This Cool Little Camera Raw Feature Snuck By Most Folks

In the last Photoshop update, Adobe added a cool little feature that snuck by most folks, but you might find it really handy because it will help keep you from scrolling through your panels as much. It simply lets you “shrink” the panels so less of them appear on screen. Here’s how it works:

Take a look at the panels on the right side of the Camera Raw window (shown above). That’s the normal layout.

Right-click on any of the panels title bars (just to the right of any panel’s name), and from the pop-up menu, at the bottom choose Compact (as shown above).

Now take a look at the panels on the right side (and compare them to the one shown earlier). The Compact panel mode now shows all the names of the panels because they’ve “shrunk up” (you can see all the way down to the last panel — calibration), where it was hidden in the regular layout. You can see more panels without scrolling. Not earth shaking, but the less we have to scroll, the better. :)

OK, there’s a short one to get us started off right in this new year.

Here’s wishing you lots of success, happiness and good health in this new year.


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