Posted February, 2008

  • It’s (cough!) No Blog (cough) Wednesday

    Feb 6th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    I spent the day at home Tuesday in bed with a sinus infection, and I just feel really icky, so I’m calling in for a “No Blog Wednesday.” I’ve already been to the doctor, I’m resting, drinking plenty of fluids, and I hope to be back blogging away on Thursday. Have a great day everybody!

  • TV Broadcast Update: No Show Tonight! (Totally our fault!)

    Feb 5th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    OK, so we’re pretty new at this whole “Real TV” thing, and we just heard from the folks at Fox Business that we’re lamer than even we thought. We just learned that we turned in tonight’s show 8-seconds too short, and so they are not able to air it with 8 seconds of dead airContinue…

  • Tuesday News Nuggets

    Feb 5th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    Hi Everybody. Here’s what’s up: Popular Photography is running a very cool “Digital Wizard” contest, where you download 12 of their images and use Photoshop to create your own collage/montage Photoshop-effect extravganza, and if you win, you could pick up a cool $1,000. Here’s the link with all the details.Just some trivia: yesterday on,Continue…

  • Check Out Our “B&H Photo Shopping Spree” Winner: Rachael Cardella

    Feb 5th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    Remember last year, when we ran a photography contest on Photoshop User TV called “The Photoshop TV Shopping Spree at B&H Photo” where we sent the grand prize winner to New York City (including round trip airfare and hotel), and gave her a $1,000 shopping spree at B&H Photo’s Incredible Manhattan store? Well, last yearContinue…

  • Tell us What You Want to Win This Year….and Win!

    Feb 5th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    OK, so you saw the B&H Photo contest winner above from last year, but what are we going to give away as the grand prize for our Photoshop User TV photography contest this year? That up to you! Come up with a really cool, inventive idea for a contest, post it here on the blog,Continue…

  • Yet Another Episode of “Scott School of Hard Knocks”

    Feb 4th, 2008  |  0 Comments

    Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for while, will remember when I did my Lightroom Tour in Hawaii this past December. Well, the day after the seminar I joined my family in Maui, and the hotel we were staying at had this beautiful koi pond. As I was walking by, I saw whatContinue…

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