Why I Switched to Canon

I’ve had so many people asking about this, and its more than I can put in a short Tweet or Facebook post (and it would make for one really long blog post), so I’m posting this video clip instead — that way when somebody asks I can just point them to this video. Cheers everybody and happy Monday. :)

  1. I’m shocked that you switched but I also know
    It’s not the camera that makes the images
    But the photographer behind it! Your work is stellar no matter
    What brand!! If you decide to do a Nikon giveaway though, I’m in!! 😊

      1. See his absence in reply to these claims…
        Shows that its ‘all about the money’.

        You can sell your sole, but you can’t sell your heart.

      2. As if everybody is a native english speaker – just shut up Grinz.
        You are just an arrogant looser my friend.

  2. I will be honest, I’ve been a little fed up with Nikon for the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, I love my D800 but there have been a ton of other things that they have done that have just drove me nuts. If I could start my photo career over from scratch I probably would not shoot Nikon.

    I wish I had to the budget to switch, but I don’t so I will stay with Nikon’s system but if I were to start over again I’d probably go with Sony, Canon, or even Sigma’s camera line.

    1. I was Nikon for 15 years. Bought a d800 a year ago. Always seemed difficult to get good pictures with it for name reason. Tried 5d mark iii and it felt hard NOT to get a good picture out of it. Sold my entire Nikon system and switched to canon. Definitely some sadness watching my Nikon stuff leave but no regrets – the 5d mark iii just makes better pictures with less effort for me.

  3. When I began reading your Photoshop instruction books (many years ago), I was the one doing the learning and could care less what your camera of choice was. I’ve been using Nikon cameras for over 40 years but that’s me. You could use a Brownie and get stunning results. So in your case, Nikon or Canon, makes no difference to me. Just keep up the excellence!

  4. It is interesting that in your How To Become a Better Photographer in 2014 Grid show, you and Matt made such a point that we don’t need a new camera body. In this, you are talking about a whole new system.

  5. Scott, my first pro camera was a Canon F1n. My parents house was broken into, they got my beloved Canon. I replaced it with a Nikon F3 w/md4 drive. I had this system for 25+ years, along with other Nikon bodies. My closest friend convinced me to go to Canon. I have had a 1d series body for over 10 years. I soo love my Canon stuff that there is no way I could go back to a Nikon. I know what you are going through, welcome.

  6. Canon bought Scott, and they did it so well that he seems convinced that Canon didn’t! It is so obvious that Scott was going to switch when all of his posts were about how Canon gave him this camera and that camera to try. And when the big Canon name started popping up at the beginning of The Grid, it was inevitable. Now we get to hear about how great Canon is since Canon finances Scott’s lifestyle. I think an interesting thing to remember is that Tamara Lackey switched from Canon to Nikon this last year on her own dime, and she was known as an important Canon shooter. Now if Joe McNally or Moose Peterson switched to Canon, you’d need to take notice! But ultimately it doesn’t matter if you go with Canon, Nikon, or Sony, and Scott reiterates that point all the time.

    1. If Nikon want him back they know what they need to do; send him a Nikon that’s better than his Canon. That simple. If that’s ‘buying’ someone, then long may it continue!

      1. Any Nikon camera is better than any competing Canon camera but one has to recognize it. Blind people usually stay blind though.

      2. I’m not getting into a pointless and unavoidably epic discussion about the pros and cons of Nikon vs Canon. It is the height of arrogance to suggest that the huge number of professional shooters choosing to shoot Canon are all blind to some absolute truth that their gear is inferior. It just isn’t that cut and dry and stating that it is so ipso facto implies that perhaps you don’t know what you’re talking about. No sensible photographer has such a black and white view of this question.

      3. And yet you are getting in to pointless discussion after weeks of my reply to you was posted. Maybe you don’t know what you are talking about? Ever thought of that? Or maybe you just don’t know enough to even argue the point and that is why you are on pointless offensive.
        Just read what others think about Scott’s switch and shut up already.

      4. If a Canon Camera is so inferior; why do you now have a 5D Mark III? After all you said you have shot both brands, so if canon is so inferior, surely you would not continue to own one? Is perhaps the noise performance of the 5D MII at high ISO settings appealing to you? You can find a awful lot of test results showing Noise and high ISO comparisons and low light shooting ability of say even the 6D vs a comparable Nikon, so really, you do lack substance.

      5. You are correct. I sold 5D III in the beginning of the year and bought second D800e. And it wasn’t the noise because noise was about the same between both cameras. It was operations of the camera. It was missing shots due to shutter lag and flash not firing. Not to mention that I want functions on the buttons instead of the menu. Much happy now!!!

      6. It is pretty obvious now that you do not have substance, I know several using the 5D MIII who do not report the problems you do. your quote: “Nikon cameras have more pixels, more DR, better noise control, better controls and ergonomics” So now the noise control “now” is “about the same” and about your mention of pixels; I assume you refer to the higher megapixel counts, so since when is megapixels a “true” measure of a camera’s quality? It is about a lot more than that and in todays world, honestly I prefer a 16-21 megapixel range; the higher end for full frame and lower end for smaller sensors. But I am honest in that bias and my opinion that higher megapixels is more hype than a ‘true need”.. The need is to balance the camera for overall quality. I also recognize that technological advances can change my opinion at almost any time.
        The bottom line is we all have our personal bias. Both Nikon and Canon make excellent and easy to use cameras and it is OK to have a bias, but not Ok to deride others over a differing opinions. Both brands have detractors and promoters all for differing reasons. Doing that makes you diminishes what you say in the eyes of others; especially when you call people blind whose opinion differs from yours.

      7. Oh I have substance. But you need to understand it. And you don’t.
        D800e was my first Nikon Camera after many Canon cameras starting with 1Ds and finishing with 5D III. And almost everything in between. What is over 10 years with Canon. The only Nikon cameras I used before Canon were D1 and D1x. I used 5D III concurrently with D800e for a year.

        And just because you know few people who don’t report problems doesn’t mean problem is not there. I know few people too, so what? They just don’t use camera the way I use it.

        I brought 5D III with the flash to the Canon Irvine facility in person. Showed it to them what the problems was. Do you know what they wrote in the report before they returned camera to me?

        “Can’t replicate the problem” How idiotic is that? But they also replaced the whole top of the camera. Why? Why do it if there is no problem? Oh and I had to wait over 2 hours because there were many people in the facility with 4 receptionists.

        I had to visit Nikon facility too few times for minor adjustments and there is only one receptionist and maybe one person waiting.

        What it tells me that Canon has a lot more problems than you think.

        And the noise about the same on the pixel level. Do you know what that
        means? That means that at any given print size D800 will have about one
        stop advantage just because it has a lot more pixels.
        I hope I don’t have to explain this to you later.

        I also know that Canon zealots say that 5D III focuses in the lower light than D800. That is not true at all because I ran my own tests. But because some Canon idiot reported it now all Canon idiots Canon users repeating it.

        I also participating in forums on the Dpreview.

        In Canon forum if someone posts something negative every one jumps on that person like flies on the shit.

        In Nikon forum people try to help to solve the problem.

        So, my Canon nightmare is OVER.

      8. Frankly I believe it is you that is lacking, just my opinion, but you are very clearly in here just trying to Canon Bash and at the same time calling a large number of pros idiots. for using the camera. You focus on the small little gripes you personally have and call the service department personnel idiots; service personnel that clearly recognized you had a problem, but as Murphy’s law would have it, it did not show for them.

        But they clearly knew where the problem would be and replaced that area of the camera. Many would just say we can not duplicate the problem and send you on your way; like so many darn car dealerships with problems clearly caused by a computer glitch that will not display itself in the shop.

        Look, I have shot Canon nearly 40 years, it is what I am use to and what I will continue to shoot; however, I will not bash Nikon cameras, Sony Cameras, or any other brand, because I recognize that everyone is making pretty good stuff right now days and it is mostly what you can afford or already have money invested in. You appear to have the money to buy what you want and when you want it, so good for you, but you ought to show respect to those more experienced in life than you and just maybe more experienced behind the lens.

        You probably think Canon gives their equipment free to people like Scott; if so you need to check that again too. They get the loan of great equipment, but they purchase the cameras; at a good discount yes and you can rest assured Nikon has a group they treat the same way.

        As another said, you seem at the height of arrogance and I agree, to be clear that no sensible or experienced Photographer would make the statements you have. Those of us who have been around a while understand both brands have their pluses and minuses and we know these days the minuses on both sides are getting fewer as technology improves.

        To end this senseless discussion, shoot what you want, nobody wants to hear how great “you” think you are and I bet that includes many Nikon shooters.

        By the way, in no way am I saying brand loyalty is bad, what is bad is putting yourself above everybody else!

        The camera does not make the Photographer!!

