Some Tuesday News

Howdy folks! Let’s get to it:

  • Let’s start this Tuesday off right with some inspiration–I came across the photography of Erik Almas, and I was just blown away. His portrait work has a surreal feel to it that is just so captivating, and his landscapes, and well…everything he does is just amazing. Click here to visit his site, and start your Tuesday off right (hey, that rhymes). Note: He has several galleries and one of them is called Nudes. Now, I didn’t click that particular link, but I’m assuming that the Nudes gallery will have photos of people without their clothes on (it’s just a hunch). So, if nudity offends you—-don’t click that link (I hate to have to give that warning, but believe me—I have to give that warning!).
  • Dave Cross (who is, hands-down one of the finest Photoshop teachers on the planet) is leading a Photoshop and Photography workshop on October 17-21, 2007 up to one of the most beautiful landscape shooting locations in North America—as he, and the wonderful Neil and Susan Silverman, take 20 very lucky people up to Acadia National Park, in Bar Harbour, Maine.This workshop is produced by the GAPW (Great American Photo Workshops—the same folks behind my upcoming Glacier National Park workshop, and Matt’s recent Banff workshop). It’s just an amazing place to be shooting alongside Dave and the Silverman’s (they are amazing photographers and absolutely charming people to boot), and when the good light is gone you’ll be in the classroom learning Photoshop from one of the very best there is. There are only a few spots left, so sign up today over at
  • PanosFX has made some great free Photoshop actions (yes, free!) available once again, and this time the actions make a photo-realistic watch, (and the action has some cool options, too), and best of all–did I mention—they’re free!!! Check it out over at Kudos to Panos Efstathiadis over in Greece, for making these available.
  • I saw a mention of my “Digital Photography Book” snuck into a post called “Ramblings, Links, and Surprise” over at Adobe’s Genesis Project blog (click here to check it out–and the Genesis Project blog itself).
  • If you use Adobe’s Creative Suite, make sure you head over to Layers Magazine (the how-to magazine for everything Adobe), and get on the list to get a free “tip of the day” delivered to your inbox. Very cool stuff on everything from Photoshop to Illustrator to InDesign to Dreamweaver, Flash, the Bridge, and more. Here’s the link to the site (the sign-up field is on the left–about half way down the home page).
  • Back in April of this year we moved this blog over to WordPress (which I love), but before that my blog was over at (which is a great place to start blogging–and its free). Anyway, the reason I mention this is—if you want to see archived posts from this, my “Photoshop Insider” blog, prior to April of 2007, then click this link to visit the old site, and you’ll see archive links (along the right side) that go back to June of 2005, when this blog first started.

Well, that’s it so far for a Tuesday. Have a great one everybody, and we’ll catch you tomorrow!

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