Tuesday News Update

Hi Everybody. It’s a beautiful morning here in Vegas, as we start our preparations for the conference, which starts with the pre-conference workshops tomorrow, and then the official opening keynote and tradeshow opening on Thursday. But, right now, it’s time for the news:

  • First a reminder: if you want a free Expo pass to check out the tradeshow here at Photoshop World on Friday (the one day we open the show floor to the public), head over to PhotoshopWorld.com right now and get your pass. Otherwise, you’ll pay $25 a head at the door.
  • The Strobist (the hottest site for on/off camera flash technique, and one of my absolute favorite blogs), posted a link where you can download some of Joe McNally’s amazing work which appears in a promo piece called “Simply Lit” for the fine folks over a Bogen Imaging. It gives a behinds-the-scene look at how Joe lights portrait scenes and the whole thing is really nicely done—definitely worth the quick download. Here’s the link to the story on the Strobist (if you’re into on-camera flash; check out the whole site while you’re there–you’ll love it!).
  • I found a blog review of my recent Chicago Lightroom Tour, from photographer Samuel Barr, which includes loads of photos he took during the event (I only posted two photos; he’s got like 30+, so you really get a feel for the day). But if you go there, scroll down past the post and check out some of his own photography. He’s got some really nice images, and the farther down you scroll, the more cool stuff you see. Here’s the link.
  • I’m in Washington DC on Monday with my Lightroom Tour, so if you’re anywhere near there, I hope you’ll join me for the day. Here’s all the info.
  • If you’re at Photoshop World this week, don’t forget; there’s a special free bonus after hour sessions tomorrow night, from celebrated wedding photographer Clay Blackmore, along with photographer and Photoshop retoucher Jane Conner-Ziser, who are doing a special class on weddings and portraits, called “Capture & Creativity; A tribute to Monte Zucker.” This special workshop, which starts at 5:30 pm and runs to around 9:30 pm) is open to ANY Photoshop World attendee (not just pre-conference workshop attendees), and it should be an amazing experience. I hope you’ll take advantage of it. :)
  • Want to see some cool shots? Go check out Moose’s News Blog. He’s got a really great portrait shot from his recent photo workshop at sea, with Vinny Versace, Laurie Excell, and our home boy Dave Cross. Don’t miss the shot of Adobe’s Russell Brown. It’s a classic. :)

Well kids, that’s it from Vegas today. I’ve got a shoot late this afternoon, and I’m hoping to have some shots to post tomorrow (I always try to slide a little shooting into every trip). See a really great Tuesday, and I hope I get to see you in person this week here in Vegas!!!

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