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Hi gang â” if you were wondering why I pretty much ducked out of sight on social media in the past week or so, it's because the wifey and I, our friends Jim and Jean, and Kalebra's mom and dad all snuck off for a vacation that we've planning for over a year to celebrate Kalebra's mom's 73rd birthday.

Her mom had always dreamed of cruising down the Danube river in a "flatboat" so that's exactly what we did. We started out in Prague for 2-1/2 days, then made our way to Nuremberg, Germany to catch the boat that took us to some very charming towns along the Danube (like Passau and Rugnesberg), with overnight stops in Vienna Austria and ending up in Budapest for a day in the city and then the next day our flight home.

Anyway, I have lots to share, and lots of photos of course, but I've been flying for 17 hours so I'm going to do the full post tomorrow, so I hope you'll check back here then. Again, sorry for dropping out of sight on social like that, but I'm back in the saddle and ready to rock. Well, at least I hope to be tomorrow. ;-)

Cheers and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for the full trip report.



Here’s how we describe Jeremy’s new class:

In this class we get a behind-the-scenes view as Jeremy creates unique and dynamic setups in the most unlikely locations, with Scott at his side asking him all the questions that you'd want answered.

Jet away to South Beach, Miami, Florida to meet up with Scott Kelby for the next segment of our On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart series. Jeremy has an amazing ability to clear away clutter, eliminate distractions, and make his subject the primary focus in just about any setting you can throw his way. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished with minimal gear and a creative mindset that will surely change the way you view new locations.

For those of you who have seen Jeremy’s two classes we shot a couple of years ago out in Venice Beach, California, you know what I’m talking about — Jeremy is just amazing at find portrait locations just about anywhere, and then he uses simple light (just one light), and directs his subject to come up with amazing on-location portraits.

As good as he previous classes were (and they were a HUGE hit), honestly I think this class is even better! If you’re a KelbyOne Online Subscriber, I’d definitely try and watch his class this weekend. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can Rent it, Buy it, or Subscribe (and watch as many classes as you’d like). Here’s the link. 

I’ve got some fun stuff to share on Monday or Tuesday, so I hope to see you back here then. Hope you all have an awesome weekend.



I’ve been working on this series for a while now, and I finally got enough to do a full post over at (so all the shots, and full story is over there. is designed for photographic story-telling).

It’s a series of famous landmarks, buildings and monuments photographed as if they were taken on a white seamless paper background, but surprisingly the white sky effect is primarily done “in-camera” (I explain it, and the post processing part of it over on the post).

If you've got a quick minute, I hope you'll check it out -  here’s the link. 

Hope you all have an awesome week this week!




Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and our offices are closed as we honor and remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.

This post is dedicated each year to the memory of David Leimbach, (shown above; the brother of our friend and colleague Jeff Leimbach), who died six years ago in combat in Afghanistan.

Just a humble word of thanks to the dedicated men and women of our armed services and to all those who came before them who laid down their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy each day.

OK, first last night we launched a totally new Photoshop World Conference & Expo Web site (seen above), with better, easier, and more “Vegas-ie” navigation plus lots of cool photos and stuff to help you plan your trip to Vegas with us. OK, enough of that (but if you jumped over there right now to see the new site, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit). [wink] ;-)

Next, who’s new to our teaching roster this September: I’ll tell ya — it’s cool people. Really cool people, like:

Tim Wallace
UK-based Automotive Photographer

> Amazing teacher and talent (I love this guy!)
> Looks better in person than this photo
> Not as good looking as me of course, but certainly handsome
> He’ll be shooting a car right in his class. We’ll patch the bullet holes with Bondo.



Roberto Valenzuela
LA-based Photographer and trainer, Book Author, Lover (by looking at his photo)

> This guy’s books are killin’ it! The dude can write.
> He can shoot and teach like a boss!
> If he looks this good in person, I’m going to cut him from the roster.
> He’s part of our new Wedding Photography Track, that runs all three days. He’s “Berry Sessy!”


Frank Salas
Master Wedding Photographer and instructor

> Another handsome guy. Not helping me.
> His bio is a mile long, but in short, he was named one of the best wedding photographers in the world
> He crushed the classes he did for KelbyOne. Plus, some of our staff have crushes on him. Just sayin’
> He’s on our new Wedding Track, too! You knew that, right?


