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Hi gang. I’m sitting in my delayed flight home (long story) blogging from my iPhone, but I won’t get home until crazy late, so it’s going to be “Light Blog Friday” (which is actually “Lame Blog Friday” with a PR spin).

Had a fantastic crowd in Chicago on Thursday. I thought it was our best stop yet. Our models were awesome, the attendees were incredibly gracious, and it was just a blast all day. Thanks to everyone who came out, and GO BEARS!!!

By the way—-I have to give some love to Brad Moore who has been awesome throughout this trip. When I thanked Brad on stage after the last shoot, the crowd gave him a rock star ovation, and he totally deserved it!! Thanks Brad for everything. :)

Well, they are literally closing the cabin doors for take off, so I’ve got to run. Have a great Friday and weekend everybody, and I’ll see you here on Monday.



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  1. Your Masthead reads Published for Friends of Scott Kelby; there is nothing lame about it. Life gets in the way of the best laid plans of mice and men. I understand why you don’t waiver from posting every weekday, but you should allow yourself a “Hey, I’m having a not so great day, please understand,” every now and then. If people don’t understand, then are they really your friend, and isn’t what this supposed to be about in the first place?

  2. The best seminar ever? Or the greatest seminar ever? I’d have to say the bestest greatest one! :-)

    Thanks Scott, Brad, Stevie and everyone else involved. It was great meeting everyone and was by far the best one I’ve been too.

  3. Hey, I thought Indy was the best stop!!! ;) I had a great time in Indy at your seminar- very informative, inspiring, and enjoyable. I am an educator by profession and a “serious amateur” photographer. I want to be sure that you know that you are not only rock solid in your content, but you know how to educate as well. If our schools were full of people like you, education would not be struggling the way it is- and that is because you know the value of story, relationship, and engaging your audience. Well done, Mr. Kelby. This educator gives you an A+.

  4. Brad has always been a rock star in my eyes. A great assistant is worth their weight in gold. Get some rest, Scott….you’ve had a hectic time in the past month!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Scott,

    It was great seeing you, thanks again for 1) signing my CS4 book, 2) letting me get a photo with you, and 3) not trashing my Aaron Rodgers jersey! ;) (I have not scribbled over your note in my book; after all, I know who the Super Bowl champs are lol) You put on the absolute best seminar I have ever attended, and I will be hitting every one of yours I can from now on. CAKB just doesn’t seem to cover how incredible yesterday was. Stevie, Troy and Anita (it WAS Anita, right ;) ) were awesome, and Brad is a Superhero! Seeing you build the lighting from the ground up really filled in some holes for me, and has pushed me to start working on studio work; now I just need to convince my 6 year old to willingly comply. :)

    Seeing the ease of the tethered setup had me drooling, and Lr3 is on it’s way to me now.

    Anyway, thanks again for all you do. Your teaching has pushed me to places I never dreamed I would be.

  6. I am so glad to see Brad get a mention. This young man is seriously talented, humble, professional and polite. A rare combination. On the occasions I’ve dealt with him, he’s been nothing but pleasant and helpful. When I’ve had the pleasure of being in studio at Kelby TV or at the Kelby offices, Brad has always been friendly and helpful. He also happens to be a Hell of a photographer as is evidenced by the images on his office wall. Kelby you’re lucky to have Brad on your team.

  7. This was my first live class that I have attended, and what a way to start. Scott, you are an excellent teacher and very funny at the same time which makes for an awesome combo.

    You are a rock star without the rock star attitude.

    I just want to say that I appreciate you taking the time to talk to everyone that stopped by your spot, including myself. GO BEARS!

    P.S Brad rocks. You might want to look in to cloning him :).

