Canon Announces the EOS 7D Mark II â” Sports and Wildlife Photographers Hold on to Your Hats (ya know, if we actually wore hats)

First, watch that video above (it's got all the major specs, and we deliver them short and sweet!), then come on back down to find out why I think the just-announced Canon EOS 7D Mark II is literally going to shake up the entire sports and wildlife photography world (hint: we've never seen a camera with these specs, at this low a price â” ever!)

OK, thanks for watching the video â” what you just saw was literally the little brother to Canon's flagship 1DX, but for nearly $5,000 LESS!!!

The reason why this is such a game changer is that when it came to seriously shooting sports and wildlife so many people were literally left out of the game because of the cost of the type of camera you need to shoot at that level, but with Canon putting a camera out there with these specs, at just $1,799 â” today all that changed and the playing field has been leveled (no pun intended). Hey, before we get deep into this, I just want to throw out one spec that blew my mind. 10-frames-per-second! (Drops the mic. Walks off stage). ;-)

I think one of the biggest advantages this new camera has (and a lot of folks might not realize this at first), is that it's a crop-sensor camera, so it brings you 60% closer to the action than a similar full-frame camera. This allows us to use less expensive lenses and still get in really tight, so the 7D Mark II doesn't just change the equation for the body; it lets you get closer to the action with less expensive lenses. I think not making this a full frame camera may have been Canon's most brilliant move.

Sports photography legend Peter Read Miller, renowned wildlife photographer Adam Jones, and I were all I lucky to have had a chance to spend some serious time with this camera before its release and it's everything they say it is (and then some). We were all just blown away. These guys totally knew how this was going to change the game for sports and wildlife shooters, and they were just as amazed as I was at the specs and price point.  I take my hat off to Canon for taking the risk and doing what needed to be done, in releasing the 7D Mark II with these specs at this price.

Canon's got all the detailed specs (and is taking preorders) over at their site.

Also B&H Photo (I buy all my gear there) is taking pre-orders starting today (the camera is set to ship in early November). Here's that link. If you want a complete list of Canon's authorized dealers that sell the camera, go to this link (I’m very linky today).

Well, that's the big news from here â” hope you all have a game-changing Monday and we'll see you back here tomorrow!



P.S. Although I know Canon aimed the specs of the 7D Mark II at the sports and wildlife crowd, it'll take a photo of whatever you point it at. I did a bridal shoot with it (you can see some of my bridal shots in that video at the :56 mark and around 2:30) and it absolutely rocked!  A lot of folks outside of sports/wildlife fields will fall in love with this camera big time. 


    1. I’m always happy to see companies fighting for business, this always helps consumers, lower prices better products. I will bet the war room at Nikon has been meeting for the last year over Scott’s move, it will help all of us. Look at all the products both companies are pushing now!

  1. I understand that we all have to make a living but all these pro Canon posts on Kelby training and here are a little underhand. At least disclose that you have a commercial arrangement with Canon in your post so we understand you may be biased. Your a trusted source of information and these kind of posts really erode that trust.

    1. I completely agree, I have watched Scott since the beginning and my opinion is now changing. I might not renew my membership at this point. These are Canon commercials and not equipment reviews…..

      1. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I just don’t feel I can trust Scott and his team at Kelby to give unbiased advice on gear anymore. We get this infomercial on a new Canon, but not a word on the D810 or D750 from Nikon. Oh wait, I forgot, Nikon don’t pay Scott to promote their gear.

      2. A blog post from Scott himself used too be a HUGE thing and it still is sometimes.
        I agree that the absence of those two Nikon releases is a sign of biased info from now on. And that worries me.
        One more thing: Scott made another infomercial about a point-and-shoot that he claimed could be “a pro’s second camera”. That’s a really bad sign.
        Canon is hunting deers with a tank, two Apaches and a few IR satellites.
        Totally overkill.

