What Makes a Great Sports Photo?

Today over on the KelbyOne blog, Julio posted a link to a free clip from our class with sports photography legend Peter Read Miller called “What Makes a Great Sports Photo”. Even though I did the class with Peter (I was just the host), I just watched this clip and in it, Peter shares a slideshow of his works, andâ¦wellâ¦ya just gotta see it â” totally worth it.

Peter’s slideshow is simply amazing, and you’ll recognize a bunch of the images because they were covers of Sports Illustrated magazine. Here’s the link to watch this clip above (you don’t have to be a KelbyOne subscriber to see it â” just scroll down a few posts and you’ll see it).

Today we’re taping our first episode of “The Lightroom Show”
In other news: RC and I are taping our first episode of our new weekly podcast called “The Lightroom Show” where we share Lightroom tips, tricks, tutorials, and techniques (all based on reader questions and suggestions over at our site LightroomKillerTips.com). The new show should go online next week and I’ll share the link then (it’ll be part of KelbyTV.com), but in the meantime, thanks to everybody who submitted questions and ideas. We’re psyched!

Yes, that’s Mia on “The Grid”
Last week on “The Grid,” we had our own Mia McCormick as our special pop-in guest on “The Grid” to talk about a cool gadget for the iPhone she picked up at ImagingUSA in Nashville, and Mia kind of stole the show. We did talk a lot about Lightroom, but also took a look at what was new at ImagingUSA and all sorts of stuff. A really fun episode (I’ve embedded it above if you want to check it out).

That’s it from here. Off to tape our first “The Lightroom Show” episode!



P.S. Thanks to all the photographers who came to our headquarters yesterday for an in-house “test run” of my brand-new live tour, “Shoot Like a Pro: RELOADED.” Such a great crowd to present to (and the first time we got to use our new in-house theater) and thanks for all your feedback in helping me make the official first tour stop in Salt Lake City totally rock! 


  1. About the comment “Steve” made concerning LR adjustment brush adding noise. I have a feeling he has “auto mask” checked while using the brush. Just my opinion, but it seems as though you have to be careful in using auto mask and remember to click it off, otherwise you can get a dotted pattern where you don’t want one.

  2. I have a sports photography question for you. Your pics always come out looking so great and I know you use a really good camera body and I know you said you shoot jpg. I was wondering if you add anything in post like any kind of Lightroom presets, clarity, sharpening, etc. If you have time please let me know. Also, can’t wait for the Lightroom Show.

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