Can You Help Me Unravel My Birthday Mystery?

Q. Who sent me this absolutely beautiful wicker picnic basket for my birthday?
A. I have no idea.

This is my Birthday Mystery
When I got home from my Hawaii vacation a large box was sitting at the front door. I brought it in, and inside the box was this fantastic picnic basket (photo by Kalebra on her trusty iPhone). I searched everywhere for a “This is from….” card. I looked inside the box and out, inside the picnic basket itself, and everywhere I could think to look but I could not find who sent it.

So, the really nice person who sent this to me for my birthday is probably thinking I’m an ungrateful rat since I’ve never thanked them for it. I’ve called a few folks who I thought might have sent it to me, but you have to be careful with that because you don’t want to ask someone directly and force them to say, “Ummm, no, I didn’t get you anything for your birthday,” so the whole thing is kinda awkward, as is the post, but I’m desperate to find out whom to thank and I can’t let this drag on any longer.

My guess is that the person who sent this expensive gift must know me pretty well, and in that case they probably read this blog, and if you are indeed that person, then you know my cell phone number, and if you would call it so I can thank you personally for such a very cool gift that I can’t wait to use to surprise my wifey with a picnic (of course, at this point it will only be when and where, because I think she knows a romantic picnic cannot be far behind).

So, that’s my story
If you sent it, please please call me. If you know who sent it, call them and have them call me. If you didn’t send it….why not! (totally kidding. Just a joke). Thanks for helping me track down “The Mystery of the Unmarked Birthday Picnic Basket.”

  1. Hi Scott,
    Sorry to say I didn’t send it. But I didn’t even know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday Scott, from a NAPP member you’ve never met. I wish you all the best, and want to thank you for your years of helping me out with Photoshop, Lightroom and photography. I’ve bought many of your books, seen tons of your videos and spent hours reading your thoughts on gazillions of sites. Thank you so very much.

    I will fight the hordes and try to meet you at the Photoshop World in Las Vegas this Sep. Then I can say it in person. Many more, Scott. Many more.

  2. Me ? !  Naw, I’m just a random Kelby training and NAPP member from Canada.
    So, let me play “Watson” to your “Holmes” .. 
    “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”
    – Is this a mile-stone birthday where this basket could be to trigger some kind of childhood memory?
    – Do you have a relative that like to give you ‘take-away’ meals ?
    – Is there someone you know that has an extreme attraction to wicker ?
    – Do the colors match something else you own, so that this will add to the ‘set’?
    – Is this a prop for your next photo assignment?
    – Are you sure the name on the label said “Scott Kelby” and not “Scott Kelsey” ?

    .. just some thoughts, hope they help
    **Watson** (aka: John L.)

  3. Hey Scott, did the shipping material include a manufacturer name and/or model?  I’m actually in the market for a basket and like the looks of this one!

  4. Everyone is commenting with, “not me” that no one has noticed what a beautiful picture Scott posted for such a throw away post. Most people would have taken a snap shot of the basket and be done with it. It looks like Scott actually took time to set up the shot. Beautiful photo.

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