Worldwide Photo Walk Contest Deadline Extended

Happy Monday, everybody. :) (That’s the Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Photo Walk Group Photo above).

We had lots of leaders asking for extra time to submit their picks for the best shot from their walk (yours truly included), so we’re extending the deadline to tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017, at 11:59 PM EDT).

Pasadena, California, USA

So….get those entries in, because we’ve moved up our timelines for all the contests this year (so it doesn’t drag on), so let’s get rolling, ya’ll. :)

Have a better than average day! :)



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  1. It looks like it was designed for a mobile site. It looks much better on my phone…I was hoping for a full laptop screen to judge though. Next year maybe.

  2. I thought last year was messed up, having to log into another site to judge images; this year is worse.

    Photowalk e-mail to walk leaders said: “Many of you noticed that the deadline for your walkers to submit their photos was on the same day you are supposed to pick the winning individual walk winner. Well, that just won’t work! The deadline for your walkers to submit their photos is still Sunday, October 15th by 11:59 PM EDT but you will have until Tuesday, October 17th at 11:59 PM EDT to select your individual walk winner. On Monday, October 16th, you will be able to see all photos from your walk on the submissions tab listed on your walk page.”

    Yesterday morning, after I thought the deadline had passed, I chose one of six submissions to be the walk winner.

    Logged on this morning to look at comments and there were 15 submissions. So, on Monday, I could not see all of the submissions, as I had been advised.

    Response to a frantic e-mail from me was: “There was a glitch in our system over the weekend and the contest tab closed on Saturday at midnight instead of Sunday at midnight. Therefore we extended the
    contest submission until last night at midnight. If you want us to switch out the winning photo, please let me know and I can do so. Sorry for the confusion.”

    Waiting to see if they can reset my walk page to no winner chosen, and then I can use this little window thingy to evaluate all the submissions on an equal playing field; small square partial thumbnails will not cut it.

  3. Where would the mortal go to view ANY of the entries, let alone the group winners of WWPW 2017? I swear, as time goes by the ability to find Photowalk results gets worse (I’ve been doing this since 2010)!!
    Someone needs to take this bull by the horns and do a PROPER job, a KELBYONE JOB!

  4. I left on a trip a few days after the walk thinking my submission was uploaded properly. Unlike other years I could not view it but I thought I had done everything right.(Doing the walk for more than 5 years now). Just found out my submission came in late despite uploading on the 7th. I still cannot see my submission or anyone else. What a horrible mess…maybe next year just do a Walk and take no pictures because this ViewBug thing is crap.

  5. I have been unable to view photos from my local walk or the worldwide photos. I have tried contacting my local walk leader and the Worldwide Photo Walk main page and the only response I received is that an email will go out to all participants with a link to the view bug site. Still have not been able to locate anyone’s photos. I agree with the others posting here, it gets more difficult every year to locate the photos from the walks :(

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