      9. If the service clearly recognized the problem why didn’t they fix it? It is not the Murphy law, it is the idiot’s law. No, they did not know where problem was because they thought that shutter button is malfunctioning but I had grip on and the same problem was with that button on the grip too. But of course in their infinite wisdom Canon tech can’t think straight so they replaced the top and of course it did not fix the problem so they decided to give up and just lie about it by saying that they can’t replicate it. Later I found out that this problem is on all 5D III and 1D4 cameras. It did not existed on all previous cameras.
        About the rest of bullshit you said. If you are shooting Canon for 40 years you are obviously Canon brand loyal. And you are bashing Nikon just by being asshole to me. I switched from Canon to Nikon before and from Nikon to Canon because I don’t have any brand loyalty. Whatever is best today I will use. If Sony makes something better tomorrow I will switch. But as of right now Sony is even better than Canon. Also, it does not bother me that Scott changed to Canon or I don’t even care if his equipment is on loan or not. What bothers me is that asshole opened his big mouth in that video above. Most of it nothing more than a one large commercial. Plus saying something I love my D4 but I like Canon better is so stupid I want to puke. He is lying just about everything to oblige Canon.
        Anyway this is going to be my last post because there is obviously you Canon people can’t see the light.

  7. you “money” people obviously do not get that Scott is a wealthy person many-times-over and kudos to him. He can buy most anything he wants on his own dime. To suggest he switched over a “freebie” or “sponsorship” is just silly.

  8. You don’t need to hold any buttons on Nikon to change the exposure compensation. It’s called ‘easy exposure compensation’ afair. You just rotate the dial.
    Glad you like Canon, but the talk sounds sort of… sponsored :(

      1. We know that but Scott specifically said you had to press a button on a Nikon but you don’t. That’s what meartur’s comment related to…

    1. had it been sponsored, he would have never told that he was sponsored. but as they state in the talk, choice is your personal.
      choose the one that you feel comfortable with

  9. Can’t even run a business without being accused of running a business. Oh, and I’m going to need that list comparing the Strat and the Paul- please include which one will make me an awesome guitarist.

    1. I love the Strat way more than a Les Paul. That said, you’d play faster and smoother on a Paul because it’s easier to play. But if you can play the same way on a Strat, you’d be a much better guitarist.

      1. I agree. John Sykes could rip on that Paul and look cool doing it. The single coil Strats sound great for that bluesy sound ala David Gilmour. It all depends on what sound and style you like. :-)

  10. I thought that was a really honest account of why you switched Scott and I’ve seen you mention the loaner 1DX kit for football in an earlier episode of The Grid.

    I’d bet there isn’t a person that’s posted here that would turn down the offer to shoot with the top of the line model from any manufacturer.

    PS everyone: It’s just a camera. Scott didn’t swap out one of his kids because he liked someone else’s better. Relax!

    1. I think that dxo mark tests are totally irrelevant in real world shooting, and really only serve to provide internet forums with ammunitiion for arguments (that’s not directed at you though!). You are right though, the sensor, while important, is only a part of the camera as a whole. I bought a D600 before I switched to Canon, and although it had a stunning sensor, I still preferred my D700 that I had before it.

  11. The man runs a business and I’m sure he made the best decision possible for his business. Not sure what the big deal is. Sometimes change can invigorate creativity. I dumped my pro Nikon gear for Fuji last year. I don’t regret it at all and it gave me some enthusiasm again and some interest to try probably the hardest photography out there: astrophotography (real stuff, not just super wide angle)

    If someone sponsored me, I would switch. No doubt about it. A change of mind in gear is just that, a change. It doesn’t invalidate the good qualities of any other platform. Besides, none of the celebrity photography cheerleaders ever made me buy something against my will.

  12. Ok, I feel as though you are getting hammered for loving Canon! Ridiculous! What if you switched your boxer shorts form Hanes to Channel! I can see the envy pouring here! Unreal! (I have no clue if Channel makes boxer shorts…hahahaha but for the sake of comparison)!

    People…are you going to chastise someone for liking butter instead of margarine? Did you forget that we are allowed to LIKE what we LIKE? and that sometimes we find things to like we didn’t know we would like? If you like Nikon great…so what if they sponsored Scott? he actually DOES something worthy of being sponsored!!!! Are you worthy of being sponsored? ever heard of Kelby Training? how many of you subscribe to it?

    Stop speaking out of “sponsor envy”, and start analyzing Canon camera’s closer!

    I am a Canon ONLY user! Everything I have is Canon, and will not switch to Nikon or anyone else if that camera was making me breakfast! This is my personal preference! I also like Frye Boots! So sue me! LOL

    You cannot find a higher lens quality ANYWHERE! Scott, imagine if Canon lenses worked on Hasselblad or Mamyia! That’s the DREAM! Of course they new you will fall in love with them! There are no better camera’s out there today! I wish I could afford that 5DMKIII, (I have the 5DMKII), and that they would sponsor me too, but my 5DMKII does not disappoint by any means, and nether is my Canon 70D!

    Scott didn’t “trash” Nikon either! Not sure where you got that from!

    Next let me address one more thing: What camera you shoot with is completely IRRELEVANT if you still shoot crappy photos! Only when you’re advanced enough to appreciate features, you can truly make a switch…good photos can be achieved with a phone these days if you know “HOW” to take photos, but mainly if you have any TALENT. Can’t buy Talent! No manufacturer makes that other than your mother and father!

    He has every right to switch to whatever system he wants! You think he’s excited now? over a 1Dx? pffff wait until he starts shooting with a Hasselblad! If you want to see REAL amazing quality! Look at Peter Hurley, he’s not shooting with DSLR’s!

    Stop getting so tangled in what to shoot with, and start shooting some worthy stuff instead with what you have! I could sit here and drool over that 5DMKIII, or I could go out with my 5DMKII and make some amazing shots somewhere! Why should I drool over something I can’t have and waste my time is the question here though?

    Go out and shoot something worthy of a print!

  13. Hi Scott, Thank you for the explanation; I was curious. I’m also wondering when you will re-address the KelbyOne pricing in a public forum after receiving 440 comments here on your blog. Thank you,

      1. I know a couple people who are upset but haven’t commented on your blog. Should I advise them to if it’s not going to be addressed in a more public manner?

  14. I can’t wait for you to get into Canon’s speed light system. When it was announced, I expected it to revolutionize the speed light shooters world, but strangely, Syl Areena seemed to be the only one thinking the same.

    The story of why you changed makes perfect sense. As a mark III user, I’m happy to hear that it compares well to the Nikon.

    1. Hey Doug: I tried a Phase One for a week, and it was truly amazing. I had a hard time with the “you always have to be tethered” thing (and I love tethering), and the price was a bit (ahem) of a factor (LOL!), but the files it created were pretty amazing. :)

  15. Its ok Scott, I still love you and think you’re one of the best how-to writers out there ever! I just won’t be taking your opinion on cameras anymore… just kidding! …sorta. ;)

  16. I’m guessing that over the years many of the people that found Kelby Training invested in Nikon gear because of what they felt after seeing what Scott and the other shooters used. I’m wondering now, how many are trying to figure out how to switch. For Scott, and other Kelby shooters, the money is not as big an impasse as those that are on limited budgets. I’d be curious to know if this sort of switch would have been made if having to be concerned over spending was an issue. Not saying that Scott and clan are not concerned with money, but many of the people who follow Kelby training are not gainfully employed in the industry. But watching the video, it seems like Nikon is now a “second rate” camera. Curious if Sony threw an A7r to Scott, what the result might be.

  17. Oh noes, cats and dogs sleeping together, the end of western civilization … Not! Buy whatever floats your boat, but most of all get out there and make the best images you can.

  18. I’ve owned Minoltas and a Nikon film camera over the years, pushed photography into the background when I started a family and work but when I returned to photography and started looking at both Ninon and Canon, the Canon felt better in my hand and I too loved the menu system and made the personally choice to commit to Canon. Sure there are features of Nikon’s system that I like but for me Canon still felt the best. It’s a personal decision and not the end of the world as to which camera system you like and use. They (Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony, etc) ALL make great cameras. And the competition between them for our consumer dollars makes us ALL winners no matter what system we like and use. Scott, thanks for the explanation. Haters are gonna hate, but they really should just learn to accept and move on. Life’s too short.

  19. The old saying, “Minolta invents it, Nikon perfects it, and Canon makes it affordable.”, just doesn’t apply anymore. The competition makes everybody better except poor old Minolta. Thanks for your candidness.

  20. Great video explanation, Scott. You may have missed a tremendous opportunity to have that co-sponsored by Preparation H to go with all the butthurt going on with the Nikon fanboys, though. ;)

  21. So when does the Scott Kelby incredibly beat up, well traveled, and abused used obsolete Nikon camera gear sale start. Can I use my Kelby One discount for the sale?

