Hey Gang: Canon also released the PowerShot G7 X today, an awesome little point-and-shoot camera that's a perfect 2nd camera for pros since it takes amazing images yet it literally fits in your pocket, and connects to your cell phone via Wi-Fi!  It's also great for anyone moving up from a cell phone camera that wants more "umph!" and flexibility.

Anyway, check out the video and see what ya think!

More details over at Canon (here’s the link)

You can get it at B&H (well, that’s where I’m gettin’ mine, anyway). Here’s the link.



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  1. Sounds good, but where’s the viewfinder? Sorry, close, but it has to have a viewfinder.

  2. IMO, there are better cameras released. Unless you want to stick with the Canon brand, that is.

  3. Sponsored post – If your new here, Scott and the team at KelbyOne are heavily sponsored by Canon. Take this recommendation with a very large pinch of salt.

  4. Sorry to see that Scott no longer talks about Nikon gear. He was a Nikon pro long before he got sponsored by Canon. So much for brand loyalty. I know… its business, and maybe a “few” perks for the referrals. That’s OK – Canon gear is good too.

    In fairness, Scott also promotes Elinchrom studio product too. Four years ago, I bought a complete kit based on his writings and books, to which I’m still adding to it. A superb system! I have been very happy with my purchases, and how it all works.

    But Scott, when it comes to camera gear… really, how about a bit of balance.

    Cheers and thanks.
    Frederic in Montréal

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