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These things are awesome! They’re called “Rogue FlashBenders” and they help you control and shape the light from your off-camera flash. Of course this isn’t the first product to do this (I’ve been using the Honl Light Shaping tools for a few years, and liked them a lot), but these new FlashBenders (from Expo Imaging—the people who bring us ExpoDisc) have two big advantages over everything else I’ve used:

(1) They’re all one piece, so there’s nothing separate to attach to your flash head, which means that there’s less to pack, and less to lose, and that means less hassle.

(2) There is some kind of wire, or bendy thingies (a technical term), inside them that let you easily mold and shape them any way you want so they go from snoot to bounce flash to gobo in two seconds flat.

They just officially launched today, but we got a set in last week and Matt and the rest of us fell in love with them right away (everybody was drooling over them).


You can buy them individually, or as a 3-piece kit, and for this launch, they agreed to do a special kicker for NAPP members who buy the full Rogue FlashBenders 3-piece Reflector Kit (normally $104.85 retail price), they’ll just pay for 2 pieces of the set, and get their Bounce Card / Flag FREE (normally $29.95).

The deal expires on June 18th (go to the NAPP Member Website to get the discount code). Here’s the link with more details. Way to go Expo Imaging guys—-you rocked it with this one! :)


I love my Epson P-7000 Multimedia viewer. I had a P-5000 before it, and P-3000 before that, and it’s been my go-to in-field photo back-up device for years now. It travels with me for every location shoot. But now so does my Apple iPad, and it now Apple has a camera connection kit for it, so you can see where this is going.

  • The P-7000 is $799 and has 160GB of storage.
  • The iPad has 64GB of storage for $699 (+$29 for the camera connection kit).

But of course, this story is about much more than storage space.

So, what do you guys see as the fate of the P-7000? Does it even have a future? Or does it have a future at a much lower price (like $299)? I’m interested to hear what you guys think. (By the way—neither support Flash, so let’s not even go there).


We’ve snagged the first killer “this weekend only” deal of the year—this time from Expo Imaging (the same people who bring you ExpoDisc) on their Ray Flash ring flash adapter (here’s the link to learn more about Ray Flash).

Here’s the deal: For this weekend only, they are offering you (the readers of my blog), 15% OFF a Ray Flash which turns your regular Nikon or Canon flash into a ring flash, so that takes the price down to $169.95 (from its normal street price of $199.95).

When you place your order, you have to use this Promo Code to get the special discount:


I’ve used the Ray Flash myself (in fact, I talked about it in Volume 3 of my Digital Photography Book), and it really does a pretty amazing job of giving you the ring flash look without the hassles, price, and weight of using a regular Ring Flash (Here’s the link to order yours).

Note: This special 15% off deal ends this Sunday at Midnight EST.

Gift pile

Hi everybody. Welcome back, and I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas!!!! If you’re wondering about the camera gear I got for Christmas, well…. here’s the thing: I didn’t get any. None. Zippo. Zilch!

I must be really hard to buy for when it comes to camera gear, because most everybody got me guitar gear instead (my buddy Dave got me a new practice amp for the house, my wife got me a guitar, and my buddy Rod got me a Guitar Center gift card, and I loved ’em all!!!). :)

My kids had a ball, and their enthusiasm, gratefulness and overall Christmas spirit really made it a very special time for all of us. But let’s hear about you guys—what cool stuff did you get for Christmas? Did Santa bring you any cool lenses or bodies, or accessories? (I know Christmas is about a lot more than just presents, but I still wanna know what stuff you guys got!!!!). :)


Picking up where Part One left off, and just barely in time for the Holidays, here’s “Scott’s Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide, Part 2” chock full of more cool Holiday gear (featuring stuff I couldn’t fit in the printed version, which appeared as the December cover story in Photoshop User magazine).


Epson Photo Paper

This is one of those gifts that every photographer is tickled to get because it’s they’re always either running out of photo-quality paper, or they’re really careful about rationing it, because they’re relatively expensive. Give them a pack of nice 13×19″ photo paper (provided they have an Epson 1900 or 2800, or 2880), and now they have the luxury of printing a few extra sheets without cutting into their stash. Try either a 50-sheet pack of the 13×19″ Epson Premium Luster for around $88 at or if this is for someone really special go for 25 sheets of the Exhibition Fiber Paper for around $90 from Amazon. Either will be a hit.