Peter Hurley
Stud. Also shoot head shots.

> Looks like a model. Was a model. A model prisoner. (unconfirmed rumor)
>  Taught at Atlanta Photoshop World, so he’s not “technically” new but he’s new to our Vegas conference, soâ¦.
> He was a huge hit in Atlanta. He’s a huge hit everywhere he goes. Peter Hurley for President
> Not nearly this good looking in person. Looks more like Comedian Gilbert Godfrey. Quite possibly his twin.


These are some awesome instructors who we’re thrilled to have back on our “Instructor Dream Team:”

Lindsay Adler
NYC-based Fashion Photographer 

> Awesome photographer and fantastic teacher
> Wears dangerously high heels when teaching. Could fall at any time which adds drama.
> Really good at lighting, posing, and knows many colorful New York phrases
> Great business sense. Great fashion sense. May have Spidey sense.


David Curedon
Retoucher, Photographer, Big Ol’ Teddy Bear

> We have missed this guy — his retouching is off the chain (plus, we just love him)
> He has a ton of fans at KelbyOne for his online retouching classes (and cool custom retouching brushes)
> His head is smaller than all the other instructors but we don’t mention it (feelings matter).
>  Suffers from Aulophobia (the fear of flutes), but still is a great teacher as long as “Aqualung” doesn’t come on


James Schmelzer
Senior Portrait Photographer and Lighting Ninja

> Has mad skills. Does a lot of teaching for the Westcott lighting folks. Awesome instructor!
> Is based in Michigan but yet owns a foreign car. That’s one strike.
> Has been spotted several times in North Korea on “business.” Strike two!
> Is not Peter Hurley. Good save. #schmelzerforthewin


It’s an instructor dream team of the best of the best:

> Scott Kelby (Devastatingly handsome man. That alone should be enough)
> Joe McNally
(Magical Unicorn of Flash)
> Dave Black (Sports Legend and Untapped Source of Energy)
> Joel Grimes (Compositing and Lighting Shogun)
> Moose Peterson (Love Machine)
> Tamara Lackey (She Shoots Kids. Erâ¦photographs children)
> Jay Maisel (Cranky New Yorker)
> Matt Kloskowski (Landscape Photographer. Photoshop Guy. Carb Collector & Licensed Calorie Trustee).
> Ben Willmore (Photoshop Rainmaker specializing in classic bus repair)
> Brian Smith (Celebrity Photo Guru and has really cool glasses)
> Corey Barker (Insane Photoshop Skills. Too good for his own good. Not sure what that means)
> David Ziser (Wedding Wunderkind and Certified Kentucky Colonel)
> Frank Doorhof (He’s Dutch!)
> Pete Collins (Photoshop Guy often seen wearing an Urban Sombrero)
> Bill Fortney (A man barely alive)
> Russell Brown (Adobe’s own madman of Photoshop and flight. Distills his own bourbon)
> Jason Groupp (Best dressed Wedding photographer in Northern Hemisphere)
> Kevin Ames (Knows many good restaurants in Atlanta. Only drinks Coke products)
> Terry White (Adobe Guy. Owns several Apple products. Possible Vegan)
> RC Concepcion (Photoshop Guy, 43.3% Clairvoyant. Master Sergeant of HDR and other acronyms)
> Glyn Dewis (Has a funny accent. Could be foreign. Will probably be deported.)
> Jim DiVitale (His name means love in seven languages)
> Helene Glassman (Gets awfully cozy with Jim Divitale)
> Jack Davis (Graphics Guru from Cali […ain’t no party like a west coast party cause a west coast party don’t stop])
> Faye Sirkis (Passionate Artist with a shoplifting habit)
> Erik Valind (He’s young and in love. Probably).
> Dave Cross (Stealing American jobs for more than a decade)
> Scott Diussa (Concert photographer & screaming lead guitar player)
> Alan Hess (Concert photographer, can’t play anything but has great hair)
> Bert Monroy (Not a concert photographer, but could draw a very convincing concert scene)
> Julieanne Kost (Adobe’s own Diva of Lightroom. Probably using a stage name)
> Bryan Hughes (Adobe power broker. Deadly at Pai Gow Poker)
> Colin Smith (Sounds Australian. Check his papers).
> Joe Glyda (Shoots food. It sometimes shoots back. Loves Red Dye #3)

Well, we’ve got a whole lotta classes — over 100, in seven different training tracks, over three days. Whew!