  8. Wow, Scott, my wife and I had a fantastic day yesterday in Chicago. I have been waiting for you to come to Chicago (on a day that worked for me) and I talked my wife into joining me for the day because I knew from all your online stuff what a great teacher you were. My wife and I share your sense of humor and I know she would enjoy that too. She just had a blast, we both did. First and foremost, you could teach the phone book to someone and I am sure it would be complete and very organized just like your class. Furthermore, you would make everyone relaxed and have them laughing too. At the end, your students would be asking for more phone book classes! You are just that good, Scott.
    By the way, I suggested one idea that I would like to see …. and today, I felt bad about saying it only because I didn’t want it to distract from what an amazing day it was. It had to do with using such gorgeous models. I thought you may want to consider using models like your students might be using. A heavy set high school senior with acne, for instance. A 80 y/o grandma. An elderly cooperate exec with a double chin. You know, regular people …. or worse! :-) I don’t know, maybe these type of things are the 200 class !! God knows how you would put more into this class.
    Anyway, it was just an idea but I didn’t want it to over shadow an amazing teacher who taught a very well organized class and just did a bang up job. Nice work and thank you.
    I have to tell you that at the end when you were typing comments, my wife was giggling so hard she darn near wet herself. No cleanups needed but it was a joy to see her laugh so much.
    What a great day ! Thanks again.

    1. Well said. I attended the Boston session and thought to myself the same thing about using ordinary models. Not all of us are as fortunate to be able to shoot gorgeous models all the time. It would be nice if you could somehow incorporate every day people in your shoots. It’s not a complaint – just a suggestion. Like so many others have said, the whole tour rocked and I didn’t want it to end!

  9. Seminar was AWESOME and totally worth the 4 hour drive. Still laughing at how after the show I asked some seemingly random guy to take a picture of me & my friend with Brad, and Brad’s like (all discreetly of course), “you should be taking HIS picture you know…are you guys Bears fans?” :-) THANKS BRAD, and THANKS SCOTT for an AMAZING DAY!!!

  10. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for coming to Chicago yesterday! I thought it was a great session. One year ago, you gave your Photoshop seminar in Chicago. It was the day after being laid-off from my job, and the first day of jumping into photography professionally. Last year’s seminar was the kick-start for me to do something on my own, so I want to say thank you. One year later, my wife and I were there yesterday to see studio lighting first-hand, the next step in our photographic endeavors.

    NAPP has been a wonderfully useful resource in the last year, and as my skills behind the camera and the software improve, I find myself constantly returning to NAPP to help me along the way. I’m working through RC’s book to revamp my site, and using your Lightroom and Photoshop books to guide me for retouching.

    All in all – I can swear to the benefit of all that NAPP offers. Thanks again.


    Thanks for answering my question about whether Wacom tablets can be tailored to a lefty like myself.

  11. Hey Scott

    Great job yesterday!!I’m a student myself but you are an amazing teacher! I will be following your classes more. I can’t wait to start using my equipment and play and see how close I can get to your teachings yesterday!

    I can agree with Jeff a lil on the maybe show with a day to day person, since you cant get models everyday. But everyone was great and I loved the comedy and fun you have on set.

  12. Hey Scott,
    Thanks for the great seminar. It was a day my 11 year old son and I will never forget. He really had a good time. When we got home, the first thing he wanted to do was get on the computer and “Do Photoshop.” (Of course before the class, the book he picked out to buy was “Layers” by Matt Kloskowski, but that was because we already have several of yours. :)

  13. It was a great set of classes last Thursday, Scott! I always appreciate what you bring to these great workshops.

    I have two questions: Is there a way to substitute just one of the Elinchrom lighting gear pieces with a Nikon SB-900 and a David Ziser Zumbrella or another shoot-through umbrella? I’m looking for some lighting combination that is versatile and portable for a location shoot and for a studio.

    Also, on your Gear Guide, you didn’t list the lens hood on your 70-200 f2.8 lens. Was that a Mamiya Lens Hood on your lens that you talked about in a past episode of D-Town?

    Thanks, Scott! I had a great day!

    1. Have you ever tried to take the 27″ anywhere? It’s way too big to stow…well…anywhere. The 17″ is great for one to two people. For larger groups you might use the 27″ one, but you’d really have to twist my arm. :)

      Hope that helps. :)


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