This is a Better Photoshop Tutorial Than It Sounds….

Let’s wrap up my first week back with a short, sweet, tutorial that is kind of a Trojan Horse, because it seems like it’s a Photoshop tutorial on How to turn a single Panoramic image into a Triptych (three separate images that have the basic look of a single image — perfect for printing) but hidden inside is a surprisingly handy, little known, little used Photoshop feature that is so incredibly handy.

Let that marinate for a minute. 

OK, ready for the first Trojan Horse tutorial of the year? Let’s do it (it’s short, easy, and partially automated which is the fun part).

See, that was better than it sounded, right?

OK, how ’bout some more cool stuff? Great!
For my first episode of “The Grid” for the year, I was lucky enough to have my super awesome wifey Kalebra on as my guest, and it was a really great show (some folks literally called it our best episode ever), but it starts with some REALLY BIG NEWS for KelbyOne members. It really got a lot of folks excited (and we are over-the-moon about it here at KelbyOne HQ), and we get right to the news at the beginning of the show, so I embedded it below.

Check it out (below), and let me know what you think about the big news in the comments below!

My 9-top Instagram Photos for 2016
As chosen by the awesome folks who follow me there (based on the total number of likes). :)

OK, that wraps it up for me, ya’ll.

I have some handy stuff coming on Monday (and some other news), so I hope I’ll see you then. :)

Have a great NFL Wild Card Weekend! (I’m not shooting any NFL this weekend, but…#rolltide!)


  1. Hello Scott!

    Thanks a lot for a great show on Wednesday – I sincerely agree with you: the best show of 2017 :) And it certainly is up there with the best of the best of the best – with honours – sir! Kalebra is so much fun and the interaction between you two was a joy to watch :).

    Now – on to the big news… I can’t believe I was so close in the comment on the other post but – inevitably – the idea you (or the better 2/3 of you ;) – to be exact) had is so much better! Yes – flying all the KelbyOne members to PSW with all the freebies would be amazing but like instant gratification for practically nothing more that an ability to pay for stuff over the internet. Your ( ;) ) idea gives inspiration and motivates people to work hard on developing themselves not only as photographers, designers and creators but also – if they take your tips from the show into their hearts – as human beings.
    Anyway – how can you do that without the DaVinci’s machine that turns lead to gold I don’t know – so I’m happy I was right in that matter :).

    The obvious hard part will be to somehow overcome the “talented” bit of your challenge. I do plan to submit my entry at some point. Maybe not with a view that I’ll be one of the lucky few to get a spot in your gallery – of course there is a tiny voice in the back of everyone’s mind saying “I wish I win this” – but exactly for the reason that challenge is out there. To get motivated, to work harder, to develop my way of seeing things, my camera and software skills, to improve my communication with people when it comes to portraits, to see and understand the light better. I’m happy to say that a lot of those things are underway already and a great deal of them caused by watching The Grid – the blind critiques, the interviews – it triggered the desire to learn more and more. And the reward is in these moments when you look at the final image and you go at the top of your lungs “SH…….!” (the seven – not four – letter word (and you know which one). I did the four letter word (you know which one too) so many times before…). So even I I won’t get chosen I will benefit from it for sure.

    It seems that we – KelbyOne members – have a very exciting year ahead of us. I’m so looking forward to the members’ webcast on Wednesday to learn what other great things you’re cooking up. I’ve been a member only for a short while but it already exceeds my expectations in so many ways it is unbelievable.

    With kind regards
    PiotrT-well…you know…

  2. Suggestion for a slightly more streamlined process:

    1. Set up guides as you did in the video.
    2. Select the first panel of the triptych.
    3. Ctrl/Cmd-J to jump it to a new layer.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining panels.
    5. Throw away the background.
    6. Choose File>Export>Layers to Files.

  3. Scott, since they would appear with a gap between them when printed, is it worth dropping a section between the selections to make non-horizontal lines look continuous when displayed?

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