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Day Two of Photoshop World got off with a bang – thunder, lightning and torrential rain! Despite the massive storms moving through Central Florida, the show continued at hurricane strength with instructors like Julieanne Kost, David Cuerdon and Moose Peterson braving the elements to share their tips & techniques with rain-soaked-but-enthusiastic attendees.

Here’s a look at today’s Photoshop World activity:

Sell, sell, sell! PSW instructor and Web guru Janine Warner highlights ways to sell photos and grow your business online.

Time flies whenyou’re having fun! PSW instructor Julieanne Kost teaches attendees how to shoot time-lapse photography and use Photoshop CS5 Extended to add exciting special effects to your work.

Make it work! PSW instructor Cliff Mautner shares his secrets for making the most out of harsh lighting conditions.

Atten-Hut! PSW instructor Kevin Ames takes attendees through a Lightroom 3 Develop Module boot camp sure to whip you into workflow shape.

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After more than 20 mind-numbing photography, lighting and Photoshop learning on Day One of Photoshop World, there was only one place to unwind at the end of the day… the PSW After-Hours Party!

Held at B.B. King’s Blues Club, attendees had the chance to mix and mingle with fellow conference-goers and PSW instructors during the must-attend social event during Photoshop World. After all it’s the place to catch a special live musical performance by Scott Kelby and Big Electric Cat!

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the PSW After-Hours Party:

Let the dancing begin! Big Electric Cat takes the stage to perform a high energy set that had partygoers dancing the night away!

Scott Kelby takes the lead on vocals during Big Electric Cat’s high-octane performance. 

We’ve got you surrounded! PSW instructor Joe McNally interacts with conference attendees.

It’s a musical meeting of the creative minds. Scott and NAPP Creative Director Felix Nelson slash together!

These PSW attendees and instructors prove you can network while dancing the night away!

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Photoshop World Orlando is in full swing with classes and the Expo officially underway. Hundreds have gathered at the Orange County Convention Center to get inside the minds of more than 35 industry experts, including some new additions to the instructor “dream team” like Jeremy Cowart, Frank Doorhof and Dave Black.

But there’s more to learning at Photoshop World. This year’s Expo includes a live photo contest sponsored by Westcott, exclusive product demos and much more.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Day One:

Retouching Secrets Revealed! Scott Kelby shines a spotlight on the portrait retouching techniques the pros use.

All eyes are on the big screen as Scott shows the audience how to make their photography subjects look their best while still looking natural and untouched!

It’s a crash course on the finer points of Lightroom3 with Matt Kloskowski.

The audience listens intenly as Matt highlights themust-incorporate techniques for importing, organizing, developing and editing images in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

No lighting required! This year’s PSW Expo includes a LIVE photo shoot sponsored by Westcott that lets you photograph various models in eye-catching costumes and scenes.

The Last Samurai. A model dressed as the  Japanese warrior takes center stage at the Westcott Live Photo Shoot on the Expo floor.

Noted celebrity photographer and photojournalist Jeremy Cowart, a first-time PSW instructor, shares some of his tried-and-true trade secrets with attendees at the Kelby Training Theater on the PSW Expo Floor.

Cowart’s “The Current Path To A Successful Photography Career” is one of nearly 20 bonus classes that are free to attendees at this year’s Expo.

The Social Network! Along with learning from the pros and experiencing product demos, attendees also get the chance to mix and mingle and learn from each other.

Homework! The latest and greatest books from Kelby Training and Peachpit are on sale at the PSW bookstore.

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Photoshop World Orlando is officially underway after an exciting Photoshop-meets-fashion Opening Keynote. Hosted by Scott Kelby and featuring Adobe’s “Johnny L,” the Opening Keynote included a “Project Runway” inspired fashion show to spotlight this year’s “Project Photoshop” theme, as well as special announcements from Adobe and much, much more.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from today’s must-attend event:

Rush, Rush! Hundreds stream down the escalators and staircase into Expo Hall South B to get a prime seat for this morning’s electrifying Opening Keynote.  

Call it a “phashion extravaganza!” To celebrate this year’s “Project Runway” theme, the event kicked off with an uber haute fashion show a la “project Runway” featuring some stellar Photoshop-inspired looks. 

It’s a “Drop In The Bucket!” At least that’s the name we’ve given this grand gown inspired by the Paint Bucket Tool.

Now that’s “Movable Type!” This couture creation was inspired by none other than the Type Tool.

Flag-waving models, prize-filled balloons (sponsored by B&H) and a full fashion parade… Now that’s an entrance for the event’s host, Scott Kelby.

Eau de Johnny! Scott introduces Adobe’s “Johnny L.” with a hilarious faux commercial announcing Johnny’s new fragrance line. Now that’s the sweet smell of success!

Before getting to the latest & greatest from Adobe, Johnny presented the finalists of Ruseell Brown’s Extreme Fashion challenge.

It’s art-meets-fashion as this model struts down the runway showcasing one of the finalists in Russell Brown’s special contest.

Last minute model cancellation? No worries! PSW instructor Jeff Schewe’s here to step in and stomp the runway!

The Opening Keynote wouldn’t be complete without Johnny and Bryan Hughes taking a little time to give some inside scoop on the latest & greatest developments at Adobe!

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Photoshop World Orlando kicked off with a bang on Tuesday, during a jam-packed pre-con day. With nine workshops on the schedule and two first-time attendee orientation sessions, hundreds flocked to the Orange County Convention Center to kick-start their PSW experience. And, after a full-day of learning, PSW attendees were able to unwind at the Official PSW Tweet Up! 

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from pre-con day:

Wedding photographers gain new perspective during David Ziser’s Wedding Photography pre-con workshop.

They’re rockin’ in the pre(con) world! A Photoshop World attendee tries her hand at concert photography during the Real World Concert Photography pre-con workshop with Alan Hess & Scott Diussa.

Real World Concert Photography instructor Scott Diussa drops the camera and picks up the axe to show he’s a man of many talents.

Photoshop World’s day-long pre-con workshops were packed to the brim with eager and attentive students like the ones Deke McClelland’s Photoshop Channels & Masks classes.

Matt Kloskowski shows the finer points of HDR photography during his hands-on HDR Crash Course class.

NAPP Executive Director Larry Becker gives first-time attendees a full rundown on how to make the most of PSW. Step one: When you see Vanelli, RUN!

It’s all about the light! Jim Schmelzer goes in-depth during his Quality of Light pre-con workshop.

It’s a wrap! After a full day of learning, PSW pre-con attendees and those who arrived early had the chance to mix and mingle at the Official PSW Tweet Up!  

This year’s Tweet Up included a special tethered photo shoot with @erikvphoto (aka Erik Valind) with all of the images posted to Flickr in real time!

Tweet Up attendees were treated to an extra special surprise, a taping of D-Town Live with RC Concepcion and Larry Becker.

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And if you’re attending PSW, weve set up an Flickr account where you can upload your own images:

Today’s is Pre-Conference day—the day before Photoshop World begins, and the day we hold 11 optional 1/2 day and full day workshops. We’ll have some pics posted here later today, so I hope you’ll check back and see what’s going on (and I truly hope something is indeed, going on). ;-)