Photoshop Finishing Move: Taking The ‘Edge’ off Sharp Images

Hey gang – it’s Friday (yay!) I’m back with another “Photoshop Finishing Move” that picks up right where my brand new “Start to Finish in Lightroom” (that I posted over at just today – here’s the link), left off.

This one is a technique I use to take the “edge” off sharp images, and I get asked about this “look” a lot (the question usually is “How is it that some of your images have a soft look but they’re still really sharp?” Well, this is how I do it (no plug-ins, no-presets – just simple Photoshop stuff).

Hope you find that helpful, and here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend! :)



P.S. If you’re a KelbyOne member, just a heads up: we are taking the site down tonight at 11:30 pm EDT for a scheduled maintenance. It should be back up Saturday morning. We’re doing this maintenance to help give our members a better, more stable experience (we’re moving to an awesome new server platform) and it will bring us all lots of happy goodness and love, but to get the love, we have to do this maintenance thing first, so hang in there with us – a better experience is on its way. Thanks for your patience (and for the love. We all need love). :)

  1. Ooooooh, server upgrades! I can feel the love!

    Scott, can they make the loading of discounts, and instructors on the K1 site less clunky? The page loads, but when scrolling down, we have to wait for additional sites or names to load, but only just a few! Then rinse and repeat. It takes forever to load all the info up. Nothing is alphabetical, either. Hey, it looks cool when things “pop up”, but for this end user, it’s terribly frustrating to navigate.

    Have an awesome weekend!


  2. Scott, I just wanted to say that hands down, it truly saddens me to see that all of the “Photoshop Guys” are no longer at KelbyOne. I have learned a ton from all of them over the years, including yourself. I don’t know what happened at KelbyOne that had to cause this dramatic change, and you don’t have to explain anything here, but I will say this: It is really great to see you making tutorial videos again!

    A turning point in my career was when my wife bought me your “7 Point System” book. I was fresh out of college at that time and that was the book just changed the game for me. I have been a NAPP/KelbyTraining/KelbyOne subscriber since that time.

  3. THANK YOU for this tip! I’ve never heard of this effect before and love the difference it makes! I’m excited to try it on my last shoot. I just gave it a go on this shot of a welder I took yesterday and it really made a difference! Love how quick it was to do. I think I will save this as an action! I’m anxious to see the effect on my beauty images.

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