Worldwide Photo Walk Cutoff

RC  & crew shoot back during last year’s Worldwide Photo Walk – Photo by Scott Kelby

Hey everyone, Brad here.  Just wanted to let everyone know that this coming Saturday, July 10 is the cutoff to be approved as a leader.  We want to make sure everyone has plenty of time to plan their walk, and we think two weeks is about the minimum for planning something like this.

So if you’re wanting to lead a Photo Walk in your area, make sure you sign up asap to get in before the cutoff date!

  1. Hi !
    Is it normal that my leader status is always “on hold” and there isn’t any other visible walk in my area (as it is mentioned). Couldn’t find any solution to contact someone on photowalk site !

    Thanks in advance for all the big work for all these photowalk !

  2. Ho Hum – Sure hope there’s a last dash push to approve those pending – Applied on June 3 – still “on-hold” with no way to get a status – no leader ID without being approved, no walker ID without signing up for another walk so I can’t get help from the forums – NAPP forum refers me to the Photowalk forum – looks like without that, myself & friends will be holding a renegade, unapproved – unsanctioned walk of our own – waiting for approval also means the walk(s) we would have joined are now full.

    1. I had the same experience last year. Submitted for approval and never heard ANYTHING. Sure did NOT seem like the organizers were on top of it. I signed up this year as a walker so as to not get left out again but I sure was pissed last year. Since I signed up for my own group I was too late to sign up for any others by the time I realized I wasn’t getting “approval”.

  3. Two days ago I left for Roanoke,VA and after spending one night in that beautiful town I came back home via the Blue Ridge Parkway (3.5 hours there, 11.5 hours back on the parkway!). While we watched (and photographed) the fireworks on the river walk, I decided to look up to see if there was a photowalk there. There is and Laura Campbell is the leader but not many walkers!! This place is an incredible place to have a walk. If anyone is in this area and is not walking fo here!! ( I would make the trip back for the walk if not for leading my own) The downtown area is incredibly photographic!!

  4. Hi Scott…not sure if you read these all, but I hope someone will notice and pass it along. When I signed up for the photowalk I was sent an email with my username and password in the clear. Your system really shouldn’t send passwords out like that as its very insecure.

  5. About : Helisoa hptowalk – Massy-idf-france-esplanade-devant-opera-et-cinema


    I think it’s so long time without registration in my list
    because of the photowalk will be during the holidays in France.
    So, it’s better that I change the departure point and the plan
    of my photowalk in Paris downtown.
    Can I do that ?

    If , yès – Here is a suggestion

    Rendez-vous Jardin Luxembourg – Paris (portail face rue Gay Lussac – Bouche RER B)
    Photowalk : Jardin Luxembourg, boulevard St Michel – Traversée La Seine – Palais justice – Marché aux fleurs – Notre Dame

    Waiting for your response,

    O. Helisoa

  6. Why do you need to be ‘approved’ in order to have a get together to walk around and take pictures. Just go out with a group of people and take them!

  7. I can not register for the worldwide photowalk. It says virus infection in the captcha file. I was supposed to register three people who do not have internet access. I am the leader for the Great Falls, MT walk. I can’t get on to even report anything wrong. Is anyone else having this problem. AVG says there is a virus on the site. Help please!!!
    I tried getting on with my husbands computer and it is attached immediately too and we have different email addies even. I don’t know what to do.

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