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Here’s a coupla Monday quickies:

I found this over on PDN’s Pulse; it’s a list of “The 15 Best Magazine Covers Since 1960” (as chosen by, and it includes a category called “Best Use of Photoshop.” It’s a fun, quick little article, and will start your Monday off right. Here’s the link.

Rod Harlan, over at the new site DV Confidential, posted a different perspective on my new “Photoshop 7-Point-System” book (I wasn’t going to unveil this brand new book until tomorrow, when I hope to post a short video about it, but apparently, the word is already out), and you can read it here. Also, if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, Rod is speaking tomorrow night at the Media Professionals of Florida meeting. Here’s the link for info on when and where, in case you can go.

If you’re not sure which version of Photoshop you should be using, Adobe has posted a page that will help. Click here to go there.

That’s it for now. I’ve got three other posts today, so scroll on down to check ’em out. Have a great Monday!


There’s a brand new source for buying Fine Art prints online, called “Digital Photo and Art” which debuted at Photoshop World Las Vegas. This new site features some of my own photography for sale, along with fine art prints from Bert Monroy, Ben Willmore, and Jim DiVitale (here’s the link to my images on their site).

I’m offering two sizes of prints, 13″x19″ and 16″x20″ prints, and 100% of my proceeds from the sale of my prints go to “Springs of Hope Kenya,” which is in the process of building an orphanage and clinic for orphaned and homeless children in Kenya, so if you do buy one of the prints, you know you’re helping an incredibly important cause, and one that I hold dear to my heart.

Note: If you do buy one of my prints, please let me know because there’s something I’d like to send you, as my way of saying thanks for your support of Springs of Hope, Kenya.


There’s an excerpt from my book, “The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” posted over at, which shows you, among other things, how to crop in CS3 using the photographic rule of thirds. I know what you’re thinking; “Cropping. That sounds exciting!” but it’s actually a really helpful technique, which makes use of the Custom Shape tools. Here’s the link to the tutorial.






In an on-going effort to ensure that I don’t actually sleep, on Friday night I played drums with Phoenix (you might remember a post last month about my all-day rehearsal with them in Orlando).

Well, here’s the back story on all this; Phoenix was my first “real” band, which we formed back in high school, and this weekend we reunited to play at the 30-year high school reunion of the keyboard player, bass player, and guitar player (who were seniors, while the lead singer and I were still juniors, but at the same school). We played a bunch of Classic Rock songs, ranging from The Doobie Brothers to Lynyrd Skynyrd (yes, we played “Free Bird”), to Grand Funk to The Eagles to Bad Company. It was incredibly loud (just like the ol’ days), but we had a blast.

Some photos from “the gig” are above, taken by NAPP’s own Larry Becker. (Pictured top to bottom: Me on drums; The back of rhythm guitarist Dean Erskine and our lead singer Joe Mathein; Bassist Tim Colton; Lead Guitar player Tony McMahon; and lastly Keyboard player Tayloe Harding, also affectionately known as “Tay Buns” by cruel band members like me).

Here’s a couple of Friday quickies:

  • Michael Tapes (of Whibal fame) has released a new training DVD on shooting in raw, called, “How to Shoot Raw Without Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD).” He includes segments on Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, and a section called “Photographers in their own words” where he interviewed a wide range of raw-shooting photographers (myself included). Here’s the link for more info.
  • News site C|NET did a news blurb about my experience in Minn/St. Paul Airport with the TSA telling me all DSLRs were now to be removed and put on the x-ray belt, along with photographer Richard Wanderman, who had a similar experience at LAX. Well, C|NET contacted TSA to comment on their policy, andâ¦well, you ‘ll have to go to CNET to find out what they said (Gotcha!). Here’s the link.
  • Vincent Versace was recently interviewed on YourMacLife, and anytime Vinny speaks, people listen. Check it out right here.
  • Here’s a link to a quick review on “Real McCoy Photography” of my Photoshop CS3 Power Tour seminar yesterday in Boston. There’s also another blurb about the day over at “Sweet Whispers Photography” (here’s that link). Also, an attendee named Keri posted a comment yesterday that absolutely made my day. Thanks Keri. Thanks to everybody who came out to spend the day with me. I had a blast! :)

That’s it till Monday. Have a great weekend everybody! :)


My buddy Matt Kloskowski has an absolutely killer technique on his “Lightroom Killer Tips” video podcast this week, and it’s creating quite a buzz. There’s this very cool, edgy-looking special effect that’s really popular right now, and Matt’s found a way nail that look right inside Lightroom. Very cool stuff! Here’s the link to Matt’s blog, where you can watch the video.