Tuesday News Rodeo (Lite edition)


Photoshop Pranks!
The new episode of Photoshop User TV (which goes live some time today), is our year-end episode, and rather than doing the usual stuff, we foolishly decided to instead share our all-time favorite Photoshop pranks (ya know—stuff you can do to co-workers and friends copies of Photoshop so it kind of drives them insane, slowly. Painfully. Hilariously). That part is actually pretty cool, but after that, Dave and Matt went on to reprise the dramatic conclusion of “As The Snowman Turns” which…well…you just have to watch it, but be forewarned—-the acting is…well…you just have to watch it.

Here’s the link to watch the new episode, but just for the record—I apologize in advance for the whole snowman/monkey art nuoveau film at the end, which some viewers may feel is a trite, pompous soliloquy weighed down by an obvious lack of imagination saddled with awkward script that sometimes feels forced, leaving the viewer frustrated and confused as the monkey fails to establish himself as the hero of a post apocalyptic utopia where  the snowman, who phones in a somewhat pedestrian performance in what could have been his On Golden Pond moment, falls pray to a director whose cinematographic swan song may be this mostly unwatchable slow-paced and grossly clichéd story that barely stays afloat with two clashing perspectives that neither delight nor challenge the viewer.  (Note: the new episode is #215, so make sure that’s the one you watch).

Monday Night Football
Yesterday morning my wife and I flew up to Chicago to catch the Monday Night Football game featuring the Chicago Bears (my adopted team), who gloriously beat the Minnesota Vikings in Overtime, and get this—-I did not shoot the game. That’s right; I could have shot the game from the sidelines (in fact, my wife even encouraged me to go ahead and shoot), yet I chose to just hang out with my wife and friends and miss my chance to not only shoot The Bears from the sidelines, but my only chance to shoot Brett Farve playing probably ever. I should get some serious husband points for this. ;-)

Catch my short interview with Cafe Press
Cafe Press, the company that printed the “Channel 1, Group A” off-camera flash t-shirts for me (and my Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirts as well), asked me to do a short interview with them on a variety of topics (stuff like, “If you could lead a photo walk anywhere in the world, where would it be?”) and you can read it online right here.

Very cool Photographer and Photoshop Compositor
One of my readers, Mike V., turned me onto the word of Sean Busher in a comment posted here last week, and I took a look at his stuff, and it is very cool (I love it when great photography and great Photoshop skills come together). :) Here’s the link to check out his work (thanks for the heads-up Mike).

Epson videos
Our friends at Epson have posted a series of videos at the Epson Professional Imaging site about their printers hosted by folks I’m sure you know well, like Jay Maisel, John Paul Caponigro, Jeff Schewe, and Greg Gorman (among others). If you got a sec, they’re very well done, and you can catch them right here.

That’s it for this week everybody!
We’ll see you back here next year (that’s right—-I’m sluffing off on New Years Eve and taking the day off New Years Day). Hope you guys have a wonderful New Years, and see you next year!!! :-)

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