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  • This Weekend Only Killer Deal on Topaz Adjust Photoshop Plug-ins

    Dec 4th, 2009  |  111 Comments

    OK gang, two quick things: (1) You know my new strict rule; if a company offers us (you, me, my readers, etc.) a “This Weekend Only” deal, it has to be a real killer deal, and it has to be exclusive to the readers of this blog (not just another regular discount they offer justContinue…

  • Special “This Weekend Only” Deal on OnOne Software’s Photoshop Plug-in Suite 5

    Nov 20th, 2009  |  41 Comments

    Hey gang—the huge success of last week’s MPIX.com deal really paid off, and we’ve been in contact with a number of companies who are willing to give you guys a “This Weekend Only” special discount. This week, the fine folks over at OnOne Software are offering readers of my blog $200 off their new “Plug-InContinue…

  • Review: Topaz Adjust Plug-in for Photoshop

    Jun 4th, 2009  |  58 Comments

    After my review here on the blog of the Lucis Pro 6 plug-in (link), I had a number of readers asking if I had tried the Topaz Adjust plug-in, as they felt it gave a similar high-contrast look for a fraction of Lucis Pro’s nearly $600 price tag (Topaz Adjust sells for $49). So, IContinue…

  • Adobe Releases Photoshop Plug-in To Disable Gestures for MacBook Pro Owners

    Feb 27th, 2009  |  14 Comments

    Today I am the happiest camper in the forest, because Adobe has made me love my Apple MacBook Pro laptop again. They released a free downloadable plug-in for Photoshop CS4 which disables the trackpad gestures on Apple’s new MacBook Pro Laptops. No longer does my canvas rotate 40 or 50 times a day when IContinue…

  • The “Dave Hill Look” Revisted, Part One

    Jan 19th, 2009  |  104 Comments

    The image above is from a promo shoot I did last week for rapper “10 Minute” and I wanted to apply a “Dave Hill” like look to the images, but I cheated—I used a plug-in. (click on it for a much larger view). Now, let me say this up front: From the research I’ve done,Continue…

  • OnOne Software Deal Comes With Our Photoshop CS4 “Power Session” Training DVD

    Dec 11th, 2008  |  1 Comments

    Here’s a holiday deal with a kicker: If you buy OnOne Software’s Photoshop Plug-in Suite 4.2 (which is already $100 off), before December 18th, 2008, you’ll get Matt Kloskowski’s “Photoshop CS4 Power Sesssion DVD” as a free bonus. Hey, $100 bucks off, and a killer DVD (normally $69.95 by itself). If you’re really slick, youContinue…

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