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â¦is San Diego’s based live concert photographer, and author of the Sony A700 Digital Field Guide (link), Alan Hess.

I first met Alan when I was doing some tutorials for the Lexar Pro Corner web site, and being a musician, I was instantly drawn to his concert photography (though he does a wide range of topics—not just concerts). Alan’s also a frequent commenter here on the blog, and is one of the first to jump in to answers questions and give advice to other readers, which I think says a lot about him.

He’s got a very cool blog post for tomorrow, and it goes in a totally different direction than previous Guest Bloggers, which is one of the things I enjoy most —that each brings their own style and ideas, so make sure you check back tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Alan’s blog (here’s the link), and be sure to visit his portfolios while you’re there.


On Sunday I headed up to Chicago to shoot the Eagles/Bears NFL game at Soldier field (a few shots from the game are below). I’m totally beat (and sore, and tired), so I didn’t have time to do anything decent to them—I just ran them through Lightroom and well, here they are.

SPECS: All the shots were taken with a Nikon D700, at (are you ready for this), 4,000 ISO. I had to shoot at that high an ISO because of the stadium lights (it’s not nearly as bright as you’d think) to get my shutter speed up to at least 1/1000 of a second so I could freeze the action (though a number of times it dipped down to 1/800 of a second). But I gotta tell you—-the noise is so minimal that I am just astonished. In most cases, you have to blow it way, way up before you can really see any, and even then, you don’t really need to even run noise reduction software on it. It’s just sick (and I mean that in the good way). I used my new Nikon 200-400m f/4 VR lens for the long shots, and a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 for the wider shots.

You can see from the shot of me on the field below (photo by Bill Smith), I had a Think Tank gear belt on (not it’s official name), and gel knee pads (the greatest invention since Coke Zero. Thanks to Mike Olivella for turning me onto those). More about this gear, and my struggles in getting it there, tomorrow.

Anyway, I had a blast, and to top it all off the Bears won! My thanks to Mike McCaskey, and everyone in the Bears organization (they are a class act), and also to Bears team photographer Bill Smith. What a night! Come on, everybody—sing with me:

“Bear Down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory. Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly. We’ll never forget the way you thrilled the nation, with your T-formation. Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you’re wearing the crown. You’re the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down!”









I’ve been seeing a lot of comments on the blog this week that I wanted to address, but when I was talking about it to my buddy Matt Kloskowski (who’s getting similar comments on his blog), he suggested that we do a short video, rather than writing the 5,000 words it would take to address both the “Lightroom 2 vs. CS4” and my and Matt’s carefully orchestrated coverup of the problems some people have been having with Lightroom 2, so to round out this week, here’s a video clip, created exclusively for you guys, on both of these topics. View the video

Scott & Matt on Lightroom 2


I gotta tell ya, people are lovin’ that free “Instant JPEG from Raw” utility Michael Tapes and Imagenomic created! Look at some of these comments posted by readers on Wednesday:

  • “Works fantastic, Now I can shoot just in RAW instead of RAW+JPEG and get more pictures on the cards. It makes life alot easier and I can hand out the smaller sized JPEG´s much faster. Thanks for a great tool!”
  • “Great program and it works so fast that I thought it was NOT working. You made my day.”
  • “THANK YOU!!! you've literally saved me! “
  • “Wonderful! Literally dropped my jaw after the first extract. I've already processed about 20 directories. THANK YOU!”
  • “It works just fantastic!. The clearest jpegs I have seen after first shooting in raw, and then converting them.”
  • “Wow, this is really useful! Big thanks Michael and Scott. I was exporting 600 RAW files the other night after a rugby tournament I shot and it was painful waiting 2 hours for them to turn to jpgs.”
  • “This utility is a boone. Thank you very much indeed for it! “
  • “It's amazing. No more RAW+JPG!”
  • “Michael-thanks for giving back to the photo community. As an aside, the program works with DNGs. Nice work!”
  • “â¦thank you for a great little utility!! Very quick and effective!!”
  • "Adobe's PS development group have done a great job for CS4 and Michael Tapes has done a great, great, great â¦â¦.great job for photographers, that too at free of cost and he deserves all credit and best wishes for making our lives so enjoyable in this profession."
  • “Thank You so much, it's awesome!!!!”
  • “I think this utility should be licensed by the camera manufacturers and adobe, implemented in the software that comes with the camera and/or Lightroom and Photoshop, and the RAW+jpg setting should simply disappear from cameras forever. Thanks so much for posting this. This is truly fantastic!”

Michael, if you were running, I’d vote for you! My thanks once again for doing something so cool and useful for our community! :-)