      3. Let’s see, when it was Nikon they pushed, it was unbiased, now they switched to Canon and it is biased. Are you so sure Canon Pays Scott or is it, he has privileges given to all pros plus a significant discount.? Every company has arrangements with their pros, but it usually is not what some think.

      4. Nowhere in this post does this say it is an “equipment review”. This is a camera that Scott has been using before very many people have had their hands on one. Joe McNally has done stuff like this for Nikon and no one says anything.

      5. Firstly, if I go on Joe McNally’s blog, prominently displayed on the right hand side is the fact that he is a Nikon Ambassador, therefore at least I know there is some form of commercial agreement between them and Joe will be more than likely to lean towards Nikon.

      6. And what about on the blog post? And did Canon sponsor the post as in a paid advertisement or was Scott just provided a review unit and he’s giving his thoughts?

      1. Have you TRIED a 70D? Or are you just regurgitating the same tired (and just plain CLUELESS) tripe that’s clogging up the internet these days?

    2. My comment isn’t directly to you Craig – it’s just a good spot to drop it in since its in the same vein.

      ( Disclosure: I have no relationship to Scott, his training site or Canon/Nikon. I have shaken his hand at 2 seminars in the last 6 years. )

      He’s long ago noted his commercial ties to Canon, it’s no secret. When I read them, I just say to myself: “Scott shoots with Canon now, what he shows might not be on my D700”, and am done with that issue. They’re in business to make money and have apparently done what they saw as a good business relationship for them.

      These posts are free – I don’t see anyone paying for them (?)

      And while there may be vendor specific features called out in training material and posts, it’s a fair leap that Sony and Nikon etc. usually have something along the same line (or will soon) where it’s easy to make the mental map over to functional parity. Sometimes I’ll see one of his colleagues make specific mention of unique features of other vendors too – the plane of focus blinkies on Sony is a recent example.

      I’m a Nikon guy for 40 years now but still enjoy seeing what’s going on in the industry with the other vendors. One takes the lead for a few years, the others catch up. Do we all find comfort in the buddy factor of knowing we share the same gear as some web-wizard ? Sure. Does the fact that something works on a Canon mean it has no value to a Nikon or Sony user ? No. He’s neither news agency nor the mythical objective journalist – he’s publishing to pull viewers to his services and various sites.

      In short, you have to choose to take offense; choose to not – it makes life easier for all involved. Enjoy the free things you get from the web – soak it up – it’s an incredible educational option we’re blessed in all ways to have available to us. ( I personally look at the photographic techniques and results about 90% more than the gear they were shot with. )

      Hope the buyers of the new body enjoy their ownership and it helps you in your photographic pursuits, commercially or hobbyist..

      Just my USD$.02.

      1. I agree Lyle. I have been a life long Canon shooter and I was never offended when Scott used Nikon gear and talked about them. As you said Scott has a business to run and if this relationship with Canon helps KelbyOne continue to produce their excellent material then I am all for it.

      2. I’m not the least bit bothered by the brand preference. I think Scott has become a really good photographer. My only quibble with the site is the religious proselytizing that goes on from time to time… but to your point it is Scott’s site.

      3. I don’t mind either way, its about transparency. It’s ethical practice to disclose if you have a commercial arrangement. He may have noted it long ago but people new to the site may not know this. A sentence at the beginning of the post stating “Canon is a sponsor of this site” or “This is a sponsored post by Canon” is all that’s required.

        For example, Moose Peterson discloses his arrangement with Nikon here;

        and does not hide the fact that he is a Nikon ambassador.

      1. It’s a fairly common practice among trusted bloggers to declare potential conflicts of interest. Financial bloggers often disclose the companies they own shares in to avoid the kinds of criticisms we see here.

    3. I also agree. I lost confidence in Scott when he spoke of the great benefits of Drobo and now I have ten drives that are allocated to Drobo and I can’t use them as intended because of the Drobo units not performing properly. I find fewer and fewer reasons to come to this blog. You also can’t comment on the images unless you are effusive in your praise. Too bad. It used to be a useful site.

