Big Electric Cat is Back!


In my spare time (insert chuckle here) I play keyboards for “Big Electric Cat” (NAPP’s own “house band” named after Adobe’s internal code-name for Photoshop 4.0) and we’ll be making a special concert appearance at the Photoshop World Vegas party (held at the ESPN Zone Restaurant & Bar in the New York New York Hotel & Casino).

We also played at Boston Photoshop World this past spring (see photo above, taken by David Ziser, which shows lead singer Kalebra, along with bass player [and Photoshop genius] Felix Nelson–click on it for a larger view), where we played songs from Evanescence, No Doubt, and Mother’s Finest, (among others), but this time we have a different set list, with some fun 80s and 90s dance hits (like Janet Jackson and Cameo), plus some Heart, and a very cool remake of Elvis’ “Burin’ Love.” If you got a ticket to the party (it’s already sold out), we’ll see you there!

Note: In an effort to ensure that I get no sleep whatsoever, besides my gig with “Big Electric Cat,” I’m also the drummer for “Phoenix” (a reincarnation of my first rock band from high school, with the orignial memebers of the band; our lead singer was Angie Aparo, who wrote the song “Cry” for Faith Hill and has been opening for her on the road). We’re playing a gig this October here in Florida (we spent all day yesterday rehearsing in Orlando), but now I’m back to work on all things Photoshop.

So, scoll down for the rest of today’s news. :)

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