My crew at Kelby Media Group HQ put together a bunch of killer deals for today only (today), on a bunch of our stuff, to celebrate Photoshop’s 20th Anniversary. Here’s the flyer on all the deals

(NOTE: if you click on the graphic below, it takes you to the 20th anniversary page we’ve set-up—scroll down and there you’ll find direct links to all the dealz):


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  1. Thank you! Hope all goes well this evening. Break a leg and all that.

  2. Some great deals there!! I was just checking out the PSW world registration. Can someone from NAPP explain why there is an additional $30 USD charge for Canadians to register for the conference?

  3. I’m thinking about joining NAPP and today looks like the time to do it. I noticed that for the US there is no price difference for the digital only edition of Photoshop User versus the print edition of Photoshop User. Why is that? Shouldn’t the digital only edition be cheaper?

    • I thought the same thing because we’re saving printing fees, paper, etc. I signed up anyway. Now if they brought back that Kelby Training discount they had in December, I’d be set.

  4. Aw man! I just registered for PSW yesterday! Any chance we can somehow qualify for the free 6 months of Kelby Training? Sally Snelling was supposed to process my registration today. :-)

  5. Thank you for even offering such a discount tothe already value heavy lineup. I just ordered my disks that I have been lusting for a while. Thanks again. Happy Birthday PS!

  6. thank for posting the discounts. I had fun. Here I have another site with really good deals and promos. You can also try it if you want Have fun!

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