BREAKING NEWS: Apple confirms that Aperture is discontinued

Apple has pulled the plug on Aperture. But not only Aperture, iPhoto is a goner, too!

Both are reportedly to be replaced with a new Photos app (the one Apple demo’d at WWDC) in the next release of the Mac OS (Mac OS Yosemite), something this fall.

Wow!!! Kinda stunned. Not as stunned as the guy in the TV above, but stunned nevertheless. Of note: the last time Apple introduced a new version of Aperture (Aperture 3) was back in February of 2010. Apparently they had discontinued development long ago â” now they’re just making it official.

Here’s the link to the story:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

  1. The writing was on the wall, but it still sucks. I understand Apple’s motivation here as the iOS ecosystem is what drives the business these days.

    I’ll miss the tight integration across all my Apple products as I move to either LR or Capture One Pro.

  2. Annoyed, but not totally surprised. I thought Aperture’s project based management was way better than Lr’s folder based management. But…..from an image editing standpoint, Lr does a much better job. Just wished Lr had the ability to show the focus point(s) like Aperture does/did. Maybe that should be a feature suggestion to Tom Hoggarty.

  3. Wtf this is awful!!! Even if you don’t use aperture, you as a consumer, are hurt when there are less options. Also this is further evidence that Apple does not value the pro market for the future. I suspect them merging aperture and iPhoto into one app is like what they did to final cut pro X, which is despised by many working editors

  4. Actually, they didn’t discontinue development back then. There have been a lot of point releases for Aperture. Some just bug fixes, others included some nice new features and improvements in the processing engine.

    As much as I’m saddened that Apple didn’t live up to its promise to create a new version of Aperture (as said by Phil Schiller during the intro of the new Mac Pro), there’s a sense that the waiting is finally over. We don’t have to wonder about Aperture’s fate anymore.

  5. Hey Scott,
    I’m a PC user. That said, I still appreciate the way you inform those of us who follow your blog. The information you give is always helpful whether one uses the product or not. At the very least, it helps me sound halfway intelligent when I speak of certain subjects. Being educated on topics, used or not, is a very good thing.
    Thanks buddy,

  6. Will iPhoto disappear from my Mac, or does this just mean it will no longer be supported with updates? I use it for “photo book screenshots”.

  7. I knew thus was coming and switched to Lightroom a few months ago. Now I worry with less competition Adobe will slow any development in Lightroom. I do think Apple still cares about Pros. After years of using Final Cut Pro I did move on to FCPX and love it. That is the future of video editing. Contrary to belief it us not iMovie on steroids. Who know what Photos will be. We will just have to wait. What it might do is allow us to edit on iOS devices and sync back to the main app. We will just have to wait until next year. In the meantime, I hope Adobe keeps moving forward with Lightroom.

  8. But But I thought all the artistic types use Apple products! Excuse me while I laugh at them. HAHAHAHA. Ok, seriously, Apple is a consumer product and not a professional product. You may as well save that extra $3000 on a mac pro or whatever it’s called and build your own power station PC.

  9. Aperture & iPhoto are being replaced with a new product. It doesn’t mean all your current work in those applications is wasted, it will be transferable to the new Photos app. We don’t know how good / bad that new app might be yet.

  10. Until I know exactly how the new Photos app will fit into a camera based (raw) workflow I am not going to pass a verdict. Aperture has served me well, still does, and hopefully so will the Photos app. Biggest concern here is how complicated it is to get your files off the cloud if you’d ever want to move them, and how open it is for innovative “plug-ins” like the ones from Litely and (now discontinued) from VSCO. So far, Apple has proved to be fairly kind to consumers, but a bit difficult to work with for developers. Hopefully they can fix the latter without fXXXing up the first.

  11. Here is an opportunity for KelbyOne to develop a course for transitioning into Lightroom. As an aperture user from it’s first creation I would appreciate the help….please!

  12. I’d love to know what Adobe means by “doubling down.” Is this another [not-so] slick marketing gimmick? Why weren’t they “doubling down” before?

    While not an Apple Aperture user, it makes me sad to see competition go away. Google has mostly killed Nik Software (though I still love using it), so the only closest competitor to Adobe is OnOne Software–and that is still a stretch at the moment.

  13. I won’t be storing my photos on iCloud, sorry. Even if it is free. If Aperture goes away, it looks like Adobe will be getting my business. I had originally picked Aperture over Lightroom, but I’ll have to look at Adobe’s products again.

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