than media consumption (if that, considering the DRM issues)

      I can’t emphasize it enough, it is not my goal to poke holes for poking’s sake… as much as the next guy, I’d like to see this “magical” device everybody is talking about… having said that, it appears to me apple makes it easy to for people to reprove it… surely it will have success with it’s niche market, the media consumer, but in the broader scheme of things (such as innovation of the tablet market in a benchmark-setting way) it can only flop… unless your life revolves around iTunes

      1. smrad,

        Thanks for this info. I’m more than a little surprised by this though. Especially given the plethora of EMR solutions who Currently have SmartPhone access. This isn’t something in the Works, This is currently available technology being marketed today by multiple software developers in the Health Record Industry. I would be less surprised to find there were concerns related to the possible electronic interference from the RF transmissions of WiFi and Cellular devices and various medical diagnostic equipment.

        I can’t speak to the possible security concerns surrounding 802.11n wireless technology other than to point out that it’s currently being used in businesses large and small, banking and finance up to the Federal level, and (Gasp!) doctor’s offices and Hospitals. These industries (especially banking and finance) tend to depend less on WiFi security as a means of protecting their data and more on encryption.

        As for the iPad being a “Magical” device, it’s has no more mystical properties than web access. Software designers are developing more and more applications that leverage IIS servers. As well as allowing developers to write cross platform interfaces, these have the added benefits of remote access as well as a simple learning curve for users.

        Personally, the greatest downfall I see to this device is it’s lack of Flash support. This may have limited impact with the development of HTML5. However, since there has been no official ETA for it’s release and given the time required for web apps to catch up to this (possible) new standard, only time will tell how this will impact viability of the iPad as an interface.

      2. JBT, I’m a little surprised you made a comment without ever reading my post…whereby I have to assume you haven’t read it, since you’ve missed almost every critical point

        let’s put flash aside, I can only reiterate on the fact that 802.11 (also known as WiFi) is deemed perilous by the security community… however, I see how you might believe otherwise if your information derives from press releases

        the current state of being shows that iPad has none of the core systems implemented that would make it appeal to absolute minded proffesional of any industry, short of a small nitche of media consumers

  98. Sorry Scott but I disagree with that throwaway comment about the D3X price. Nikon putting a better chip in a D3 and marking it up $4,000 was nothing but rape. And they should look at Toyota for some inkling on customer relations after hiding from the 70-200 pixie dust issue.

  99. I think hatred comes from the price, apple is expensive, an elitist brand many simply cannot afford it. I mentioned apple once in my blog and people pounced on it immediately someone even suggested they should be banned so everyone can have an even playing field. The Ipad – Ibook store will be another killer. I will buy it.

  100. It is certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

    Sincerely yours

  101. I think the reason for so much negative talk about iPad is because people wish it included all the things they say it does not – in the first revision. Apple, from business point of view, decided that it’s best to have bare bones now and evolve the product in the future. It gives them millions now and millions later, very simple. This means that people will have to wait and nobody wants to wait nowadays. They must have it now. So instead, they just complain how they are not going to buy it.

  102. this post is really nice and point out some gud pos system blog, now a days every business required to work efficient so i think POS system is one of the best way to to grow our business very efficiently and systemically as well.

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