  22. Absolutely your right to use whatever equipment you choose. My only caution is, as a person who has enjoyed your books(multiple), web site, training etc. I have always felt your objectivity was a plus. Even with your support during the recent CC blow-up I didn’t feel you were in adobe’s pocket. This video, however, seems slightly more commercial and un-objective than most of your work. I have found your objectivity to be very important to your credibility as a tutor. Hate to see you compromise that.

    1. Being enthusiastic about Canon does not necessarily mean he’s not objective. He may simply genuinely feel that way about the Canon stuff. He’d hardly be alone!

  23. I don’t have a problem at all.
    I think Scott may have underestimated the interest in the switch; for most of us, the initial investment is huge, and switching over is not really an option.

    I do think that in the long run it is a net plus, Nikon will no doubt take note, and the pressure is on due to Canon’s latest. Competition is a great thing. It will be interesting to see where Nikon goes from here.

  24. Maybe now, after Scott decided to switch – and to talk about it, here – Nikon ist going to wake up and finally starting to listen to many comments on the web of (less important?) customers regarding strange menu settings, limitations (just one example: why again do we need to take five pictures to get a +/-2 EV-bracketing series??? It’s just a software thing, so if people really want it, just do it, even Adobe did listen to some of their customers…), and re-think some ignorance (e.g. lots of people want to be able to use their buttons differently, or fine-tune focus at zoom lenses with different values for different focal lengths, etc.). What about annoying customers by issues such as lhs-focus problems with the the early D800s, color issues of the screen, oil spots on the D600. All those issues were denied and denied again. No word of sorry to the customers… I’ve heard a lot of people who prefer Canon’s skin tones – for years! So why is nobody listening at Nikon? Again, it’s just a software thing that should be easy to fix. I am a Nikon user for years (started long ago with some film cameras) but am getting really tired of Nikon, lately. Major reason I haven’t started the switching thing, is the time necessary to sell old stuff, buy new stuff and of course the cost. If not getting sponsored, it’s major investment…
    So, Scott: thanks for discussing this! I hope, Nikon users and customers will benefit from your switch, as well – but probably they won’t…

    1. Yeah and Canon doesn’t have focus issues on the 1DX

      Besides: I have one of the first d600’s and i had that ‘problem’ too. They fixed it right away with a new shutter and sensor clean. So it clearly wasn’t denied by Nikon. There are just too much losers behind their computer and whine about their sensors getting oil spots.

      And guess what. if my d600 has the same problem in 5 years. It will be repaired again.. Go do your homework

  25. Thanks for finally answering “The Question”. Always interesting to hear why photogs choose the gear they use. Not sure why some folks need to get soooo personally abusive over a gear choice. It isn’t as though anyone else is required to make any changes!

  26. I am so glad the reason you did the change was because you like Canon and does not have anything to do with the fact that Nikon did not choose you for the Nikon Ambassadors program.

  27. DXOmark sensor tests on Canon and Nikon always show Nikon being the best but of course camera sensors are not the only factor, choosing a camera should be an evaluation weighing in other aspects like quickness and usability as Scott pointed out

  28. Scott, you mention shooting sports in Aperture Priority. Have you tried Manual with Auto ISO? The latest 1D X firmware (2.0.3), apart from making low-light AF even snappier, allows Exposure Compensation in M with Auto ISO. Using it does require holding the SET button with your thumb while turning the Main Dial with your forefinger, but the button layout makes this dead easy. The camera’s metering is so good that it’s seldom needed, yet wonderful to have available. The beauty of shooting M with Auto ISO, of course, is that you need never worry about your shutter speed drifting down into motion-blur range AND you can lock in depth of field. After trying it, I cannot find a reason to shoot Av anymore.

    Anyway, thanks for the detailed explanation of your switch. All interesting to know.

  29. People switch brand every day, but when the great Scott Kelby “betrays” Nikon, it is a scandal. And to people who think its a money deal, You actually think Nikon wouldn’t do that also? Maybe all those years of Nikon were sponsored too. Grow up people. And to Scott, enjoy you’re new gear.

    1. No, actually, Nikon does not. It’s called integrity, or a lack thereof, Nikon sees buying their shooters as a lack of integrity, Canon does not seem to mind. Don’t believe me, go learn for yourself.

      Having said that, I have no issue with Canon, great gear, I just choose to shoot Nikon. But, what makes me bristle is when I hear these sophomoric statements, like yours, that are so naive – then I feel compelled to respond. In the end, it’s a business decision, Canon wants to buy it’s loyalty, Nikon refuses.

      1. I just saw this, A Canon Explorer of Light told me, Canon does not provide his equipment for free and I doubt Nikon does either. What they do and what I suspect Nikon does also, is provide the equipment at a significant discount. So know, they do not pay $11, 000+ for a lens; it certainly is not free according to this individual.
        I believe you can show, both companies provided selected professionals the opportunity to test preproduction equipment and I know Canon has a loan program for some professionals.
        I would assume Scott may be getting perks for using Canon, but I would not assume he received the camera free of any charge.

  30. I’m a huge fan of yours, Mr. Kelby. I read all your Digital Photography books (even those parts where you thank the support of your wife, your sons, brother and friends), watched tens of your grid programs and would like very much to hire you as a private teacher if I won the lottery. But, you are now sponsored by Canon and that’s it. I don’t mean to be rude and will keep following your work and advices, as I have been doing for the last five years, since I first heard about your work. It’s just that the explanation on the video above wasn’t necessary and, I must be honest, did not convince me. You are a great professional and would be the same, no matter what you had in your hands (Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fuji, whatever). Best regards from a lousy amature photographer.
    PS: Just in case, I shoot Nikon (body and lenses) but think my awful pictures are my eye’s (or finger, or judgement) fault.

  31. It amuses me that Scott switched to Canon for the exact reason I can’t stand them. Maybe the ergonomics of the ones he’s using are better than the ones I’ve handled, but the controls always feel awkward as hell to me. My Canon compact is REALLY hard to use in comparison to my other cameras.

    Canon seems to do a better job of getting industry advocates to talk about their stuff. I appreciated that Kelby and his crew were Nikon-first in a sea of Canon fanboys. We’ll have to see if Matt and RC jump ship too.

    1. Yes, Matt and RC have jumped ship. But none of them are getting one cent from Canon!!! It’s just by coincidence that they have all decided to can all of their Nikon stuff at basically the same time, even though it’s thousands of dollars to switch brands, well why? Because Canon gear is just that much better than Nikon!
      I’m so disappointed by this, I would have never thought these guys who I’ve followed and trusted so long would mislead us. It’s fine to switch brands if you really have the desire but for all three to suddenly get the desire and claim Canon Corp had nothing to do with their switching, Come on Man.
      OK, Matt and RC have not claimed that YET, that I’m aware of, just reading between the lines but they are (Matt & RC) shooting Canon just out of the blue. I expect Matt to post on his blog soon how he’s jump to Canon because the images he’s getting are so sweet and the D800 is just plain overkill in megapixels. I guess RC will spin it a different way. I’m wondering if both will also claim Canon Corp had nothing to do with their decision and they are not getting any compensation what so ever.

      We’ll just have to wait and see if I’m right. If I am, it’s really sad.

      1. Guess what , you are right…..go read Matt’s blog today. One person switches I buy it, all of the switch at the same time – there is more to the story……

      2. If you have nothing better than to comment that someone needs to get a life than maybe it is better to not comment at all…..

      3. chica, just because someone has a different opinion than yours doesn’t mean it shouldn’t matter. It matters to me because I trust what Scott, Matt and the others at Kelbyone say. If I didn’t trust them, I wouldn’t be here.
        Now it seems they are being untruthful for the sake of being loyal to their sponsor. But instead of saying something like “we are happy to announce we have a new sponsor Canon and are excited to shoot the new line of Canon camera’s”
        Oh no, can’t say that, instead they have came out and hem hawed around saying all kinds of “fluff” to try and make it sound like Canon is just sooo much better and that is why they’re switching!

        I’m not upset at the fact either of them are shooting Canon. I’m upset and feel betrayed that they are not being truthful as to the reason why!

      4. RC – I’m not speaking for you. I clearly stated that I was reading between the lines and I was right so far as Matt is concerned. He posted on his blog today that he is shooting and loving Canon now, surprise surprise. Whether you start shooting Canon and wooing about ’em I don’t know but if you do I’m sure it will be because Canon is just plain better than the Nikon camera’s you’ve been shooting and not because Canon is a new sponsor forking over the gear.
        Look… I have been following you, Scott and Matt for years and years. I remember watching the first show of DTown. So while I don’t know you personally, I feel I do know you professionally. I’ve always consider each of you up front with us your followers/audience.
        It’s ok to change camera brands if it is “your” idea to do so and to state the reasons why you did change if you like.
        But now with Canon as your new sponsor and Scott and Matt admitting to going over to Canon at the “same time” and then wooing over the reasons why, is it any wonder that myself and others think that the sole reason for this is to “please” a new sponsor and not their TRUE opinions?

