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Mastering The Natural Light Portrait with Scott Kelby
Join professional photographer Scott Kelby as he teaches you how to shoot with natural light. You’ll walk through an entire shoot from planning to post processing. Scott discusses his go-to lenses and camera settings to capture natural light and then discusses a variety of different lighting scenarios and offers tips of how to work with and modify it.

In Case You Missed It
Natural light is all around us, but it is up to the photographer to control it in order to make a beautiful portrait. Join Erik Valind as he shows you how to tame that natural light, from direct noontime sun to overcast and shadowless days, and capture killer portraits with little more than just your camera and a reflector. No speedlights or strobes are required for this class. Erik teaches you about the factors that you can control, and then walks you various techniques you can use through a series of real world demonstrations, each one building on the last, that will give you the skills to start seeing and using natural light in new ways.

Happy Friday, everybody, but here on the blog it’s also “Drone Love Day.”

I have the dji Mavic Air drone already on order, but sadly mine has not come in yet, but ya know whose drone not only came in, but he already made an awesome Unboxing and First Flight video? That’s right — the Duke of Drones, Mr. Terry White. Check it out below (and get all droney with T.):

At the end, he controls his dji Mavic Air using only his mind and some simple Vulcan hand gestures he saw on TV a few years back.

More Drone Love!
My buddy Dave Gales is an FAA-licensed Drone Dude (and ace photographer), and he wants to help other folks who are getting into using Drones, and so he created a new Drone info site called Drone FAQ, and he’s got comparison charts and reviews, and other helpful stuff. He’s just getting started, and he could use your support, so if you’d be awesome and stop by, say howdy, look around, we’d both be very grateful.

Here’s one of Dave’s shots he took to give you an idea of how small the dji Mavic Air is with it’s props folded:

Above: That’s some small drone, considering it can shoot 4K video, and make 32-megapixel panos, and pour 12 oz. of refreshment!

Above: By the expression on Dave’s face it appears that the underside of the dji Mavic reveals something naughty, so I wouldn’t look under there if I were you. 

Here’s the link to Dave’s new Drone FAQ site. 

When I do get my Mavic Air…
Unfortunately, I won’t be doing an unboxing videos (it’s been done) or looking at its naughty place (ditto), or putting it beside a can of Diet Coke (probably a bottle of Jack). Just wanted to see if you were paying attention with that last one.

Dave and Terry were on The Grid talking drones
Folks had lots of questions about Dave’s FAA license, and Terry fielded lots of questions, too and I was there strictly as eye candy, as usual. Check it out below:

Hey, do you guys at KelbyOne have classes on Drones?
You know it! We have classes on the dji Mavik Pro, the Phantom series and even the dji Inspire, but we’re already working on one for the Air, and a new cinematic drone course, which focuses more on creativity and techniques for creating beautiful stills and video (and not so much on how to fly). So, lots more to come. In the meantime, Terry and I did a course on shooting photos and video (and how to fly) the dji Mavik Pro. Check out the trailer below:

Here’s a link to the course.

Have a great “flying around in an unmanned aerial vehicle” type of weekend!