A Gift Subscription To Digital Photo Pro Magazine

I love this magazine, and I really look forward to every issue. Very well written, and it always has a lot of inspiring images. It’s aimed more at the pro photographer, but there’s lot in there for nearly everyone. It’s a great value too, with their 1-year (7 issues) gift subscription going for around $20 (US). Here’s the link.


The ‘Best Camera’ iPhone App and the Book “Best Camera” by Chase Jarvis

This is a one-two punch that’s aimed at any photographer with an iPhone. First, the App is called “Best Camera” (designed by famous photographer Chase Jarvis) and it’s fantastic. It looks and works like something Apple would have designed themselves, and it’s one of the only photo Apps I use these days. The book “The Best Camera is the one that’s with you” is a collection of Chase’s own iPhone photography, and once you see what can be done with just an iPhone, it’s really inspiring. For the App part of this deal, just buy a $15 iTunes Store gift certificate (here’s the link), which will even leave enough for them to buy a few songs, since the App itself is only $2.99. Then, buy the book, which sells for around $15 at Barnes & Noble or They will totally dig this two-part gift.


Vision Mongers by David DuChemin

This is the latest book I’ve been reading, which is a book about the business of photography, and it gives great insights (including interviews with several very successful famous photographers), and it’s perfect for anyone on your gift list that really wants to make a go of photography for a living. Very well done. You can find it at, Barnes & Noble, or any major bookseller.


Magnetic Photo Rope

We have these in our offices and we LOVE ’em! You just tack one of these 58″ long cables to the wall, and tiny magnets hold your photos to the cable (it’s really brilliantly designed when you see it). Everybody always comments on them, and best of all, they’re really inexpensive, at only $12 each (nice discounts if you buy more than one). From the very cool folks at


Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Location Lighting Kit

If you really want to blow somebody away, nothing says I love you like a really awesome lighting kit, and this my friends, is really awesome. It’s the Ranger Quadra from Elinchrom, and this is the same one we use at NAPP HQ and we love it so much now we’re not sure how we lived without it. It’s two flash heads and an incredibly small, lightweight battery pack giving you studio quality light anywhere. Incredibly compact, really great stuff. By the way, incredibly great really compact stuff doesn’t come cheap. The two-light kit I recommend is around $2,175 over at B&H Photo (hey, I had to have at least one mega-gonzo gift on here, right?). Here’s the link.


Lastolite Kickerlite

I talked about this one earlier this year and it rocks because instead of just reflecting light (like a standard reflector), you mount a strobe on it, and then you have full control over light that would have just be reflecting, so you get coverage, and a wonderful glow for your subject, that’s just hard to beat. It’s really compact, and not too expensive, at around $207 at B&H Photo. Here’s the link.

Well folks, that’s it for some last-minute Gonzo Gear you can probably still snag before Christmas. Hope Santa brings you one of each. :-)

I can’t take credit for this one—-one of my readers, Ed Loziuk, came up with this better way to hang your unframed, unmounted prints (remember when I showed those IKEA shelves in my office where I clip up my prints? Here’s the link back to that article).

Ed’s ideas also comes from your local IKEA store (sadly it’s not available for online order), but it’s cheaper, thinner, better-looking, and it looks like it’s easier to work with all the way around. There are two parts; a thin shelf, and custom-made clips.

Here’s how Ed describes them:

“Ikea’s kitchen department sells the “Asker” display rail (48″ & 24″) and clips for very reasonable prices. It takes about 5 minutes to put in a couple of screws and mount the rail and clips. The best thing is that it only sticks out about 3/4″ from the wall, less than the average photo frame. It’s great to just put up unmounted pics straight from the printer to dry and display.”

The Asker suspension rail (shown below—photos courtesy of IKEA) comes in both 24″ ($8) and 48″ lengths (it’s only $10 for the 48″ rail. Sweet!). Here’s the link.


The Asker clips (shown below) are just $5 for a 3-pack. Here’s the link to the clips.


Thanks so much to Ed for sharing this very cool way to hang your prints right out of the printer, and onto your wall.