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This was my first time attending PPA’s Imaging USA Expo, and I have to say, I was very impressed. Every PPA event I’ve ever been to has been first rate, and Imaging USA was no exception. Since this was my first time, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was definitely surprised at some of the things I found, and here’s a quick run down of my impressions of the show:

  • There were far more booths selling Photoshop plug-ins and pre-made actions that I had expected, and they were getting a lot of interest from attendees.
  • Both Nikon and Canon had some of the biggest booths—they were always packed, and there was plenty of buzz around them at all times. Both had some of their top pros doing presentations on the show floor, and they were as informative as they were inspirational. Just getting to see these presentations alone was worth the expo admission price. Actually, it was worth triple, and worth the trip just for those. Also, Epson had a huge booth and it was drawing attendees like a magnet.
  • It seemed like the most prevalent exhibitors were wedding album vendors (They were everywhere, some with very elaborate booths), and companies that sell products you can put your client’s photos on (like putting their photos on coffee mugs, or t-shirts, or coasters, or greeting cards, or….well, about any substance you can think of). There were also a surprising number of companies selling studio backgrounds (you couldn’t go down a row of booths, and not see two or three of them).
  • I was very surprised to see that Adobe had a very small booth (the smallest booth I’ve ever seen Adobe have anywhere). It was just two stalls wide (a 10’x20′) and there were companies selling muslin backgrounds with larger booths. I didn’t even realize Adobe was there until 30 minutes before the show closed, and then only because I walked past their booth on my way to the restroom.
  • There were a lot of booths from print labs. I dunno why I was surprised, but I was.
  • I was more surprised to see that memory card makers Lexar and SanDisc didn’t have booths at the show. However, Hoodman was there selling their new American-made super-fast UDMA memory cards, so they pretty much had the crowd to themselves.
  • All the lighting vendors were there, and you could spot large softboxes from wherever you stood. I went by the Elinchrom (Bogen Imaging) booth and it cost me some money, because I wound up buying a couple of RX strobes, some softboxes, and a bunch of other goodies. I also stopped by the Westcott booth and picked up some accessories I needed there, too.
  • There were lots of demos and presentations all over the floor, and honestly, I would have loved to spend a full day just watching some of the inspirational presentations, the live shoots, and the demos of products I’ve heard of but haven’t seen live. Had I not gone and watched my Bucs get trounced by the Giants on Sunday, I would have had an extra day to see more booths.
  • I thought it was kind of cool the way some vendors had off-site events, like free off-site shoots that you could sign up for to see their products in use. I would have loved to have the time to catch one or two of these.
  • We were thrilled with the response we got at our booth, and our theater was standing-room-only for three straight days. We also had a lot of great folks come by for our live taping of Photoshop User TV, and we always have a lot of fun taping a live show, in front of a live audience like that (despite the fact that it’s usually pretty much a calamity).

All-in-all, I was very impressed with the entire show, and I was really glad I went. We’ll have some video coverage of the show on the next episode of Photoshop User TV, so you’ll get a better feel for how cool the show was. My hats off to the PPA for producing such a great show for our industry. :-)


Hey, it’s that time again! It’s “Backup your Lightroom Database Wednesday.” If you haven’t backed up your Lightroom database for a while (and if you’re wondering right now if you have….then you haven’t).

So…bring up Lightroom’s Preferences (press Command-, on Mac, or Ctrl-, on PC), and then click on the General Tab at the top. At the bottom of the General Preferences, click on the “Go To Catalog Settings” button. When the Catalog Settings preference panel appears, in the Backup section, where it say “Back up Catalog” choose “Next Time Lightroom Starts Only,” (as shown above), then close the preference and Quit Lightroom.

Now, open Lightroom again, and it will ask you if you want to backup. Click the Backup button, and that’s it—you’ve backed up the database (catalog). Now, go back to the preferences and set it up so this happens automatically (either once a day, if you use Lightroom each day, or once a week, if you don’t). You’ll thank me. Not now. But one day. :)



Happy Tuesday. Here’s what’s up:

