Wednesday News Stuff-a-Roonie


It’s time for our midweek look at stuff:

  • Since we’ve been talking about shooting food this week, here’s a site that mixes Photoshop with photography. It’s called “Teri Shoots Food” and they’ve got a very clever way to show the Photoshop post production work applied to some high-end food shoots. You basically “scrub” your slider over the image, and it shows you the before/after image as you drag. It’s very slick (and there’s some very nicely done Photoshop work there). Here’s the link.
  • Famous Sport Shooter (and educator) Dave Black just dedicated this month’s installment of his popular “Workshop at the Ranch” to talking about, and actually showing, Joe McNally’s groundbreaking book, “The Moment It Clicks.” Dave did an amazing job of really taking you “inside the book” in a way I haven’t seen before. Here’s the link (plus, while you’re there—make sure you check out Dave’s excellent “Workshop at the Ranch” articles on everything from sports shooting, to painting with light, and location portrait lighting, and well…..loads of cool stuff.
  • If you’re going to Photoshop World by yourself this year, I want to encourage you to take advantage of a very cool way to meet other people at the conference who are there solo; it’s called “Dinner with a Stranger.” Here’s how it works; on the first day of Photoshop World, you sign up (right near the registration desk) for the particular kind of dinner you’d like to have that night (i.e. Italian, a Steakhouse, Chinese, etc.), and then we give you a “I’m a Stranger” button to wear to the restaurant (as seen above). When you get there, you’ll see lots of others folks with those same buttons, and you all get together, sit together, share stories and it’s a great way to make new friends (and have new people to hang out with for the rest of the conference). It’s very popular with our attendees (which is why we keep doing it every year), and for more info, head over to the Photoshop World Website.
  • Ben Willmore was in our studios this week, taping some classes for the Kelby Training online training, so it was fun to see Ben cruising down the halls (sans Bus). If you haven’t had a chance to check out Ben’s Route 66 HDR photography, check it out right here.
  • Don’t forget, Jeff Revell’s PhotoWalk in Washington DC is just a few days away (it’s this Saturday). It’s free and open to everybody—-for more info, click here.
  • Lastly, start your Wednesday right by checking out the wonderful photography of Gregor Halenda. Make sure you look at his “Machine” gallery for some very cool motorcycle photography, and his “Function” gallery for some top notch commercial photography. Here’s the link.

Tomorrow, I have a pretty slick tutorial planned, so I hope you’ll check back then. I’ve gotta run (I’ve got rehearsal today with my band, “Big Electric Cat” for our upcoming gig at BB Kings Blues Club & Grill during the Photoshop World Attendee Party). Have a kick-butt day everybody, and we’ll see you on Thursday!

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