Working with the seasons

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always, here again to talk about something that every photographer needs to know – working with the seasons. As we move from one season to another, the lighting and conditions around us change, and as photographers, we need to be able to adapt our style and gear to make the most of it.

The earth comes to life in the spring and summer with vivid colours and an uplifted spirit. The longer days and warmer weather are ideal for experimenting with various photographic genres, such as macro or landscape photography. Invest in a polarising filter to aid with glare reduction and to enhance the colours of the sky and foliage to make the most of the spring and summer.

One of my favourite seasons for shooting is the fall. The cooler weather makes it a fantastic time to get outside and explore, and the changing hues of the leaves offer an amazing backdrop for any photograph. Shooting at the golden hours of the day, when the light is soft and warm, can help you capture the finest of fall. And don’t forget to bring a tripod to assist you steady your photographs and make those stunning waterfall images with long exposures.

The world changes as winter approaches and becomes a snowy wonderland. Although shooting in the harsher weather might be difficult, if you have the correct tools and a little imagination, you can get some absolutely amazing images. Winter photography attains a whole new level of beauty in the Arctic. The scenery is immaculate and ideal for landscape and animal photography because of the snow and ice. To get the most out of your winter photography, get some warm gloves and hand warmers, and use a tripod to assist steady your images on the ice and snow.

Working with the seasons is a crucial skill for any photographer, to sum up as we move through Spring in the northern hemisphere. You may take beautiful pictures in each season by adjusting your clothing and equipment to the shifting lighting circumstances. So get forth, discover, and capture some stunning images! If you’d like to join me in the Arctic for some Fall and Winter photography, there are some spots still available.

Much love

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