  • Had a blast yesterday at the Imaging USA Expo, where I gave a live sneak-peek of my upcoming Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques online class at the Kelby Training Booth on the show floor (the shots of the booth above were taken by Matt Kloskowski, who was also teaching in the booth along with Dave Cross, RC and Corey Barker). Imaging USA is a really great show, and the booth was absolutely standing-room only during all the sessions. We’re back today with more free sessions (I’m doing my Retouching Sneak Peek again this morning), and then we’re taping a live episode of Photoshop User TV from the booth in the afternoon. It’s great seeing so many of my old friends (and getting to make new ones), and I really got a kick out of meeting so many people who read this blog each day. Hope to see more of you tomorrow!
  • Want to be blown away by some incredible landscape photography? Check out the work of Elizabeth Carmel. She is just amazing (here’s the link).
  • I know we have a lot of font freaks (like me) out there, and if you’re one, you’ll be interested to see list of the most popular fonts of 2007. Click here to see the list (with samples of each font).
  • I saw where Popular Photography named the Nikon D300 their “2007 Camera of the Year,” which is cool and all, but check out their video on the D300, which is even cooler (and shows how they picked it from a field of 8 new cameras, and why it won). You can watch it right on the pop-photo site (here’s the link).
  • I was really psyched to see that named my blog (The Photoshop Insider) as one of their seven best blog sites of 2007. Many thanks guys!!! :)

That’s it for Tuesday news (scroll down for 1 more post about viral videos). Hope you have a kick-butt day, and don’t forget to come by the Kelby Training Booth and say “hi” if you’re at the show today!


Rod Harlan, over at DV has picked, and posted, the seven-best professionally produced viral videos of 2007, and you can watch them all right on his site. He did it into 2 parts (so it starts with a post of the seven most popular, and then expands, so scroll down once you get there to find the 2nd part). Here’s the categories Rod chose winners in:

  • Best Commercial
  • Best Worst Commercial
  • Best 5 Seconds Ever
  • Best Conference Video
  • Best Video Pushing a Brand
  • Best Video to Launch a New Website
  • Best Web Video Advertising Campaign

This is very cool stuff, and if you’ve got a few minutes, you’ll be just amazed at the level of stuff they’re producing. Here’s the link to Part 1.


Hi gang! Hope everybody had a great weekend. Here’s what up this week:

  • Matt Kloskowski’s “Adobe ACE Boot Camp” (which he has taught live as a pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World), is now available as an online class over at The class is designed to get you prepared to pass the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) test, and just like in his live workshop, Matt does a phemoninal job of getting you prepped to take the test (Matt and Dave Cross worked directly with Adobe in preparing their pre-conference workshop, and it was a HUGE hit at the conference). Click here for more details.
  • Want to see some really inspirational photography? Check out this year’s winners of National Geographic’s 19th annual “World in Focus” photo competition. Here’s the link.
  • I’m over at PPA’s Imaging USA at the Tampa convention center today, doing a couple of sessions in the booth on the Expo Floor. I’ve got sessions at 1:00 and 3:00 pm today, and Matt, Dave, Corey and RC will all be doing training sessions in the booth, too. If you’re there, make sure you stop by and say “hi.”
  • Want a quick chuckle? Check out this “For Better/For Worse” comic strip (click here), for another example of how Photoshop has become a part of our culture. Thanks to Les Holz for sending this our way.
  • If you’re into Final Cut Pro (The hottest video editing app today), check out our buddy Richard Harrington’s newly launched “” site. His site is packed with great posts, tips, and video techniques, and if you’re into FCP, this is going to be a must-stop every day. Rich is the perfect guy for a site like this, because he knows Final Cut Pro at a scary level (which is just one reason he’s been a fixture at Photoshop World’s video track for years), and he’s one of the best, most engaging and talented trainers out there (which is why he’s already working on a number of training classes for us at Here’s the link to

That’s it for today, gang. Hope I’ll get to shake hands with you at Imaging USA today. Have a great Monday! :)


I thought that after all these years it would be impossible to top my most magical of all tag lines (the now famous “Matt Kloskowski is Rockin’ the Houseski”). Not only did it help turn Matt into a household name, it helped untold thousands around the world properly pronounce Matt’s last name—a name which Matt himself will tell you has been mispronounced again and again ever since he was a young boy in the streets of Gdansk.

But this week, lightning struck once again while I was chatting with Photoshop Hall of Famer Eddie Tapp, who was at the Kelby Training studios working on some online training classes for us. We were talking and all of a sudden it just hit me. The tag line that will propel Eddie into more fame and fortune (if that’s even possible), is…..(wait for it……wait for it…..)……“Holy Crap—It’s Eddie Tapp!” (Come on, admit it; that’s gold, baby! Gold!!!!! It’s almost too perfect.).

This new slogan has already been spotted on car bumpers (see above—click for zoomed-in version), and Eddie is talking with the folks at Gap, Inc. about creating a line of t-shirts with that slogan, and a direct to DVD movie is already in the works. OK, I’m making all this up, but as lame tag lines go, I think it’s among my lamest (this is all just to tease our good friend Eddie. We love him, and he knows it). Look for Eddie’s new slogan to appear in stores nationwide this spring. ;-)