A Behind-The-Scenes Shot From My Latest Car Shoot

OK, this is NOT a finished shot — just a behind-the-scenes shot from a 6-hour long, six-car shoot in an airplane hangar. I was going to show the finished shots today and include a behind-the-scenes video about a new piece of gear we took out on location, but the video’s not quite out of editing yet. Hoping for Friday.

In the meantime, you can see two of the three lights used in the shoot —- the one in the top left corner is one of those Priolites that we are totally digging on (here’s a link to my Audi R8 shoot video and Prioite demo video), and the long strip bank near the rear of the car is an Elinchrom BXRI 500 (my go-to studio strobe) running off a very cool, very small, very lightweight, and very affordable battery pack (more on it on Friday’s post).

Above: This is an Instagram shot Brad took of four of the six cars we shot that day. Top left: A Ferrari F-430.Top R:  A Devon GTX. Bottom Left a Spyker, and bottom right an Audi R8. 

Lots more to share of course (plus we got to shoot two other cars: A Rolls Royce Ghost  and a Ferrari California), here on the blog on Friday.

But Before We Get to That…
I just wanted to take a moment to give a heartfelt thanks to all the folks who took the time yesterday to leave me a comment with a kind word or a show of support. I was expecting the worst, and was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to see so many supportive and understanding comments. Very much appreciated. :)

OK, Now We Can Get to That
Here’s wishing you all a great Tuesday, and here’s hoping all your car shots happen in slightly cooler weather than we were shooting in. Cheers, — Scott 


  1. Scott, that first shot of the R8 looks kind of cool as it is! Seriously, can you take a bad shot of that car? :-)

    One thing I wanted to mention to you….I asked my brother if he had got a chance to watch the Beginning Photography webcast a few Thursdays ago. He said “I can’t get enough of those videos on Kelby Training, especially the ones with Moose!”. I didn’t know that he had joined KT that night, but I’m glad I steered him to it.

    Have a great day and I look forward to that car video Friday.


  2. I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the video and photos! I love shooting cars, but the only time I get to do it is at a Antique Car Show and stuff. One of these days, I get to set one up! :-) Have a Great Day, Scott!


  3. Scott
    As for your thank you at the end of the article. Scott this comes from the bottom of my heart. I would not be even close to where I am photographically or nearly as skilled in Photoshop without the help of NAPP, Kelby Training, Photoshop World and countless seminars I’ve attended. So for me, it’s easy to hear what you say with a positive tone. After all, we live in America. We have freedom of speech. We are entitled to our opinion. We are entitled to voice said opinion even if we disagree. I just wish some folks would learn to voice their opposing views in a more diplomatic tone instead of hate. No one has time for hate.


    PS, I’m going to try to make San Antonio in August, it’s only an 8 hour drive. If not, see you in Vegas.

    1. Well said, Mike. Scott and everyone at Kelby Training have really helped me in my photography development. I have a long way to go still, but I’m glad I have some great guides for my journey.

  4. Scott, I want to thank you for all the work that has gone into these car shoots and the sharing of them. Plus the new training up on the Kelby site. I’ve done some of my own shooting of cars based on what I’ve learned and one of the best compliments I got the other day was “Scott Kelby needs to watch out” People are paying attention :)

  5. Scott, You are really getting good. I am pleased that you cannot be labeled a sports photographer only. Indeed, cars are very cool and have universal appeal. If you want maximum coolness, you simply must shoot a big telescope sometime. I have been to the Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham twice, as well as the observatories at Kitt Peak. Wide shots are amazing, and there are so many interesting detail shots waiting. Definitely put this on your list.

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