        I’ll admit, I would not like to be in you guys shoes. On one hand you have an obligation to please your sponsor and on the other your reputation as a truthful person to your followers/audience is at stake.

  32. Scott, Do you have some examples of where Canon’s skin tones are much better than Nikon? I struggle with Nikon skin tones but using Capture NX helps a lot. Are you post processing the Canon images with Photoshop or using DPP at any point?

  33. I switched from Canon to Nikon in 2007 and the one thing I miss is that wheel on the back of the Canon. I used it to change my focus point. I sure wish Nikon would give the wheel a whirl.

  34. Scott, I watched the video and am wondering if my impression is correct: you feel that the Nikon cameras are inferior to the Canons that you used? For sports as well as general photography? Inferior in handling, autofocus, color rendering and high Iso? Not simply a matter of how you use the camera?

    1. Scott makes stupid claims all the time.
      Its part of his marketing – not about his knowledge.

      Don’t be bothered if people tell Canon is like Apple, then you have no clue what you are talking about. Comparing Apple with Pears not knowing both a good fruit.

    2. Somehow, I wonder if it was Scott talking on the video, or “Canon sponsored Scott” talking on the video. There must have been a more graceful way for Scott to explain his move (sponsorship by Canon) without trashing everything about Nikon in the process (viewed by Nikon users as a dishonest put down of Nikon intended by Scott to please his Canon sponsors).

  35. Religion & Politics have *nothing* on techy fanboy internet comments. Go ahead and make fun of RED cameras and see what happens, for example.
    Shoot what you want, never mind the trolls.

  36. I shoot sports with a d3s and continuously have issues with it. I have been questioning switching to canon 1dx and I just might but it’s everyone’s own preference. There is a camera for everyone.

  37. Tough couple of weeks, first no more “NAPP” now no more “Nikon” But really the whole team switches to Canon? come on, we all know what that is about.

  38. I shoot with a Nikon and Canon for work. At home, I shoot with Canon and still have my old AE-1 from photo school. They are both excellent camera companies, and I’m sick of this “Nikon is better than Canon” and vice versa B.S. I get that crap at work, too. Use the camera you want, just get the damn shot.

    1. Nikon = better high ISO performance, dynamic range, color depth, better AF. Canon is simply lacking behind, but of course it is possible to take great images with a Canon, that depends entirely of the photographer, but if you want the best technical output Nikon is just better.

      1. Wow that statement is simply wrong. Sure it not simple to compare because Canon and Nikon line-up aren’t similar, but in general Canon dslr have better high ISO performance, better AF and more buffer. Take a look on the 70d vs the 7100 for example. On the other hand Nikon have better dynamic range, color depth and resolution. It’s true that the brand new d750 match the 5dmark3 high ISO performance and also outperform him for the rest of the image quality. But it’s AF still isn’t as good as the 5dmark3 one (mainly because of the lack of dual-cross type AF point).

      2. Really? Canon better ISO performance? I can tell you have not hold and shot with a D4s or a D700.

        They are both great cameras, but let’s be real. Just look at DxO lab sensor ranking and see who is consistently in the top 10 and top 5.

  39. if he shifted because canon has better ergonomics or better skin tones, like ke says, so be it. he has the credentials to make the claim. i do not. so i will not question his decision.

    if he shifted because canon gave him an offer he could not refuse, then so be it. if i got offered a job that i think is better, i would take it too.

    did the sun not rise this morning? no. did the air turn to sulfur? no. did the water turn to blood? no. did it rain fire? no.

    accept his decision folks, there is nothing that will affect YOUR photography skills here.

  40. Thanks for sharing the video Scott, an interesting insight. Not that it should matter what you shoot with, nor should you have to justify why you use a particular piece of equipment, but I totally understand why you have posted this today. As a fan of your work for many years, I only want to say what does it matter if you use a box with a pin hole in it and piece of photo paper at the back, if you produce quality images that you like and others also happen to appreciate it then what more could you want. I hope that you continue to take many more photos and share them as openly as you have done for many more years to come as I for one learn so much about this art which we both share a passion for from your candor.

  41. Scott, it’s great that you “cleared the air” on his topic, but to me it really doesn’t matter what you shoot, or how you got the cameras, blah, blah, blah…. You made a conscious decision to try to improve your photography and the tools you use, specifically with your sports shooting. A great decision for you and one that no one should really question. Will you still tell us the way to access a menu or feature on a Nikon body? Of course you will, just as you let us know how to do a Photoshop step on a Mac and a PC! You’re a teacher, first and foremost. Have fun with the new gear!


  42. Here is my analysis:
    If Scott states a sponsoring product is good the product may be good or may not.
    If Scott states a non-sponsored product is good it probably is.
    If Scott states a non-sponsored product is good and then it soon becomes a sponsored product it is time to totally disregard Scott’s opinion.

    At this time I will continue go to Photoshop World and belong to NAPP because they are a good value. However, some credibility has been lost.

    1. Steve: So is a Ferrari no longer a world class sports car because a race driver is sponsored by Ferrari? How does it diminish the quality of the product if they sponsor a driver? Especially if the driver’s upfront about it. You didn’t “discover” I was sponsored by Canon — I told you I was. I wasn’t pushing Canon gear and then you somehow uncovered that I was sponsored by Canon. Geesh.

    2. This is a load of garbage. The Kelby brand has a very good worldwide reputation. I am sure they are not about to ruin that reputation by using/recommending a product just because they are sponsored by them. I would be willing to bet that Scott and a lot of people Scott works with are flooded with “freebies” or offers of sponsorship but they are
      selective about who they take on as a sponsor to protect their reputation.

      You might have a valid point if the products they are representing are garbage. That is not the case; Canon makes an excellent camera just as Nikon does. In my opinion, If Scott states a product is good; I am going to assume it is. I can make that assumption because he hasn’t steered me wrong yet. He has earned that reputation. If they start recommending questionable products because they have been sponsored than you might have a point.

  43. Scott, plain and simple, you’ve made a decision that you felt was right for you. Am I going to banish or praise you because of this decision? Nope, I’ll continue to enjoy what you write, what you say, and make my own choices on the equipment I intend to use. Now, if you happen to have an extra D4 body gathering dust….😉

  44. Scott,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Canon and your change in shooting equipment. Your description of how the camera felt in your hands and how it performed reminded me of my choice of my first 35mm film SLR. After weighing all the options (Nikon, Olympus, Canon, and Minolta) that the local photo shop offered, I chose what was the best for my needs and budget what people I knew were using and the help I could get in learning to shoot. I never looked back. I still have that body and an assortment of lenses. When I went to a DSLR, I repeated the exercise with fewer choices of manufacturers and I’m happy with my choice.

    I also remember a prize winning photo from 30+ years ago that influenced my choices then and now. A prestigious award went to a photo taken by an entry level SLR with the 50 mm kit lens. (The photographer behind the camera was GOOD, really GOOD.) The details have faded but the take away lesson has not: It’s not the equipment, it’s the person operating the equipment. The equipment just makes the process easier. From all you have said, the Canon has done that with your sports shooting and your portraits.

    1. High Five, David. That’s what it’s all about it —- finding something we’re comfortable with — that’s the bottom line. I’ve shot Nikon, Sony, Canon and others, and they all make great cameras. As you said, the equipment just makes the process easier, and for me, shooting sports and portraits, it did. :)

  45. Some years ago I switched from nikon to canon for the very same reason – the big wheel at the back, though I was switching from crop to full at that time when the 5d2 was released. But canon is now putting the best wheel on only the 5 and 1 series … Others are mushy.

  46. Rick Sammon is an excellent photographer and I was reading his books before I had heard of Scott. I knew that Rick was a Cannon shooter but it has never been a issue for me (I’m a Nikon guy in DSLRs and a Cannon S110 in the pocket size) because he is such a good teacher. I have learned many things from Scott and his team over the years and I have to admit that it was nice thinking that he also used the same brand of camera as me (although I’ve never had a flagship model) but I doubt that his teaching is going to become questionable just because he uses Cannon now. While I prefer Windows over a Mac (I’d rather spend the money I save on better camera gear) Scott has successfully been able to teach me a ton of Photoshop (I just wish the windows shortcuts were listed first in the books) so this Cannon conversion will hopefully be no different.

  47. Kudos to Canon Marketing. He thought they just were “nice guys” asking him to include their stuff in his training. Then one day “just out of nowhere” they ask him if he’d like to use one to shoot a game.
    He got worked and sold by Canon. They set him up, and reeled him in.
    If he likes it….good for him. But NOTHING about this was casual or off the cuff. They had a plan.

