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Happy Tuesday. Here’s what’s up:

  • Had a blast yesterday at the Imaging USA Expo, where I gave a live sneak-peek of my upcoming Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques online class at the Kelby Training Booth on the show floor (the shots of the booth above were taken by Matt Kloskowski, who was also teaching in the booth along with Dave Cross, RC and Corey Barker). Imaging USA is a really great show, and the booth was absolutely standing-room only during all the sessions. We’re back today with more free sessions (I’m doing my Retouching Sneak Peek again this morning), and then we’re taping a live episode of Photoshop User TV from the booth in the afternoon. It’s great seeing so many of my old friends (and getting to make new ones), and I really got a kick out of meeting so many people who read this blog each day. Hope to see more of you tomorrow!
  • Want to be blown away by some incredible landscape photography? Check out the work of Elizabeth Carmel. She is just amazing (here’s the link).
  • I know we have a lot of font freaks (like me) out there, and if you’re one, you’ll be interested to see MyFonts.com list of the most popular fonts of 2007. Click here to see the list (with samples of each font).
  • I saw where Popular Photography named the Nikon D300 their “2007 Camera of the Year,” which is cool and all, but check out their video on the D300, which is even cooler (and shows how they picked it from a field of 8 new cameras, and why it won). You can watch it right on the pop-photo site (here’s the link).
  • I was really psyched to see that CanonBlogger.com named my blog (The Photoshop Insider) as one of their seven best blog sites of 2007. Many thanks guys!!! :)

That’s it for Tuesday news (scroll down for 1 more post about viral videos). Hope you have a kick-butt day, and don’t forget to come by the Kelby Training Booth and say “hi” if you’re at the show today!

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