      1. Scott, please ignore all these critical posts. You’re perfectly in the right, you should have much continued success inspiring the thousands! Thank you for everything you’ve taught me throughout my journey as a photographer!

      2. Trevor, in my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with Scott giving over specs to an amazing sports camera. Never before have we seen a body (10 fps, 65 afp) for $1800 that can compete next to the 1D X.

        As a side point, there is nothing wrong with him leaning toward Canon either. When he was a Nikon shooter, I (who shoots Canon) didn’t have any problem with him focusing more on Nikon.

        The way I see it, it’s his career as a pro photographer, he can be biased if he wants to be (he wasn’t being biased by making this Canon 7D2 video), we’re following and learning from him.

        Take what you want, leave what you want.

      3. Isaac, I agree 100%. It was the hyperbole and the infomercial-ness of it all that I had issues with. I’m just not a fan of that type of plugging of any product. Some were apparently fine with it, others weren’t. That’s how life works.

    4. Hi Craig: Canon sent me the 7D Mark II to try out well before it shipped and then they flew a Canon tech rep to my office in Florida to show me all the new features and how to use it. No one from Nikon ever mentioned any of their new releases to me in any way whatsoever. Still haven’t.

      1. Yeah and you don’t have internet? And you don’t read the news about PhotoKina? Come on man.. Just say you don’t like Nikon anymore because they won’t fill up your wallet…

        Just say: Canon gave me a shitload of money to use and promote their product. I would have done it too. Hell yeah, give me a 1Dx and some good lenses.

        But saying that the 7Dmii is the best high ISO performing Crop camera??? WTF dude, your nose is growing in the video..

        People will always say bad stuff about you switching to Canon, or Sony or Pentax of maybe back to Nikon. But the way you handled this, man o man, i hope you get alot of money from Canon. Because your credibility is down the drain! I don’t think i will ever buy a product of Kelby again!

      2. Heni, how do you know the claim to be false? The camera contains two of Canon’s newest processors the Digic 6. Why would you think they wouldn’t address any noise issues? . And in case you missed the blog post a long time back, Scott used to shoot Canon, switched to Nikon, then back to Canon and as he stated, “for ISO performance”. Whether he’s a paid endorser or not, it doesn’t make the statement a false one.

      3. Really $1400…you better check again! Hint,,,the 7D goes for $999. The noise comparisons with the 7D MII are not yet out there.

      4. 7dii costs +1700

        I dont think the iso performance will be doubled by using a different processor.. the sensor is based on pretty old technique. The Dualpixel AF is good for video but it reduces the IQ

      5. You said 7D, not 7D MII.

        ” D3200 is even better in high iso ;-) that is about 1400 cheaper then the 7D” Quote by Heni

        You know total performance is about more than Mega Pixels and high ISO noise. Everything I have found to date suggests the noise on the 7D MII is better than anything to date. Sample shots are extremely good.
        You gain or lose very little (on a apples to apples comparison) using either companies equipment. You talk credibility….
        If you bother to read the details of the specifications, you will see that dual pixel AF is little more than a minor detail, but you might want to look a little more up concerning dual pixel AF.

      6. I didnt say 7DMK1 either ;-) ur not dumb, so u know that i ment the MK2. The version 1 is as old as my dead grandmother.

        I have a fuji x100 terrible in use but the output is great. I know its not all about the megapixels. Its about the quality. Im not a fan of Canons APSC sensors.

        Your complete bias is obvious and that was the point of my replies. If Scott was writing about a Nikon camera you would be happy and say nothing. I did assume you meant the 7D because data on the 7D Mii noise level is not yet available and as of this morning there was no DXO Mark. So drawing conclusions like you drew are like pulling as rabbit out of the hat if indeed you meant the 7D Mii.
        You need to open your mind to the big picture. The Canon vs Nikon argument as far as I am concerned is silly, both companies make good and improving cameras and what a person uses does not matter to me. I do tire of the types of over the top comments Scott received for simply doing a video on the new features..
        Nikon did not lose pros over the years just because of Canon Quality or sweet heart deals so many believe is at the bottom of it, there was another factor.