      1. If Scott can’t figure out how to get good skin tones out of Nikon that shows he is not very knowledgeable.

      2. and you took it upon yourself to right a wrong … you’re like a superhero … nikon should start sending you all their gear for reviewing … sigh …

        why must there be so much hate and prejudice just for a bloody decision

        Hey Scott i’m sorry on behalf of all of us for giving you so much negativity for your decision … i’m sure you must have known this would happen and still went ahead because if was either economical or personal… its so weird to think that people feel they own the rights to your decisions …

      3. I have tried to unsubscribe from this idiotic thread and idiotic people but it is just not happening.
        People switch brands all the time. I just switched from Canon after more than 10 years using this brand because Canon is sitting on its laurels and Nikon just upped the game. But I don’t go publicly and advertise it or make a big deal out of it. But Scott decided to go public and he got his response. I am not the only one bashing him. Just read the rest of the responses. And get off my case!!!!!!

  48. Not sure about the 1DX, but on my 5D3 (and 7D) I can just rotate the rear dial for exposure compensation. The camera has to have metered first though. So I just half press the shutter and can then rotate the rear dial without needing to push anything else.

  49. Happiness is a warm “Canon”
    Happiness is a warm “Canon”, yes it is

    When I hold you in my arms (oh yes)
    When I feel my finger on your shutter (oh yes)

    I know nobody can do me no harm


    (as sung to the Beatles tune of similar lyrics)

    Gear is empowering, no matter what brand.
    Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony, Leica, Fuji, etc… users, substitute your brand.


  50. I am from Romania, where Nikon sponsored a major press agency with tons of cameras and lenses. FOR FREE. My question is why some of the photographers bought personal Canon cameras to use for personal project instead of using brand new lenses and cameras from work…?

  51. Shoot both Canon 5D & the D800… Both amazing cameras and they both have strengths and weaknesses. Recently sold one of my 5D’s and upgraded to the C100 for video, couldn’t be happier. On the other hand, for photos, love the handling/resolution of the D800 and the skin tones of the 5D MKIII!

  52. Scott – if you find a good (and affordable) travel lens (say 28-300mm) for the Canon, please let me know. Canon’s own is very heavy (and expensive) and the Tamron has many limitations. Thanks very much. Julian

    1. Tamron makes an inexpensive 28-300mm for Canon (it’s around $695 I believe). Very lightweight. I took it to Rome with it, and it did a pretty decent job. Not killer. But pretty decent (especially for the weight and price). :)

  53. You guys banging Scott for “selling out” crack me up. First, I’m willing to wager that everyone pulling the “sell-out” card would fill their pants if Canon offered to sponsor them. But Scott does it and there’s a treason charge. Second, I’m willing to wager that everyone beating him up are the same folks who carry the mantra of “just get shooting”. Scott gets shooting and people suddenly care what he’s doing it with. Good lord.
    I never heard him a single time denegrate Nikon. I DID hear him say the “D4 is a fine camera”. Did people form a lynch mob when the guy started using Photomechanic?!?!
    Hats off to Canon for building a nice tool-and to Scott for sharing it. Scott, you may have a gazillion followers and and a huge operation, but I don’t envy you-not if I had to take this kind of heat every day, lol. Of course, i’ll probably get put in the “suck-up” category. Whatever.

  54. Hey Scott,

    I have no problem with switching…I shoot Nikon and my fiance shoots Canon. We freely switch when the mood strikes…and our images are none the worse for wear!

    Frank V.

  55. Scott good luck with your new equipment. Things change – software, memory cards, bags, flash, cameras and yes – business plans change with them. Reinventing yourself occasionally is necessary and exciting – Nikon to Canon, Canon to Nikon, Nikon to Sony – doesn’t matter – they are reinventing their products also! Nikon will have a day in the sun soon!

    1. Thanks Jeff. Nikon’s a great company and they make great cameras. Always have, and the competition between Nikon and Canon keeps both of them making better products, and in the end we all benefit. Cheers. :)

      1. So cool! I can’t wait, have all your books! Hope it’ll have something on subtractive lighting and the use of flags/gobos because I love that “garage” lighting where vertical and side light is blocked.

  56. What’s the point of all the bashing? Sellout, seriously how is anyone betrayed??? People are sponsored by companies all the time. The importnant thing is to understand the relationship so that you can be the judge on the integrity of the recommendation. Many times, people don’t even expose their relationship. Scott didn’t have to, but he choose to and explained why.

    Having said that, I have watched DTown (now Photography Tips & Tricks) since the first episode. Even as a Nikon owner, I felt the show had a small Nikon bias. I don’t actually know if it was sponsored by Nikon, but it was clearly influenced by Nikon (or at least I felt it was). I don’t see folks on here pointing that out.

    Oh, and I’ve owned Nikon DSLRs since the Nikon Coolpix 990. Had the D70, D80, and just bought the D7100. I really liked some of Canon’s new cameras and had it not been for the other equipment I own, probably would have switched myself. No swivel or touchscreen on the D7100, no aperature control in video – get with it Nikon.

  57. Nikon or Canon. It is just a camera. It is the skill of the person using the tool that matters. I once saw an incredible photo taken with a pinhole camera made from a shoe box. Scott has not sold out. Seems to me many photographers get too emotional over something that is not important.

  58. This is a sad conversation. Honestly, the internet reverts to being a school yard. In my opinion, Scott and his team are kind, genuinely good people. They give back – they work hard – they have fun but, it is the profession they chose – thankfully they are successful because we all benefit – willingly. Very rarely is anything about a camera brand. It is about F-Stops, Shutter Speed and ISO. Also gear, ALL kinds of gear from many companies. Come on folks – this isn’t a personal attack it’s nothing at all personal. Scott and team are good, solid people that love to teach and they may or may not make a great living – I for one celebrate their success. Running a business takes incredible risk and a lot if guts especially a business where you put your name on the building. Give Scott some credit – he is a friend to all – he wants you to be a great photographer regardless of the brand name.

  59. This Nikon VS Canon thing is getting so old what matters is who is behind the camera. Any real pro should be able to do his job with a Nikon or a Canon. There have been many great Photo captured with both cameras. Either way Scott probably did not pay for any cameras. And it would not matter I am sure he has enough Changed to buy his own cameras. Whats is next is the Fuji RF vs canon-Nikon.

  60. Holy cow! These posts are funny!

    Scott, I think a majority of us don’t care what kind of
    camera you use,..I don’t. But you have a
    great site!, great educational programs and products that I have learned an awful
    lot from, and you take brilliant pictures!
    Thanks for what you do!

    I always like the saying:
    After a great meal, one of the guests asked the talented chief, “that
    was a fantastic meal, that must be a special stove you cook on!”

  61. Scott…..I really could care less about what equipment you shoot and think that your choice to post this topic on your blog was was a poor one……you made a business decision and I get it as I am in business too…..I have been watching you since the Photoshop tv podcast…… and I really hope the future brings more content about how to take great photos and less about what gear to use……

    1. Nobody puts it quite like my friend Bill Fortney! Good beige post, Bill.
      Everyone has an opinion on everything. How about we concentrate on being better photographers. That is the idea, right???

  62. Some of these comments are amusing, others just narrow minded.

    Everyone bashing Scott over his choice is being very selfish and childish. My guess is they are Nikon owners who now feel their gear is inferior and need some hand holding and validation. I’m a Nikon guy, I love how they feel and work – but really if you want to be genuine – Canon gear quietly got better and better after a period of what felt like Nikon dominance. Well, I was underwhelmed with the D4 and D800 offerings – I passed on both, sold a D3 and kept my D700 hoping for a much improved D… something. Still waiting for Nikon while Canon has the goods now and what feels like a current shift to Canon dominance. This will (should) shove Nikon to step it up and pay attention to their customers. Good for consumers all around!

    Pondering… The D4? 16mp (a few shy) XQD? Seriously – wtf? 10, maybe 11fps absolute max on Ch, eh? (although not an issue for me) This is their “flagship.” Then speed lights? Why IR line of sight? Radio tech is freekin everywhere but they’re still using tv remote control tech. Nikon Glass… Ok, Nikon Glass Rocks! But the bodies Nikon is dumping on the market? It reminds me of a few years back when it seemed like Canon was just dumping Rebels all over the place – Now it’s Nikon with cheap feeling D every things. Canon accessories by far out number whatever you can find for Nikon. Just look for special triggers alone – there are Canon shutter releases for everything you can imagine.

    Anyway, I’ve acquired 5 speed lights, and $12k in Nikon glass in my 6 years of hobbyist pro-wannabe shooting, so I’m not going to switch to anything else. I shoot happily with my gear despite some areas of frustration with older tech vs. new offerings. Nikon gear has always yielded beautiful results when I do it properly. I’m sure Canon would do the same.

