I’m “Unleashed and Uncensored” (how’s that for a headline?)

A few weeks back when we had Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo) as our in-studio guest on “The Grid,” Jared asked if we could do an interview earlier that day (for his “RAW Talk podcast”), and he’d have his crew set up cameras in my office and we’d just go for it, and I guess I went for it with some very candid answers.

I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the interview and I have to say Jared did a great job by not asking the standard ol’ questions. He kind of let the interview go wherever we took it, and we took it down some streets I haven’t been down in interviews before, which I think is really cool.

Anyway, I’ve embedded the video above so you can watch it right here. My thanks to Jared for the opportunity and for coming down and being our guest on “The Grid.”

Today, I'm spending the entire day with a test-group of folks who will see the first draft of my all new "Shoot Like a Pro: Reloaded" tour. These fine, wonderful photographers will share all sorts of valuable feedback on my presentation so that when I launch the tour in Salt Lake City in April, it will be totally rockin' right out of the gate. Plus, I'm excited that I'll be teaching in our own brand new, in-house theater in front of a live audience (super psyched about that).

Hope you all have an awesome Monday!




  1. Scott that was a good interview. You know what was good about it? It was interesting. I didn’t want it to end. Get Mia to do an interview and tour of your operation. I’d like to watch that.

  2. Scott, as is usual for you, you were open and from the heart. Moreover, this was the best interview of you I have seen. Jared did a fabulous job of not interfering with you or attempting to guide the interview. It was truly fascinating.

  3. Any chance we can exchange the god awful (annoying!!!) intro music to the Grid and others with a soft guitar Kelby played riff? To have those guitars and not have them heard is a crime plus they’d be deductible.

  4. Mmmmmm, French fries!

    When I heard you talking about the death of e-books, I couldn’t help feeling that you were speaking directly to Jared and his current e-book marketing. I hope he gets your message and starts getting into the print market.

    So, do you gave Boston on the docket for the new tour? Try to come when we don’t have snow! 😊


  5. Can’t wait to see you back in Columbus with your Reloaded tour, and I for one, would love to see a tour of the new digs, wishing you all the best with the new tour :)

  6. Great interview. Jared was even less hyper than when he was on The Grid. And swore less :)

    I always enjoy listening to you talk about business; what it was like to start and even “opening the kimono” to what it is like now and what goes through your head.

    You make it look so easy. You always say that you don’t teach so much as just tell someone what you would if they were shooting alongside you or talking. It is so natural.

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