Are You Getting My Free “Lightroom in 60-Seconds” Tutorials?

For the past couple of years, Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde had been creating a wonderful series of short, to-the-point Lightroom how-to videos called “Lightroom Coffee Break” (they were about a minute long each), and every Tuesday I shared his latest video over at my daily Lightroom blog, When Benjamin wrapped up his series last June, I wanted to pick up where he left off, and so every Tuesday I’ve been publishing my own free, super-quick tip video tutorial series called “Lightroom in 60-Seconds.”

Here’s a couple (below) so you can see what they’re like:

I release a new installment every Tuesday at but you can also just subscribe to my YouTube page since I post them all there as well. I’ve got a new one coming out tomorrow on Lightroom Speed Editing – I think you’ll dig it.

Anyway, I hope you’ll catch them at one place or the other. I have a lot of fun creating them, and people seem to like ’em. Hope you will, too!

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Let’s make it a really great week, everybody!


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