    Ok, I’m off topic, but ultimately 1dx, D4 – who is going to know which one was used when you print a 13×19″ print? Skin tones, well I’m clearly not good enough to see differences in either. What camera Scott uses doesn’t matter to me (yes, I was curious why the switch and just figured he liked the best gear that’s available to him now) – he’s found a camera that works better for him, so he switched. That’s called intelligence. If Canon stepped up to sponsor NAPP/KT events, good for Canon, good for NAPP and another Nikon blemish for not being in touch with their customer base or seizing opportunity. (Please Nikon, we don’t need anymore coolpix models, I have an iPhone. Please do work on FX bodies that can be what the D3 was years ago to the market today… Df? Again, wtf?).

    Scott shouldn’t have to explain a thing, but chose to give the how’s and why’s – and here he has to pay for it. Scott has always gone above and beyond with generous material, kindness and humility. He grew NAPP / KelbyOne (what’s wrong with that? Companies grow, change, evolve all the time – adapt or die – it’s competitive out there!) into what feels like a bunch of friends rather than a cold, distant company. His credibility is just fine! The gear he uses isn’t going to change how the techniques are taught (photography to photoshop).

    For those that believe it’s a money thing… I’d dump all my Nikon gear right now if Canon offered me their high end offerings and shoot sponsorship! It would be mighty foolish not to… and really poor business sense / management!

    Now, I say we ALL gang up on Frank Doorhof!!! He shoots Medium format and… Sony. Sony!!! Sony DSLRs and uses a hand held light meter… Also has some odd, albeit friendly (must be a ploy) accent. So what if his images are outrageously beautiful, he’s a nice guy and shares tons of life lessons and shooting wisdom – time to get out of here and flood Franks’ blog!

    …Sony! Probably needs to plug it into a Play Station for raw processing!


  63. Since when was camera brands a religion? Does it say anywhere that someone must use one brand and one brand only? Imagine if Joe McNally switched. What if Gregory Heisler suddenly took up Canon? They’re suddenly “evil?”

    Now, imagine Scott switched to Sony. I’m sure the Nikonians wouldn’t have a problem with that. So it’s more about being hating Canon than any actual issues with Scott’s choice. And if people can still hate him for choosing Sony/Olympus/Sigma/whatever, then clearly it’s their own insecurity driving this hate.

  64. I am not a big fan of posting to the Nikon vs. Cannon debate. While I shot Nikon for years
    and since I am not sponsored I do not have any plans to switch. For what I shoot Nikon works just fine and I like their lenses.

    I see a lot of people annoyed at Scott for switching. What I am annoyed at, is Nikon for not making a product or marketing a product that competes with Canon. While
    there are good and bad to both. Shouldn’t we put pressure on Nikon to continue to improve their products and marketing so when people try Canon they are like, no thanks I rather keep
    shooting with my Nikon?

  65. Meh…. you shoot what ya shoot with. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. It was down to how it felt in my hands, I was used to Nikon, I stayed with them. Why you switched is or should be of no concern as long as you are happy with your results, and to be quite honest at this point in our digital journey it is all in the the photographer and post processing any way. Unless it is a very specific circumstance it isn’t the gear. Props for Canon for the sponsorship and props for you for landing them. ‘Nuff said, back to shooting! :-D

  66. Well… I guess the negativity was to be expected!

    Scott, Matt and RC. I for one don’t care one little bit what gear you shoot with. What I do care about is the 3 of you delivering the tips and training that made me sign up for Kelby Training and NAPP and to this day I haven’t been disappointed.

    The classes, blog posts and online shows have been the biggest influence on my photography and also gave me the means to make the biggest improvements.

    You guys can shoot with an iPad for all I care (and the really big one too! Not the new smaller version) and I’ll still watch and listen to your advice. Because at the end of the day, it makes me better.

    And for the record I cant recall any of those guys EVER suggesting someone buy a particular brand over another.

  67. Dear Scott,
    you are still the man!

    If I was shooting sports, I would choose a canon 1dx over a nikon d4. More fps, better focus.
    If I was shooting weddings, I would choose a 5D Mark III over a d800. Better iso.
    If I was shooting landscape, I would go with a d800 for detail and dynamic range.
    If I was buying my first dslr with a crop sensor…it really doesn’t matter. Learn to shoot!
    If I was shooting a dslr in studio at iso 100, I would still choose d800 for dynamic range and resolution. Plus you can sync at 250th of a sec unlike any canon I have used.
    So I was wondering: Skin-Tones? Is that really relevant? Doesn’t more dynamic range mean better skin tones since the color can be manipulated any way you want in post?
    Maybe you could give a more detailed explanation about skin tones?

  68. Scott, as the guru of all things Photoshop and Lightroom, you should probably use both brands of camera. Mix it up a little. Did you not realize that Canon and Nikons users area as polarized as Democrats and Republicans. Johnny Carson was asked by an interviewer once why he never professed a political party. “Why would I want to alienate half of my audience,” was his prudent reply.

  69. Scott can shoot whatever he wants, for whatever reasons he wants. Last time I checked, you’re free to experiment as a photographer with whatever gear or approaches might appeal to you, or be appropriate to your workflow, or be significant for the economics of staying alive in this crazy business. Bottom line, Scott has worked incredibly hard at his business, his photography and his life, so let it rip, Scott! I look forward to many more images and posts, be they shot with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Leica etc. All the best…..

  70. If you feel the urge to explain why you have switched brands that either means you have been sponsored by the ‘new’ brand, or you feel buyers regret. Or just both. :)

  71. Scott, i think your video explanation is very well stated. Quite frankly, who cares what tools are used to create an image. Last i looked you (KelbyONe) never asked me to check boxes as to what “team” i am on. If memory serves me right I searched you out.. I play on your field. I have not nothing but benefited from Scott. Deep down i think all that really matters in not HOW the image was captured but that it was captured at all! What we do with the captured image is what is important. What tool we use to manipulate in image does not matter…displaying and sharing the image matters. When I use the tools and resources that Scott and KelbyOne have taught me to bring an emotional response to an image all i can say is thank you! Never, through tears, smiles, laughter, anger or any other response to my images have stirred in a friend, family member client has there been the question: Canon,Nikon or Sony? Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture or Capture NX? Scott, Thanks for teaching me! (FYI: Nikon, Lightroom, Photoshop, Epson)

  72. How does this impact how images are processed in Lightroom & Photoshop? I don’t care if these guys use Instamatic 110’s. Help me refine my post processing skills.

  73. Howdy Scott from the British side of the Pond. I’m a Canon shooter who started on Nikon, my best friend is a Nikon shooter who started with Canon. Neither of us get religious about our kit. But both had an experience just like yours. We had both shot the other system several times and were perfectly happy with our own kit. Then one day we shot with the other system and something clicked, it just felt right. Going back to the old camera just never felt the same. So waited until it was upgrade time and bought myself a Canon while my mate did the same and bought a Nikon. That was years ago and our only regret is that it didn’t happen at the same time, we could have just swapped gear and savd a fortune.

    Changing your system is a big step especially for someone who has invested as much time as you in one system. But learning the new one is like starting a new journey. I know you have shot Canon before but having it as your primary system is a whole different story. I enjoyed my journey into a new system, hopefully you call shovel all the crap over your shoulder and enjoy yours. I know my best friend and I still are. Taking better pictures too.

  74. I am torn. I have been watching your videos, reading your blogs and books, and going to your seminars. You are a gifted photographer and I admire you for all you have done to help others become a better photographers. You have accomplished so much and your business is a sucess. I have shot Nikon my whole life, I know no better. I wish Canon would come to me and say, I want you Todd to try this camera. I would love to be able to compare the two cameras, but I don’t have the means to do that. I just got done reading Matts blog and it is a little unsettling. I am not sure why I feel this way, I just do. I feel a little like you betrayed me and I know that is absolutely ridiculous. I will still watch, read and attend your workshops. Maybe I am a little jealous because I do not have connections and can’t compare the two. I have the Nikon 700, but I will often wonder what the canon counterpart would be like to shoot with. You can’t blame people for thinking about the sponsorship as a reason for your switch. It is a shame that people question your motives, but that is just America. We see it with our politicians and businesses. It is just a way of life. I am not even sure of the purpose for writing this and chances are you will not even read this.

  75. I am torn. I have been watching your videos, reading your blogs and books, and going to your seminars. You are a gifted photographer and I admire you for all you have done to help others become a better photographers. You have accomplished so much and your business is a sucess. I have shot Nikon my whole life, I know no better. I wish Canon would come to me and say, I want you Todd to try this camera. I would love to be able to compare the two cameras, but I don’t have the means to do that. I just got done reading Matts blog and it is a little unsettling. I am not sure why I feel this way, I just do. I feel a little like you betrayed me and I know that is absolutely ridiculous. I will still watch, read and attend your workshops. Maybe I am a little jealous because I do not have connections and can’t compare the two. I have the Nikon 700, but I will often wonder what the canon counterpart would be like to shoot with. You can’t blame people for thinking about the sponsorship as a reason for your switch. It is a shame that people question your motives, but that is just America. We see it with our politicians and businesses. It is just a way of life. I am not even sure of the purpose for writing this and chances are you will not even read this.

