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Happy Friday, everybody. (even if you don’t watch the tip – make sure you read my P.S. at the bottom of the post. It’s guaranteed to make you wish I was younger and had more hair). 

I’ve got a great tip for you today from our dear friend, UK-based graphic designer Dave Clayton, who shared this tip on ‘The Grid” on Wednesday and people were just loving it. Alan Hess wrote “This will change my workflow forever!” and I gotta tell ya — I agree (I didn’t know this tip either). Check out this short video we made just for you guys on the blog here today:

Pretty sweet, right? Thanks, Dave (after speaking at Photoshop World, he came and taped two online classes for KelbyOne — one on Photoshop design for social media, and one straight-up design class for Photoshop users). Such a great guy (and such a great tip!).

Hope you have a great weekend, and we’ll catch you back here next week (well, at least that’s the plan). ;-)



P.S. Tomorrow night I’m playing a gig on drums — it’s my high-school reunion (well, technically it’s the year before I graduated reunion), but I’m playing with the same guys I played with back in high school in my first band (three of them were seniors, I was a junior, so it’s really their reunion). Nevertheless, I’m playing it — a bunch of classic rock songs from the late 70s/early 80s (same stuff we played back then), and a couple of newer songs. Yes, I’m making my wife Kalebra go, too. I make her come watch me play every five years as some kind of cruel punishment. She has dubbed it as the “Not my reunion” gig. Follow her tomorrow night on Twitter for many photos and sadly hilarious commentary. Her Twitter handle is @kalebrakelby – it’s gonna rock! (or something like it). 

Landscape Photography: Preplanning and Post-Processing with Richard Bernabe
Take your landscape photography to the next level with Richard Bernabe! Join Richard in Cape Hatteras as he photographs the beautiful Outer Banks while demonstrating how the decisions you make in the field will impact the tools and techniques you can use in your post processing. This class is all about how you can bring your field work together with your post processing, so that you are capturing photographs that allow you to get the most out of your workflow. Over the course of several days of shooting Richard teaches you how to capture and process images involving exposure blending, correcting perspective distortion, removing lens flare, increasing depth of field with focus stacking, and much more. Each lesson on a specific capture technique is paired with a lesson on how to process those photographs using Lightroom and Photoshop.

In Case You Missed It
Take a photographic road tour through the spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway with Richard Bernabe and learn how to master an array of compositional tools for creating more dynamic landscape photographs. In this class Richard uses the stunning mountain scenery of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway to share his landscape photography thought processes and show you how to create more compelling landscape images. From sunrise to sunset, and grand landscapes to cascading waterfalls, Richard demonstrates techniques and tools that you can start using immediately in your work, as well as the gear and camera settings he uses in each of these situations.

Follow Your Intuition

How many times in a day are you faced with having to make a choice? What time do I need to wake up? What should I wear? What should I eat for breakfast, etc…. That’s within the first hour of the day. Everyday we have to make hundreds if not thousands of decisions. How do we know what to do, which path to take?

As an Artist, the decision making process is amplified. As we walk through the creative process we often second guess ourselves. What lens should I use? What background do I put my subjects in? White or black dress, hat or no hat, etc… The list of creative options goes on and on. Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed?

On one hand the creative process can be the most exhausting, nerve racking experience an Artist has to go through. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make a creative decision knowing that you are 100% right every time? I’m going to let you in on a secret that will revolutionize your photography.

First, have you ever watched American Idol, the X Factor, or one of those types of shows where the judges give advice? What do they say over and over. “Take a risk and be yourself.” “Do what feels right, and let it all hang out.” You see, originality will always trump those who copy. When you copy someone’s artistic vision, you will always blend with the masses because there is a line out the door of copiers. If you be yourself, you will stand out from the crowd.

So, how does the creative process work in the real world? For starters, there is this annoying voice that seems to chatter over our shoulder as we come to a crossroad and have to make a creative decision. It goes something like this, ”Are you sure you doing it right? Someone’s not going to like what you’re doing,” and it goes on and on. You start to think about your photography teacher and what he or she would say. And of course there are your friends, colleagues, not to mention the social media crowd. All this chatter is playing inside your head as you are trying to figure out which modifier you should put on your strobe.

Since you were born you have been practicing one thing over and over. From what shoes to wear to what music you listen to, you have been formulating what you like and dislike. It turns out, you are pretty good at it. You have a personality, temperament, history of years on this planet, that all play a factor in your decision making process. It all feeds into your intuition and is the culmination of who you are. It’s your uniqueness.

I have a quote that I repeat over and over to my workshop attendees, “You are unique, one of a kind, there is no one on the planet just like you.” This thing called your intuition is the ticket to you being a creative force. If you are in sync with your intuition, it will never lead you astray. NEVER! How do I know that? Because Art is the manifestation of self-expression. The creative process should be driven by the very core of who you are. No one should be able to tell you you’re off track.

The problem with most Artist/Photographers, is we never really trust our intuition and are constantly being swayed by other’s opinions. Often our creative process lacks the skill-set to compete in the marketplace. If you want to be a world class violinist you have to practice your craft six to eight hours a day. Just ask one. It’s no different in photography. The best photographers in the world out practice 99.9 percent of all other photographers on the planet. They take a risk by following what comes natural, their intuition.

