After I posted my field report on Friday about my experience with the Gitzo Traveler Tripod, I received a wave of posts, calls, and emails from other Traveler users and not a single one was having the leg slipping problems I was having.

So my problem is either (a) operator error (meaning I’m doing something wrong), or (b) there’s something wrong with my individual tripod, which admittedly could have been caused by “a.” I’ve talked with the folks at Gitzo since then, and I’m sending the tripod back to Gitzo for their tech’s to figure out what the problem is (I’m really hoping it’s not operator error. I don’t want to be known as the guy who couldn’t figure out how to use his tripod).

I also learned, after talking with Gitzo directly, that the Traveler doesn’t use the same G-lock system as my Gitzo Mountaineer tripod. It does use Gitzo’s Anti-Leg Rotation system, but it’s a non G-Lock version.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who emailed, called, or posted comments here on the blog. I really love the tripod and don’t want to give it short shrift because of user error on my part (which I have a sinking feeling that’s exactly what it is).

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