  76. I actually showed this video to a friend of mine because you summed it up perfectly!
    Thanks Scott!

  77. God at least I don’t have to listen to him try and be clever and funny anymore. That was getting a bit old. Good luck with Canon….their sales folks reeled you right in. They all deserve a bonus because they made it seem like they were not even trying. You were “in the boat before you knew you were even hooked”.

  78. Nikon, Canon, it doesn’t really matter to me. I think they are both great, and the competition between them only benefits me more. What I think was a little weird, in my opinion, was your decision to shout from the roof-tops about the switch you made. While I am happy that you have earned such a solid reputation, such that Canon has offered you an endorsement deal, I can’t agree with you opting to publicizing this to the degree you did. I can’t ever recall other public figures that have done this when they changed their endorsements from one brand to another. Now, if you did this because Canon required it to seal the deal, then I’m afraid you may have made a deal with the Devil.

  79. Hi Scott. I am a Canon user. I have been reading your blog for a number of years now, even while you were using Nikon. During that time I never felt you were trying to get me to change to Nikon. I enjoyed the ‘gear’ chat but mostly how it was being used and that is a challenge to replicate. Now you have changed to Canon. As I see it you’ve had to answer the questions why the change was made rather than just planning to plug a new company. Just as I never felt you were trying to sell me Nikon, so now why should others feel that you are trying to sell them Canon? On your videos I have seen you with both brands on screen? Have Fuji not been in contact yet? Being as consistent and as open as we can is always the best way of doing things. Give your reasons, let others deliberate and decide what they think it is worth. My best to you and your family.

  80. Methinks Scott protests too much and missing how a Nikon shooter changes exposure, reeks of lack of professionalism or sponsorship. Great camera 1DX, so too is the D4
    Come clean

  81. Guys and Girls its a Digital SLR Camera what does it matter what he or anyone is using to take a photo use whatever you want!

    I bet you will never see him say anything bad on what your are using.

    Please show him Respect I know that he would show you it.

    I don’t know him at all but from what I see on the site and show he does but he will always have my Respect.

    Mr. Kelby Rock thanks for his post.

  82. well I have to say that I started with Nikon cause when I bought my very first photography book ” The Digital Photography book” I didn’t have a camera at that time…so my decision getting a NIkon was because you were shooting with Nikon….Nothing wrong that you made the jump to Canon, in my case switching to a different brand is like impossible and don’t have the $$$ to make that move,,,,and the only reason if make the switch to Canon would be just for the Dial button in the back GOD you are right it work great…just have to wait for Nikon doing same…hahahaha !!!

  83. Very disappointing… The whole Kelby Team switches to Canon… You could at least be honest with your readers and tell you’re sponsored by them now. Don’t trust any more hardware or software “tips” from you guys.

  84. Scott I hope you read this, and maybe answer it.
    You see Scott, I don’t think most people care if you shoot Cannon or Nikon.
    Those of us that shoot Nikon I guess, you were our guy, we could trust what you thought about a particular camera if good or bad, unbiassed, are you picking-up what I;m laying down. Now who do we have? You were The Photoshop Guy and a camera guy second. You my friend you have evolved, Yes, I have been around for a while and have seen the evolution. I guess someone here said that NAPP is going away? I haven’t checked that one out yet. I think that would be part of the evolution as well (too bad because I still have a year of membership left).You have fast become a World Class Photographer. I know you and your wife started out graphics people from Florida, you have worked your ass off and built quite an industry for yourself, made your fortune and simply are ready to move on to the next page, I’m surprised many of the changes that are in the works haven’t happened sooner. You have always given us all a great bang for the buck, and in your future dealings with us hope you always will. SO, if NAPP is going away and you wee to chuck it all and just go out and shoot great photography, good luck Sir. What ever happens in the future, I know if it weren’t for you I would have never have learned Photoshop and my Nikon would be a boat anchor. Thanks Scott Kelby, and I’m sure that there are many others that should be thanking you.
    What I;m reading here are a lot of dejected Nikon users, you see, their feelings are hurt, you were our Nikon Guy.


  85. credo che questa sia stata una scelta molto meditata. Anche secondo me il menù Nikon risulta eccessivamente complesso e poco pratico. Comunque complimenti per la scelta coraggiosa, non è facile decidere di cambiare radicalmente attrezzatura dopo anni di lavoro.

  86. Hey Scott,
    I you’re gonna dip your toe in the water in another pool (or dive in the deep end), why not try some mirrorless cameras? e.g. Olympus EM-1 or the very soon to be released Fuji X-T1 – or the recently released Sony A7(R).

    If you want customisable controls, probably the Oly is the way to go – they have a rep for massive customisation – but I’d be tempted to try the Fuji or the Sony (I have an Oly EM5).
    They may not – probably won’t – suit your sport shooting, but your travel and portrait shooting?
    Yeah probably – and you might find them even more likeable than a Canon – you might not too, but hey what have you got to lose?
    Certainly a few pounds in camera and lenses – they are really light. And quick AF? My D7000 feels sloooooow even with Nikkor lenses compared to my D7000 – though tracking wise the EM5 is not there.
    And they are a whole lot of fun with adapted lenses if you want to play around.
    Just a thought – and remember toys are FUN!!!
    And the way of the future – just ask Mr Ratcliffe ;-)
    BTW does this mean we’ll have more Syl Arena and less Joe McNally?

    Have a great weekend.

  87. Canon vs Nikon? Way to feed the fanboy’s of both sides and keep their silly comparisons going. Basically: 1) Both systems are great, and not really that much different. 2) Bodies change every so often – lenses last for a LONG time. I have MUCH more money invested in lenses. 3) If Canon wants to sponsor me and provide me with camera and lenses – sure, be happy to switch. 4) But since I pay for my equipment, and have a large stable invested, it would be rather stupid and cost-ineffective to change systems. I like your education, but this is really a rather silly and counter-productive video.

  88. This is Scott Kelby, for god’s sake! Don’t you think he can get boatloads of free equipment from any camera company on the planet? To assume his opinions are for sale to the highest bidder is just perverse. Leave me out of this discussion from here on…

  89. If the next version of the Nikon D4 ups the canon 1D will you switch back? Will you give the platform review a fair shake or even a second look. Will you be as vocal of future findings if they are negative to your sponsor ? If so then good for you. If not then you are a hopeless sale out.

  90. That is just too funny “on the Canon I can just turn the quick dial to review the images very, very fast…on Nikon you go:..click..pause..click..pause…click..” – no you don’t…. you just hold down the left or right command dial button to very quickly review images…you should know that Scott :-)

  91. Wow! I just like to learn about photography from you, regardless of what camera you shoot. I am a Canon girl though, and this webcast showed me a couple of new things to try with mine. Thanks! Looking forward to learning more from you and trying to make it to one of your tour dates if they come close :-)

  92. For shooting non sports FF.. you should Try a Sony A99 too.. Sony does a ton focus modes and control customization.. etc. And you get a nice tilt screen which I was surprised that the 5D MKIII … still didn’t have it .. I love the ergonomics of Sony.. vs other cameras I have tried. for me…

  93. two words – noise banding. I shoot a lot of very contrasty situations where I later lighten up the shadows and 5dmk3 REALLY disappointed me in this regard – the most terrible red noise banding comes up in the shadows. I can bring up the shadows and overall exposure more than 3 stops on the d600 and nothing similar happens.
    Please note that I was a Canon shooter and was contemplating buying a 5DmkIII as my main camera. This is the only reason that made me switch to Nikon. Other than that, if you need a very fast, dependable and lo-noise-at-high-iso camera, the 5dmk3 is amazing. But my Nikon makes it possible to use the images where my flash didn’t fire although it was supposed to.
    here’s an example of what I’m talking about
    P.s. I don’t know if canon update any of this with newer firmwares

    1. With the greatest of respect I think you’re an edge case. 3.5 stops is a huge amount to be bringing shadows up by. Have you tried exposing for your shadows and bringing the highlights down instead?

  94. I’m a little surprised at the overwhelmingly one-sided response to this video. It makes me think that perhaps Scott’s long unofficial association with Nikon has led Nikon users to be more drawn to his books and training. If that’s true then I think it’s a shame as I have learned a huge amount through Scott’s work and I have never found it in any way difficult to use his resources as a Canon shooter.

    There are three things that stand out to me about the reaction here:

    Firstly, the snide, arrogant, self-absorbed, opinionated remarks of some Nikon users who somehow feel like Scott believing the 1DX and 5D3 are wonderful cameras is a slight on them personally. As if this man has to explain his actions to some committee of followers and has committed a great sin. What on earth gives us the right to judge his choice of gear on some moral level? It’s a camera. A…camera. For the love of photography can we stop this incredibly boring, tired Canon-Nikon ranting war before a 1DX and a D4 run away together and end up committing suicide and we all feel just awful about it.