Not 100% sure? Then watch this quick video below that shows some of these awesome instructors in action (no way you can not go after watching that video. No way! It’s Vegas for you baby!)

Of course you do. Just say it out loud, “This is the year. I’m going!”

If you sign up right now, you can save money and get a full conference pass for only $525 (for KelbyOne members, it’s only $449. Seriously, that’s crazy!).

That’s for all three days, all the classes, the expo floor, the special events, the Adobe keynote, the get-togethers, the fun, the networking, the learning, the e-coli (just checking to see if you were still reading), and you’ll get to meet all your favorite KelbyOne instructors in person — so come and be with us out in Vegas — you’ll never forget it!

Here’s the link — head over there right now, then book your flights. See you in September! :)

This one (above) really is like a movie trailer, and I’m in a pirate suit, so I’m not quite sure what to say hereâ¦..anyway, we have a Pirate theme for the Vegas Photoshop World Conference & Expo this year, and this little trailer gives you a taste for what’s in the opening keynote movie that kicks off the three-day training event. It should be Arrrrrrrrr rated! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Anyway, Steve Nicolai, Daniel Bryant and our crew over in KelbyOne video land do some really clever, amazing, and often funny trailers for our online courses and I thought I’d share 10 of my favorite’s here (you can watch them below — they’re all pretty short — usually 30-seconds to a minute each). Here goes (in no particular order):

1. Peter Hurley’s “Mastering Headshot Photography”
I love how real Peter is throughout this trailer, but it’s the very end that just cracks me up!


2. Joe McNally – Making Great Photos in Bad Weather
This is just so Joe. Dig the Twister reference, and Joe’s inappropriate arm gesture.


3. Dave Black – High School Football Photography
Our crew did such a great taking the images Dave made during the live class and giving it a real big-time sports theme. The graphics, type and treatment are just great (and Dave’s class is killer, so it really fit).


4. Exposing HDR — What Happened to RC?
This was our first teaser trailer, andâ¦wellâ¦it’s just creepy. I wouldn’t have shot there.


5. Frank Doorhof ‘s “The Art of Dance Photography”
I love this one simply because of the shots Frank was able to pull off during this class (seen in the trailer). He is just amazing.


6. Bill’s Fortney’s “Close up: An introduction to Macro Photography”
I like the twist and reveal near the end of the trailer.


7. Bill Frake’s Environmental Sports Portraiture
Bill just flat out does some clever stuff and you get a peek at some of it in this trailer. One of my sports photography heroes.


8. Glyn Dewis’ Character Composite
Just like McNally’s trailer is so “Joe,” Glyn is just so “Glyn” in this trailer. The funny thing is, the mechanic in the trailer is a real mechanic who works right down the street from our studios.


9. Dave Black Horse Racing
I love the historic feel and look of this trailer. Really well done, and it makes you not only want to watch Dave’s class, it’s make you want to grab your camera and head to the track.


10. Tim Wallace — lighting cars with just one flash
I think what I love about this class is the final shot of the car, completely lit with one hot shoe flash, and I’m still like “dude, no way!” but yes. Way!


10.5 Matt’s Compositing Secret’s Book
OK, this technically isn’t a class, but it’s one of my all-time favorites, and one of the first one’s Steve did when he came on board with us as our trailer superhero and man he just won our hearts with this clever, funny, and really well done book trailer.

I know nothings worse that seeing a cool trailer and not being able to see the feature (or in our class, the online class), so if you want to watch any of these classes, and you’re not already a KelbyOne subscriber, you can get a free 24-hour pass and check them all out (as long as you don’t have anything planned that day, right?). Anyway, here’s the link just in case.

If you’re already a subscriber, if I were you I’d still watch all 10 — even if the topics aren’t what you normally shoot. Maybe today’s the day you fall in love with something new because these instructors are so inspiring, so amazing, and so information it just might open a whole new world for you. Hey, ya never know. :)



P.S. Tomorrow on “The Grid” it’s our “Blind Photo Critique” episode and if you’d like your 3 or 4 of your  images considered to be critiqued during tomorrow’s 4pm live show, submit your images at this link. Good luck!