Wednesday Update

Here’s what’s going on:⢠It’s official; Adobe will be making their official CS3 annoucment on March 27th (not just Photoshop, but the full Creative Suite Product Line) at a special “Launch Event” in New York City. As John Nack noted on this blog; this is the official announcement of features; not the shipping date for the product. Here’s the scoop straight from Adobe’s PR blog.

⢠Even though it’s still nearly a month away, the Photoshop World Conference and Expo (coming up in Boston April 4-6) has already broken our all-time East Coast attendance record by more than 300 people, and it’s very likely that the conference will reach maximum capacity within just a few day, and be the first Photoshop World ever to sell out in advance. When we reach the sold-out mark, we will start a cancellation waiting list, so if someone cancels in advance, you’ll be able to take their spot. I guess what I’m trying to say is; if you were thinking of going; I’d sign up, like…today at

⢠I did an interview with Dave Cross last week about Lightroom and the future of the digital photography workflow. I’ve been told it’s a surprisingly candid interview (which means I probably said some things I shouldn’t have said) and you can read it at

⢠I ran across this great quote on Chuck Inglefield’s “Thoughts on Photography” blog. It was a comment posted by photographer Ivan Apfel (who’s a fantastic wedding phototgrapher, by the way) in response to a post by Chuck about photo-sharing sites where people critque your photography, and how the tendancy is to start shooting to please the people who critque your work, rather than stretching yourself as a artist. Here’s Ivan’s quote:

“The moment you stop caring about whether someone else approves your images and begin concerning yourself with whether you approve of your images is the moment when you begin creating your best work.”

NOTE: Please click the Comments button at the bottom of this post to read a great follow-up comment posted this morning by George Gerder. It’s a perfect add-on to this theme.

⢠NAPP is very honored to announce that John Loiacano, Adobe’s Senior VP of Creative Solutions, will be the featured keynote speaker at the Photoshop World opening keynote (John is shown above during his keynote presentation at Photoshop World Las Vegas last year, where he and Adobe’s Kevin Connor gave the audience a first look at some of Lightroom’s new features, and a sneak peek at some upcoming Photoshop technology). John is a first-class presenter who totally energized the Las Vegas crowd, and with the all new technology coming out of Adobe (including the upcoming release of CS3), I can only imagine what he has in store (OK, actually I kind of know what he has in store, and trust me—his keynote will be the talk of the industry). You can see some shots of his Las Vegas keynote here.

⢠Nikon very quitely just raised the bar for entry-level DSLR cameras, by dramatically upgrading their recently introduced D-40 with a 10+ megapixel sensor, they’ve taken the lowest ISO down to 100 (even the D70’s lowest ISO was 200), and the increased the shooting rate to 3 frames per second. You can find direct links to all the info on this new rebranded Nikon D40X at

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