An Unexpected Christmas Song From My Wife, Kalebra


Below is an audio clip of “The Christmas Song,” made by my wife on her iPhone (that’s her and I above at Vegas Photoshop World—photo by Mike Kubeisy), using her iPhone’s built-in Recorder App (which is normally used for making voice memos), but how it came to be is what makes it special (and it’s why I asked my wife if I could run this on my blog today).

Here’s the story behind it, which I copied and pasted  from an email my wife sent to one of her friends. Here it is in her own words:

Kira [our 3-1/2 year old daughter] is constantly playing with the voice recorder App on my iPhone and I was in my bathroom blow drying my hair the other day (singing/humming that song) when she came in playing around with that recorder App on the phone. She likes it when I sing “The Christmas Song” so she asked me to sing it into the phone. So I did. The phone did a pretty decent job with the recording so I thought I would send it to Scott’s brother Jeff (because he’s always after me to sing him Christmas songs) and then as I was about to send it I thought: “Well, mom might like to have it, and so and so might like it” and then it became my Christmas card!

It took quite a bit of convincing to get my wife to let me run this on the blog (especially since she was just goofing with my daughter when she did it, plus it was recorded in just one take, into an iPhone no less, and not done in a professional recording studio), but I think the spirit of Christmas got the best of her, and she finally said yes.

I hope you enjoy listening to it, and that it brings a little Christmas Eve spirit your way. (click the link below to hear the song).


We wish you and yours a warm and wonderful Christmas.

-Scott & Kalebra Kelby

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