Behind The Scenes Tour of The Set of “The Grid” (and some other stuff)

I shared this a while back with KelbyOne members on our Insider’s Blog, but I wanted to share it with you all here as well. I take behind-the-scenes of what’s on The Grid set; where it all came from, and the story behind it. If you’re a Grid viewer, it’s “must see TV.” ;-)

I’m Still in Texas – Shooting the Blue Angels today

Had just a kick-butt time at my seminar here in Arlington. Thanks for the great turnout — my biggest crowed in about six or seven years. Really a wonderful crowd to preset to — can’t wait to come back.

Now that’s Texas Hospitality!

Awwww, yeah. Now this is how you start the day in Texas — first thing in my morning one of my seminar attendees greets me with a gift of Easy Cheese and Chicken in a Biskit crackers. You haven’t experience real cheese until it comes shooting out of can! Thanks, Robert! :)

That me and Larry last year shooting out at El Centro Naval Air Station.

Today I’m in Ft. Worth with Larry Grace and the crew from ISAP (the International Society of Aviation Photographers) who are holding an event for their members here. I’m looking forward to shooting the Navy’s Blue Angels with them today (they have total VIP access).

On Monday, I’m in Richmond with my seminar

It’s not too late to come on out if you want to spend the day with me. Tickets here.

Gotta run — got an early shoot. Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend, and lots of great shots!


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