A Few Shots From Yesterday’s Bucs/Saints Game

Above: One of my favorites from the game. Shot at 6,400 ISO. No noise reduction.

OK, it wasn’t a pretty game, and it didn’t end the way I was hoping, and we had a long rain delay (well, Lightning delay), and I got home hours later than I expected, and I’m still pretty damp from the rain, plus I forgot some important stuff, and just overall….I loved it! :)

Above: Here’s an iPhone shot of my “Office” for game day. Ahhh, the glamour of sports photography. They really spoil us with perks like free power outlets and fold-up metal chairs in the workroom. There’s almost enough for everybody. ;-)

I actually have lots to share about the game, the gear, my new fancy-dancy multiple card reader, and my long list of mistakes off the field and in my post-processing, but unfortunately, it’s pretty darn late at night, and I’ve got a super-busy day tomorrow before I head out to Detroit and Dallas for my seminars there this week. I might have some more details for tomorrow — it just depends on how today goes. :)

Above: This was taken at 10,000 ISO with ZERO noise reduction, in JPEG mode. 10,000 ISO! The 1Dx is seriously insane! Loving it more every time I shoot it. Learned more cool stuff about it too from my buddy Rob Foldy, who was there shooting the game for USA Today Sports Images. He also had some helpful tips for Photo Mechanic. Rob rocks. He’s “Rockin’ Rob.” (sorry, dude). 

Above: Saints Quarterback Drew Brees (or “Breezy Drew” as my wife calls him), threw this one right to me. I jumped up about a foot over the corner to catch it and I tacked-on 11-positive yards after the catch. Either that, or it was a short pass to New Orleans Saints wide receiver (and 5th round pick) Kenny Stills (as seen in the shot taken a moment later below), I can’t remember which. 

Above: Yeah, that’s probably what happened. He caught it though. He didn’t bobble it a bit (like I did). ;-)

Hope you all have a great Monday, and I hope to meet over 1,000 of you this week in person at my “Shoot Like a Pro” tour. Cheers everybody (I’m headin’ to bed. Zzzzzzzzz).

  1. Killer shot of “Breezy Drew” with eyes locked on his spiral. Just great. I hope you’ll share what you can, when you can, about Rob’s 1DX tips. Man, do you ever sleep?

  2. Hey Scott, shot my first high school football game Friday night and it was a blast! I was using a D3s and a 200-400 f/4… some shots towards the end I was at 12,800 ISO!!! My question is, what in the world did guys do in the film days??? I couldn’t believe how high I had to push my ISO to get 1/1000 sec shutter speed. Had a few decent shots, had a lot of not so decent ones but had fun. Your Kelby Training class with Dave Black, really helped a lot!

      1. Scott, Can you use both the D4 and 1Dx on the same day – swap the 70-200 and 400 lenses at half time from D4 to 1Dx and vice versa – that’ll be a great way to compare images on the same day

  3. You had a weather delay too? I’ve never heard of a weather delay in football and now there have been at least THREE this year alone. Crazy. These hour-long weather delays are putting a huge cramp in my sleeping.

  4. Hi Scott,

    Great idea for a Kelby Training video….THis would be even better as a live event for your members…..From the sidelines of NFL game….Get a GPS tracker (separate from camera) set-up a live map that subscribers can log into from the net while we are watching the game. We can see in real time where you are shooting from during the game (field position etc…)

    Then, set up so that you have a small very compressed JPG sent out via eye-fi (if possible) that streams to a site (maybe same site) so we can see all your shots in real time. This would be an incredible interactive tool and highly educational. I think you’d have a ton of people interested in watching live.

    Logistics – 1. How to get a small compressed JPG and still get jpg’s for your employer. Might have to show .NEF and small JPG.

    2. Will the wire service allow you to send the images out live? Perhaps they get some kind of sponsorship or other way to compensate.

    This would be HUGE!!!

  5. Would it be difficult to go back to the D4? I had thought of the 1Dx, but a lot of glass I have. But still would make the move if better for me. How ’bout to compare the two cameras? You would be the perfect guy to give a non partial op. I like your take on these things, and you know WB, noise and ease of shooting. (Any more hockey or other games for others to join in w/ you?)

  6. Why Canon? Because i think Scott is sponsored by Canon. He can use Canon gear for free and they sponsor Kelby training and the shoot like a pro tour…
    So, Scott can not be 100% objective when he talks about the 1Dx vs D4…

  7. An answer to the ‘why Canon’ repeated question. (Having only just read this posting and a few previous…) If I remember from the other day; Scott wanted to try out the 200-400 Canon lens. Thus the need for a Canon camera body. Go back several posts to where he discusses this point. To Bart: if you look at his ‘gear’ list at the top, it’s all Nikon with only a few exceptions. I don’t think you can accuse him of being a Canon snob.

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