Adobe released a bunch of new features yesterday for Creative Cloud subscribers, and I’m sharing some of the videos they created to showcase the new features here on the blog, like the one above which introduces Perspective Warp (really handy for people who are bad at shooting images for compositing. OK, sorry, I couldn’t’ resist).

Above: That’s an overview of the new Photoshop CC features

Above: This is one a lot of folks are psyched about â” linked Smart Objects.

Above: 3D printing from Photoshop. Sounds like something Corey Barker would do, right?

Above: This one’s from Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost, and she’s revealing some of the little tweaks, enhancements and little improvements added to Photoshop CC

There’s a list of these little enhancements over at Jeff Tranberry’s blog (here’s the link).

There’s some fun stuff to work on this weekend — hope it’s a great one, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. Cheers. :)


P.S. Besides these new features announced yesterday, Adobe released a number of new little tweaks and improvements to Camera Raw back in December of 2013, but the announcement slipped past a lot of folks. Stuff like “Auto Temperature” and “Auto Tint” for white balance, and kind of an “Auto Levels” for automatically setting the Whites and Blacks sliders, among other new little tweaks. The full list of Camera Raw tweaks from December are at this link. 

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  1. I don’t know about this Scott. I don’t think I need any further warping.

  2. Scott I hope you’ll answer this for me. I bought both PS CS6 and LR5 when they were released with my student discount which is a really good deal since I got ps extended for so etching like $250, maybe less. My question is at what point is it worth the jump to upgrade to CC? Side note my photography and photoshop skills are as a hobbiest right now.

  3. Hi Scott, Sorry to put this here, but I tried to contact you via PM, didn’t work.
    I bought your latest book ‘Photoshop for Lightroom Users’ and in the ‘7 things you ought to know…’ section it mentions a video, but there is no direction as to where to find said video??
    I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I don’t know what….if you see what I mean :-)
    Can you or someone here help this poor lost soul? Thank you and God Bless
    Glenn Piper (UK)

    • Hi Glenn: No worries — #1 begins with “You can download many of the key photos used here in the book (and the video I mention in #7 on the next page)…” and then we list the link in bold type. Hope that helps. :)

      • Yes it does, thank you so much. I blame the 15 painkillers I have to take every day.
        As a bye the bye, when I first visited the download page for the key photos there was no video at the bottom, very strange.
        Thank you again, great book by the way, but then they always are, go figure :-)
        God Bless
        Glenn (UK)

  4. I was really looking forward to trying the Perspective Warp feature but it won’t work for me. Based on my limited troubleshooting my Graphics Processor on my Mac Pro doesn’t have enough RAM.

    • Video Cards/GPUs with 256MB of VRAM support Perspective Warp for 8-bit documents. Video Cards/GPUs with 512MB or higher support Perspective Warp for 16 and 32-bit documents. The nVidia GeForce GT 120 video card doesn’t support Perspective Warp.

  5. I don’t understand why they added 3D printing into Photoshop.

    • Photoshop has had 3D integrated in it for years now. The Photoshop 3D team is trying to do the same thing that Postscript did for beautifying fonts (and other content) as part of the desktop publishing revolution – bringing the ability to have beautiful 3D prints to everyone.

  6. I think it’s so crazy Adobe still doesn’t provide automatic saturation & luminosity alpha channels in the channel palette (it could be an advanced feature to activate for those who need it).
    Also a way to correct photos in Lightroom with a saturation and luminosity selection would come very handy

  7. This is just soo very boring. Adobe continues to bloat Photoshop. I am glad I have Lightroom!

  8. Instant trees? What a neat feature! I wonder if Adobe will add other objects like this in the future…

  9. I’m still not convinced that I ‘desperately’ need to upgrade from CS6 to CC. The perspective ‘correction’ tool seems to do a good job of distorting the perspective and again, I’m not convinced by it. There is no substitute for getting it right in the camera.

  10. Hi, Scott —
    I’ve been an avid PS and LR user from way back and am a long standing member of NAPP. I would like for you to take on the cause of the little guys who are getting screwed by Adobe with their CC (Cash Cow) Subscription. I believe a subscription is fine for the big guys and anyone who wants it, but I’m one of the little guys who wants the perpetual license for PS and LR continued as an option. Us little guys need someone to take our torch and carry it to the mount to light a fire to get those licenses back for those of us who want them. It’s about choice and having control here for me rather than in Adobe’s hands.

    You’ve heard the valid concerns, but we need help from a major player and respected leader in the editing and training business.

    What Adobe has done makes me so angry I could scream…and do ocassionally. I’m looking for alternate editing software and I think I found one that may very well work. It’s Perfect Photo Suite 8 (PPS8). I just listened to an archived webinar using PPS8 by your buddy, Matt Kloskowski. Very nice job!! The program works as a plugin for both LR and PS, but it also is a stand alone. There’s hope on the horizon if Adobe won’t change.

    I just won’t put out the cash and be held hostage by Adobe.

    Would you please take up our cause and put NAPP behind this movement to provide a choice. No need to eliminate CC, just let us little guys have a choice!!

    THANKS, Scott!!

  11. I really want to try this but it is always greyed out. Maybe it is my mac’s performance but 4gb of ram should work right?

    • Hi Jason,

      Video Cards/GPUs with 256MB of VRAM support Perspective Warp for 8-bit documents. Video Cards/GPUs with 512MB or higher support Perspective Warp for 16 and 32-bit documents. The nVidia GeForce GT 120 video card doesn’t support Perspective Warp. (Scripted Patterns have a similar limitation)

  12. Why has Adobe decided that the new Font Files is a separate application? This should be part of the PS/LR package. Reminds me of a man who said: “He screwed himself from a place at the table.” I would think most users are reaching a price point that exceeds their budget and needs. Sign up, commit and realize that you need to upgrade computer to use 3D, etc. Adobe should list, upfront in clear product list, which graphic cards support 3D and minimum RAM requirements. Those stuck with build in cards and cannot upgrade their laptop motherboard are SOL.

    • Hi Cecil, system requirements can be found here:

      † 3D features are disabled with less than 512MB of VRAM.

      • Thanks Jeffrey. I discovered this after hitting the sign up button. Works on my desk top, not my laptop. Just disappointed my motherboard, according to Dell, cannot be upgraded, cheaper to purchase new one.

        Still disappointed with the additional cost for the fonts. With all the updates to CC (3D printing, how many will need this), fonts should IMHO, be part of the Photoshop package. Everyone uses fonts – 3D printing, waste of my hard drive.


      • For the fonts, you’re referring to TypeKit? I’ll pass along your suggestion.

  13. BTW, class act allowing NAPP members to switch to KelbyOne, without increase in cost. Adobe – CC should be offered free to those that upgraded to CS6 for two years.

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