    Secondly, the cynicism of the readership. I’m going to throw a crazy notion out there: maybe, just maybe, Scott is telling the truth and his switch to Canon is motivated out of his belief that their gear is superior for him. Note, he doesn’t say in this video that Canon is superior as a brand or that their current cameras best Nikon’s. He points out a handful of things that he personally loved about shooting Canon that made him decide this was the way forward for him. They were valid points. They might not matter to you, but he says they did to him. Why must we immediately assume some sort of sell-out bias? I shoot Canon, but I’ve long believed that was just a choice I made and that Nikon made equally great gear. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a knowledgeable photographer might prefer one or the other.

    Finally, the suggestion that Canon ‘bought’ Scott, and did so in some underhand way that Scott didn’t see was happening. Here’s the cunning, machiavellian plot they drew up: they gave him a Canon camera. Basterds. They knew he’d love it and they did it anyway. It’s a disgrace! If Nikon want Scott back they know what they need to do: make a camera that has an impact the way the 1DX and 5D3 did. If they do that, we all benefit.

    I have to say I find it quite sad that many of the commenters here are so certain that their Nikon gear is superior to that of Canon that it is not credible in their minds that anyone might choose to switch. I don’t like Nikon gear. I respect it, but I don’t enjoy using it. It happens. We all have our preferences. Trust me, your Nikon is not the only sensible choice for a discerning photographer.

    Thank you for explaining why you switched, Scott. I had been wondering and I found it interesting to hear your reasons. I have long loved some of the things you mention too.

  95. It must be an internet related psychiatrical condition what you see in the comment. Hey guys, not everybody sells his soul and many people just genuinely share their thoughts and feelings. And if you have a pleasure in attacking others and blame them why don’t you pick up on somebody who cares, is looking into your eyes, weighs 500 pounds and has a baseball bat in the hands?

    But that was just an emotion and not the point. What I experience with the switch to Canon is totally different.

    Being a Nikon shooter for last 7 years, lately I got into some musician photography which means that I am shooting concerts in low light and a lot of action, some album covers require higher resolution etc. so I needed a full frame camera with a higher light sensitivity.

    I used one of my friends D3 which was great and I loved it but where I live you can not buy any of D3 and D3S.

    So I went to a camera shop and played for 3 hours with D800, D800E, D610 and D4. None of them I liked (I mean with D4 I didn’t like only the price :)). D800 is not impressive, slow and files are way too big. If I could afford a camera just for a studio work I would definitely get it but unfortunately I need an “all-around” one… D610 feels like my daughters toy camera… Anyway, after those 3 hours with the shop owner slowly loosing his patience I decided to have a look at 5DIII since everybody was raving about it. And stupidly enough I liked the feel of it and decided to give it a try… Bought a couple of not very expensive primes (like 50/1.8 and 85/1.8), one expensive prime (135/2) and Tamron 24-70/2.8.

    It has been a couple of months now since I am using it and here what I think about it which is an extremely unscientific review based on the feeling and experience with Nikon – I still have my D2x, D300 and D300S and still love them :))


    – feels good in hand, silent shutter mode is very nice and sexy (it is a default setting and worked as a sales gimmick on me :() and when it works it takes quite good pictures… that’s all good stuff… now the reality…

    – metering sucks – it is slow and very unpredictable – some shots under the same lighting and with the same setting are OK but some are way underexposed, when you adjust the exposure compensation you suddenly get overexposed pictures… and that is the case with all metering modes… I am missing a lot of shots because of shutter delay which is normally caused by slow metering and focusing problems… btw last shoot I took my d300s with me and although it was not enough light sensitivity to keep the shutter fast enough at acceptable ISO lever there was no metering or focusing problem at all…

    – auto white balance sucks – outdoors it is more or less ok, but indoors – forget it. Custom white balance works in half of the shots and that is in non-changing lighting conditions.

    – focusing is great in very challenging shots like somebody running towards you – spot on, but in very simple cases if you are lucky 2 frames out of 10 in a burst mode are sharp (comparing to 8 out of 10 in D3).

    – buffer in continuous shooting sucks – about 9-10 shots in RAW with 6 frames per second (it is speed claimed by Canon but it feels much slower than D300S’s 7 f/s)

    – acclaimed high ISO performance – 6400 is maximum which I can accept without loosing a lot on the quality side after noise reduction, actually it is enough for what I am doing but people are saying that you can shoot up to 6 digit ISO without a problem… that’s not my experience and I am not a pixel freak…

    – was shooting with the highly acclaimed 600EX-RT and again, comparing to SB900 and SB800 – if it is not a total rubbish, at least totally different TTL than Nikon, in order to get more or less right exposure I had to shoot at at least +2 on flash exposure compensation and only with the direct flash without bouncing or using white card… and I get noise at ISO 100!!! Never saw something like this before… but I never use Canon either…

    – a bunch of other weird stuff like location of on/off switch, no intervelometer (com’on Canon, how difficult is it to build one in?!), overall ergonomics, I still cannot get used to the button positions so can not change important settings on the fly like with Nikon which could be my personal thing…

    Consulted some Canon shooting pros, read a manual and a bunch of tutorials and articles on it but it didn’t work for me… brought it to Canon service center (which could be another story by itself) but they checked it and said that everything is perfect… Canon way… So now I am confused, everybody around me is raving about the camera and I hope that somebody explains why I suck and can not enjoy a camera which became almost a most valued one among both professionals and amateurs in a short time.

    At the end I just wanted to thank Scott for the great job in the field of photography and photoshop education – I learned a lot over the years from him and all the guys at NAPP…

  96. I use what brand I like and not what anyone thinks. Scott Kelby got the ergonomics wrong about Canon. Nikon cameras are easier to use by far. I used both Canon and Nikon cameras before. Some Nikon cameras have oil and/or focus problems lately.

  97. Nikon has getting lots of bad publicity lately and Scott isn’t sleeping. He doesn’t want anything to do with Nikon because it affects his other work. Canon was in the news before and he was using Nikon. Hahaha……

  98. I wonder if anyone claiming sellout as the only reason for the switch has ever shot a 1DX? I currently shoot a D3, and after shooting a 1DX myself I can completely understand the switch. That camera is a filthy animal, and there isn’t a better sports camera out there.

  99. My opinion, if anyone cares…Scott switched for two reasons, he tried a Canon and liked it and because he’s a smart business person he struck a sponsorship deal with Canon. I currently shoot Nikon gear. I have friends that shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Leica, etc. They all produce great photos. I recently picked up a Fuji, great camera and a lot of fun, it also takes beautiful pics. Get the camera that you like, not what someone else likes. If you’re not sure, rent a camera before you buy. I’ve seen great photos from iPhones that I would have never guessed we’re created with a mobile phone. Most cameras today are wonderful and unless you’re a pixel peeper, you can create outstanding photography with any camera.

    I’d like to see KelbyOne try and review lots of brands (Olympus, Leica, Fuji, Sony) and also use those in their training videos, not sure how that would work, but just a thought.

  100. Nikon, Canon, Kodak, iPhone, pinhole, who cares. Like everyone here, I’m a photographer and I have the same goal as the rest of the people here: to make the best photos I can with the best equipment I can afford. As long as the training will help me reach my goal, I don’t care what he shoots with. The training isn’t brand specific and he has endorsed both companies PLUS the aftermarkets. In case you’re wondering, I shoot with Nikon.

  101. After the introduction of the 7D Mark II, it just confirms that Mr. Kelby is a genius. As said by a Nikon user with a lot of Nikon mount “sports” glass but no cropped frame body to put it on.

  102. Haters gotta hate.

    Late to the party here, but Scott would never use a camera system if it couldn’t get the job done, period.

    If he is getting sponsored to use the Canon system which meets all his needs, great, there is absolutely nothing wrong with photographers making money.

    Congrats Scott, keep at it.

  103. Thanks Scott, I enjoyed you sharing your experience. For me the brand doesn’t matter, because you can shoot great photos with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji etc. I doubt whether buying products based on test scores will make you a better photographer. I wonder if this debate was as vigorous when the sensor was film?

  104. I’ve never heard of this Kelby dude before but dear god he’s annoying, This is a blatant, shameless , marketing bit. Only system worth leaving Nikon for at the Moment is Sony alpha mirrorless in my opinion, if didn’t have so much Nikon glass I would have likely done so already. Both Nikon, and canon aren’t keeping up with the times…I wouldn’t switch or recommend new hobbyists for either, aging dinosaurs, living off legacy and locked in platform investments.

  105. I agree Nikon gear ias good as Canon but their CS in Toronto, Canada must be among the worst among all Nikon offices. Their Google review is around 3. If you read the comments, you’ll be surprised . I didn’t believed it until it was my turn of living it on my own flesh…

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