Two things to start 2021

This is all getting a bit strange now. It’s nearly a year of #TravelTuesday with Dave, but without the travel! I posted my review of 2020 on my own blog recently and the numbers compared to previous years are just not worth talking about. Coming up with new and inspiring content is becoming a challenge, but it’s a challenge I’m accepting. That said, this week I aim to give you all two ideas of productive things to do for yourself and your photography at a time when perhaps, like me, you’re confined to your home because of government measures.

Thing number 1: – Sort out your social situation

Being unable to interact for real means social media is fairly important for us, and even more so in order to promote ourselves and our businesses. Things change constantly behind the scenes on social media platforms, which makes it tricky to work out what will perform well and what won’t. So, instead of trying to do what most people do and concentrate on what photos to post, when to post them, and other such things to try and stay ahead of the algorithm, try this: the key is engagement. If we expect people to engage with us, we must also engage with them. Make it a priority in 2021 to dedicate time to engaging sincerely with other photographers if something you want to do is grow your social media presence and, therefore, your photography business.

Thing number 2: – Sort out your filing

I’m talking about having photos across hard drives and cards in nonsensical, lacklustre filing systems bearing no semblance of organisation. If your file management isn’t on point, just take a moment to consider this: if you don’t have your images, you don’t have your photography history. The most critical part of this is to ensure a good system of file management is met with a good system of backups. Losing an image, be it a RAW file or a final edit, is devastating to any photographer. There’s never a good time for it to happen and there are never good consequences. We must do all we can to prevent the loss of our images and having a good back-up system in place will achieve this, so we never have to experience the cost of losing images, or memories. 

So, welcome to 2021! Let’s see how this goes….

Much love

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