Anything Cool Under Your Tree?

Gift pile

Hi everybody. Welcome back, and I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas!!!! If you’re wondering about the camera gear I got for Christmas, well…. here’s the thing: I didn’t get any. None. Zippo. Zilch!

I must be really hard to buy for when it comes to camera gear, because most everybody got me guitar gear instead (my buddy Dave got me a new practice amp for the house, my wife got me a guitar, and my buddy Rod got me a Guitar Center gift card, and I loved ’em all!!!). :)

My kids had a ball, and their enthusiasm, gratefulness and overall Christmas spirit really made it a very special time for all of us. But let’s hear about you guys—what cool stuff did you get for Christmas? Did Santa bring you any cool lenses or bodies, or accessories? (I know Christmas is about a lot more than just presents, but I still wanna know what stuff you guys got!!!!). :)

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