All The New Stuff in The Camera Raw Update

Great video today from the awesome Terry White on all the new stuff Adobe snuck into the new update for Photoshop’s Camera Raw. Terry is so great at this stuff — totally worth checking out (and there are some very welcome new tweaks to Camera Raw this time around — some of which I hope will make it to Lightroom soon).

Thanks, Terry! :)

I’m the Guest on this week’s Dead Pixel Society Podcast

We talk about everything from how the iPhone is affecting the camera industry to how the pandemic has effected working photographers (and more). Lots of fun (and you can let it play in the background). Thanks so much to Gary Pageau for having me on. 🙂

It’s Lightroom “Photo Tip Friday”

If you’ve got a sec, jump over to my other blog, “” to check out my short (60-seconds) Lightroom tip on creating a spotlight effect right within Lightroom. It’s pretty cool (and so easy). Here’s the link.

Next week, it’s the “Wildlife Photography Conference”

It’s next Tuesday and Wednesday (with an optional free pre-conference session the day before), and it’s not too late to come join in the learning and fun. Here’s the link for more details and info, and I’m putting the official trailer below (ya know, just in case). 

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy weekend!


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