So, my faithful reader and quick-at-the-draw commenter, Ken Toney may not have been at Photoshop World in person, but apparently a squad of Ken Toney fans made certain he was well represented in Orlando. Take a look at the iPhone photo above, taken just after Midnight Madness has ended.

The young woman in the photo is:

(a) Wearing a Ken Toney t-shirt
(b) Wearing a Ken Toney button (I was given one earlier in the conference)
(c) Is holding a Ken Toney 8×10″ photo
(d) Has someone else holding a 2nd photo (an accomplice)

But the most surreal moment of all was when my Editor at Peachpit Press, Ted Waitt, walked up and saw a Ken Toney button and said, “Is that “Flounderman?” (Ken’s tag). I was speechless.

Thanks Ken for making sure we weren’t lonely this year. Now, let’s see if you’re the first commenter on your own post. ;-)

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  1. Now if I had just been there 8-( !

  2. Scott- remember the Johnny L. Masks from a few years ago? Maybe that can be missing Ken 2.0… Ha ha

  3. You know, I really should have gone up to Michelle or Deb at the Tweetup and asked if I could have a button, too. But I’m sure EVERYONE will have one by PSW Vegas 2012 next year! Heck, they’ll probably be giving them out with the Pro Pass upgrades! :D (BTW, Scott, why don’t you guys call those nifty PSW backpacks…wait for it…”NAPP sacks”?? I want a nod if you decide to go with that! :D)


  4. Oh, and one funny thing happened to me on Saturday, Scott. I went to the Flash Bus tour in Boston, and while waiting for the train, a woman approached me and said, “Are you John? From Scott Kelby’s blog?” B)

    Had a nice conversation with her on the way into Boston, chatting about your seminar here in Boston a couple of weeks ago (that she attended also), PSW’s past, and other photography subjects. A good time. Her name was Denise, I believe (I hope…) and is a long-time reader of your blog. Maybe she’ll chime in here and say “hi”.

    Anyway, I felt ALMOST as popular as Ken! Nice feeling, though, and one I won’t soon forget. I can imagine what Ken must have been feeling during the last PSW. Glad I got rid of that WTD gravatar! :D :D


    • Yes John … my name is Denise. And I am the one who ‘discovered’ you at the T-station on the way into Boston! What a small world. Enjoyed the chat. The last ten days were amazing – kicked off with Scott’s tour in Boston and ending with Hobby/McNally on TFB tour. I’m starting to think I died and went to photo heaven!

      • So glad I got your name right. I am usually terrible with names……… :)


      • This is great! SK Blog is now becoming the next “Social Network”!! Very cool and really jealous about y’all getting to the flash bus. It’s on my bucket list…

      • It was pretty funny actually. I was waiting for the T and noticed a couple of guys coming off the escalator – all carrying camera bags. Wasn’t hard to figure they were also headed to TFB. Then I looked closer and went up to John and said – hey aren’t you that guy that always posts on the Kelby blog right after Ken T? LOL

  5. That just made me LOL in the middle of a busy coffee shop in the UK. Very embarrassing but worth it.

  6. I am not surprised Ken was the first to respond! Hilarious. :)

  7. In honour of Ken’s ‘virtual visits’ we took Alan Brusky @fireleafdesign out for a curry on Friday night, the second meeting of the NAPP #CurryClub here in jolly old England ;)

  8. So Ken, next Photoshop World, I’d love to see you there in person wearing a Ken Toney shirt, button, hat… [-Larry Becker]

  9. Ken, do you ever sleep?

  10. Hey Guys,
    This Ken Fella’ is a great guy. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for Vegas ;) I know it will be priceless just like Photoshop World is.
    PS Ken, thanks for the Eddie Pearson Introduction!!!!

  11. Ken,

    I’m glad Pedro didn’t post first on this one. It would have been embarrassing!

  12. I wonder if this is what angered the Thunder Gods in Orlando. We had clear weather before and after.

  13. I think Ken should have his expenses paid & lead a workshop at the next PSW…

  14. A guy named Clarence once wrote, “No man is a failure who has friends”. I saw a great many friends of Ken show their support throughout Photoshop World. Well done sir.

  15. LOL – If you’re thinking of replacing your real, virtual, presence here with a Scott Kelby button please make sure it is included in the app and connects me to a direct line to your desk… uh, that you actually answered that is. On second thought, scratch that. Catching you actually at your desk might be the biggest trick of all… :)

  16. Ha Ha! I laughed when I saw this blog post. Now THIS was awesome!
    Thanks Scott for posting this, and thanks Ken for being a stalker that only borders on being creepy! :P :)

  17. What surprises me is that no one mentions how hawt Ken’s fan is! I should be so lucky! ;)

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