When I set up my lights and build a portrait, how do I know I am on the right track? When it feels right! That’s right, when my intuition, my feeling and my emotions tell me it is right, I can’t go wrong. Because I end up with something that is unique that fits me to a T. A flash meter will never tell you where to put your lights, or what modifier to use, or how far you place it from your subject. This is reserved for the creative mind and falls on the shoulders of your intuition. Stop listening to the chatter of other’s opinions and follow the single greatest asset you posses as an Artist, your very own intuition.

You can see more of Joel’s work at, and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

We kick off each Photoshop World Conference with a Photoshop-based parody of a movie or TV show, and this year we went with the long-running Fox TV series, “COPS” but of course, we added our own Photoshop twist to it. :)

It stars Corey Barker, Matt Kloskowski, Dave Cross, Yours Truly, a special appearance from Kristi Sherk (you’ll hardly recognize her), and Kaylee Greer, along with a special cameo (can’t tell you who it is, but if you’ve ever been to Photoshop World, you’ll instantly recognize him).

Here’s the ‘Photoshop COPS’ video (below) that kicked off the Conference last week:

Hope you got a chuckle or two (and keep watching for just a couple of minutes afterward to catch the Blooper Reel).

Hope you have a Photoshop COP-free Tuesday!



P.S. Don’t forget — I’m in Minneapolis and Indianapolis next month with my full day Lightroom seminar. Come on out and spend the day with me. 

What an AWESOME week!!!!
I know I say this pretty often, so I’m going to paraphrase one of our longtime attendees, (known as drchevalier in the KelbyOne community), who came up to me at the end of the conference and said,

This is my 7th time at Photoshop World, and out of all of them, this was the best!”

I could not agree more. I heard the same thing again and again — even from some longtime instructors who said they felt this was absolutely the best Photoshop World ever!

The one phrase that came up again and again…
…was that everyone there felt like family. We felt like we were all in this together. I have to give a lot of the credit for that to the attendees who came ready to learn, and laugh, and get involved, and make new friends, and a team who was so psyched to meet everybody — there was a real spirit of community all week long, everywhere you went — you could feel it in the air. I know Brad and Rob shared some shots from the show with you last week, but I want to share some of the highlights and standout moments (in captions below) with you today if that’s okay. Here’s goes:

I know Brad and Rob shared some shots from the show with you last week, but I want to share some of the highlights and standout moments (in captions below) with you today if that’s okay. Here’s goes:  (photos by Brad Moore and Rob Foldy)

Above: Moose Peterson’s aviation photography workshop with World War II-themed models posing with classic Warbirds in a hangar on location. 

Above: The classic WW2 Poster pose, as the workshop participants photograph the planes and people. 

Above: Moose coaching his class on how to get the shot.

Above: Shooting on location – the whole class gets involved at Erik Valind’s workshop.

Above: Using reflectors during the workshop.

Above: Lindsay Adler had multiple shooting bays for her workshop

Above: Is it just me, or is that one huge umbrella? 

Above: Kaylee Greer getting the doggies ready for their close up during the workshop. 

Above: Lots of wonderful dogs for the students to shoot at Kaylee’s workshop on location. 

Above: Tim Wallace had two cars in the classroom for his workshop on how to light car interiors and exteriors. 

Above: Glyn Dewis talking about lighting and what to look for when they start shooting. 

Above: The temps were great outdoors (unseasonably mild), but the sun still makes it tough to see the screen on the back of your camera. 

Above: Frank Doorhof and his location workshop class totally rocking it, with their stylist and model Nadine. 

Above: We even snuck in an episode of ‘The Grid’ live on location. That’s Photoshop World instructor Victoria Pavlov on the set as my guest. She was so much fun (and such an incredible talent).

Above: After the workshops, we head for ‘The Meetup’ at the Rocks lounge in the Hyatt Regency, our host hotel for the event (it’s connected directly to the convention center — a perfect location!). 

Above: The instructors and staff are there to meet everybody just as the party starts up. 

Above: The crowd is ready to rock! 

Above: Inside, they’re hyped for the opening keynote to begin.


Above: The next morning, we kick things off with the opening keynote, and I come out after our “Photoshop COPS” spoof video (it’s a tradition to kick off Photoshop World with a parody video). 

Above: WIelcoming the standing-room-only crowd at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. 

Above: The star of the opening keynote is Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost. 

Above: All eyes on Julieanne!

Above: Julieanne did an awesome presentation – she showed so many cool features, techniques, and different programs and apps, but it was her Mobile apps presentation that really wow’d the crowd.

Above: After Adobe’s presentation, we honored Photoshop World instructor and master photographer Jim DiVitale with his posthumous Photoshop Hall of Fame award. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after the wonderful tribute video to Jim and his career (put together by Jim’s dear friend Steve), his wife Helene took the stage to accept the award on Jim’s behalf, and she was met with a tremendously long standing ovation, as Larry Becker presented her with Jim’s award. It was a very special moment for all of us. 

Above: The always awesome (and witty) Larry Becker wrapped up the keynote, and then it was off to class for everybody. 

Above: Crowd favorite, Adobe’s own Terry White doing a great session in the Adobe booth

Above: Joe McNally just killed it in his “Town Hall” session where participants could have Joe critique their images. 

Above: Moose comes out front during one of his many sessions. He crushed it (as always!).

Above: Adobe’s Bryan O’Neal Hughes sharing some Adobe Mobile awesomeness.

Above: Everybody loves “The Justins!” Two of the most talented wedding photographers and fast rising stars in the industry, sharing their secrets with the crowd.

Above: KelbyOne member favorite and hero to photographers everywhere, the awesome Stella Kramer teaching for her first time at Photoshop World. 

Above: Hanging out in the Partner Pavilion, chatting with the vendors and checking out their latest goodies.

Above: Photographer Levi Sim showing off Athentech’s new Perfectly Clear 3 plug-in. 

Above: Oh Yeah — that’s Gabe Biderman, and yes, B&H Photo (the greatest camera store in the world) was there in a big way! 

Above: Robert Vanelli doing his thing in one of the Pavilion’s theaters. 

Above: Photoshop World instructor Rob Sylvan teaching in the Peachpit Press theater. 

Above: We had six ‘Shooting bays” set up in the Partner Pavilion, where attendees can simply walk up and start shooting. 

Above: These shooting bays, most with live models (which are much better than the ones with dead models), are lit with continuous light (Westcott Spyder Lights) so everybody can shoot at the same time. 

Above: James Bond with his white tux, red carnation, and a sleek Bond-like fake pistol with silencer. 

Above: The shooting bays were super popular, and they changed each day with different models and themes. High five to my wife Kalebra who planned, styled and set up the shooting bays. :)

Above: Besides the six indoor studio-lit shooting bays, we had an entire section of Natural Light shoots as well, making the most of that beautiful Florida sunshine!

Above: Later that night it’s party time again — this time at B.B. King’s Bar and Grill. 

Above: The awesome house band let me get up and play a few songs with them. I played one on drums, one on keyboards, and one on guitar. Note the awesome Fender Strat my wifey got me for our 27th Anniversary last year. Had to take it with me to Orlando!

Above: Can you feel the soul? It’s not as impressive as it looks – I’m just singing backup. 

Above: Nothing like playing to the home crowd! The band was just so good (with a horn section and the whole nine yards), they were really just such good players – it was a treat to get to jam with these guys and gals. 

Above: Did I mention Midnight Madness? It’s a tradition — for ‘Photoshop Geeks who just can’t sleep,’ we stay up really late one night, playing games and doing really silly stuff. 

Above: The doors swing open, our DJ cranks the music, and the late night fun begins!

Above: Yes, we even played Photoshop Bingo. I’m not proud of this. ;-)

Above: Another Midnight Madness tradition — Krispy Kreme Donuts for everybody! I was surprised she ate the entire box herself. ;-)

Above: Getting hyped for the madness!

Above: Your Midnight Madness hosts (from L to R): Matt Kloskowski, Yours Truly, and Terry White. 

Above: The next day, we’re back at it. Canon was on hand to clean attendees cameras (I had two of mine cleaned while I was there). What do they charge? Nothing. Not a dime! What an incredible thing they do for Photoshop World attendees. High-five to our friends at Canon for being so awesome! :)

Above: Joe Glyda giving a one-one-one portfolio review. These are a huge hit with our participants.

Above: The one and only Dave Black during a one-on-one portfolio review. 

Above: I wonder if he’s asking Kaylee about her hair? ;-)

Above: We did a special after-hours event called “An Evening with Stacy Pearsall” that was absolutely just spectacular! Her stories and images from her time as a military combat photographer are just incredible!  Her class last year in Las Vegas was such a huge hit, we knew it needed more time and a chance for more people to hear her message. 

Above: Stacy absolutely captivated the audience. Her Veterans Portrait Project is really something special. If you get a moment, it’s so worth giving it a look – here’s the link. 

Above: At the end, the crowd was on their feet cheering Stacy. It’s a night they’ll never forget. 

Above: Before you know it, we’re back on the big stage for the Guru Awards ceremony (a competition just for people who attend Photoshop World),. Here’s the talented Mark Rodriguez receiving his Guru Award from Larry Becker. 

Above: So many people’s careers have been launched after winning a Guru Award. Very happy for all the winners. 

The days really did just fly by…
…it was so much fun, and great to see so many familiar faces. It’s always a treat seeing old friends, and it was really fun to make some new ones as well.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this Photoshop World so special. Thanks to all our sponsors and vendors, including Adobe Systems — without whom none of this would be possible. Thanks to our brilliant team of instructors who are the very best at what they do. A special thanks to our Conference Director Julie Stephenson, and the awesome crew here at KelbyOne who worked their butts off to make this the best Photoshop World yet! :)

Thanks for letting me share a glimpse of the conference with you. Details on the next Conference coming very soon – stay tuned. :)