      8. I’m now comparing Apples to Pears… But even Nikon’s entry level had an (slight) advantage over the FullFrame 6D when it comes to: Dynamic Range, Color Depth (very important at portraits)

        I could even change the D3300 to a Pentax.

        My point is: Canon has to do something with their sensors. The used technique is very old and can’t compete with the competition..

      9. When making comparisons, you need to compare apples to apples. Any full frame camera will have lower noise than a APS C or similar sensor.
        That said the Canon 6D costing 1/3 less than the D4 compares very well with it on high ISO noise.

      10. So Scott, it sounds like you will only report on “NEWS” that makes a special trip and comes to your office. Please tell us that we shouldn’t expect an entry on your blog on significant events with photography, camera releases, etc. I wonder what your Canon rep will say to you when you do a post on the long awaited Nikon D750. Oh wait, I forgot, Nikon doesn’t send out their stuff to try out and send their rep to your office.

  2. I am a Canon 5D Mark III user. Sorry to say Canon better have big plans for the 5D Mark IV because this 7D looks like a stop-gap product. Using the crop-factor to artificially boost the focal length is a total marketing ploy. There are some nice features here but ALL new cameras should start with a full frame sensor at this point.

  3. I am a Canon 5D Mark III user. Sorry to say but I feel that Canon better have big plans for the 5D Mark IV. This 7D MII looks like a stop-gap product. Using the crop-factor to artificially boost the focal length is a total marketing ploy. There are some nice features here but ALL new cameras should start with a full frame sensor at this point.

    1. Why would you limit them with a full frame sensor? Canon has 7 dSLR bodies they are selling. They need to have differences between them. Not every user has the same needs. Having a crop sensor body could mean $1000’s of dollars in gear you don’t need to buy.

    1. hmmm, now if there was a marginal improvement in a camera, it’s the a77 Mk II. I shot the first version and really couldn’t tell the difference in image quality. Still the same roadblocks to low light shooting as the first version. Ugly noise and smudgy details over 1600 ISO. While the camera has some great features like the 6 frame noise reduction, it’s not usable when you’re shooting theater or ballet. When it comes to stills or landscape or even portraits, the a77 is a great image making machine but for action in low light, not so much. But I’m probably pickier than some when it comes to the detail.

  4. I’m a Nikon shooter but I agree this is a nice move by Canon… As a matter of fact, thanks Canon! Hopefully Nikon will respond to it with a nice DX with similar specs… I can’t get over the 10 fps… Damn! :)

    1. Hi joemama — Canon sent me the 7D Mark II to try out well before it shipped and then they flew a Canon tech rep to my office in Florida to show me all the new features and how to use it. No one from Nikon ever even mentioned their new releases to me in any way whatsoever. Still haven’t.

      1. And that is one of the issues I have with Nikon. I have a small photo group here in Dallas. The biggest issue I hear about Nikon is they are nowhere around. Nikon is a terrific camera with great capabilities . . . but zero marketing. I wish they would do better.

      2. So Scott, it sounds like you will only report on “NEWS” that makes a
        special trip and comes to your office. Please tell us that we shouldn’t
        expect an entry on your blog on significant events with photography,
        camera releases, etc. I wonder what your Canon rep will say to you when
        you do a post on the long awaited Nikon D750. Oh wait, I forgot, Nikon
        doesn’t send out their stuff to try out and send their rep to your

      3. I can’t even begin to comprehend why anyone would come to this blog to better themselves and learn from Kelby as this person apparently does, yet lashes back with such an inhumane comment. #Ungrateful

  5. I love Kelbyone, but I can’t trust camera, gear, or equipment reviews anymore. My only question about this is how much Kelby Media was paid to put this review together. The camera may truly be great, but only talking about the pluses and not the negatives just makes it a commercial and not a review. I would love an unbiased opinion but I’m obviously not getting that here.

  6. Samsung NX1 key features
    28.2 megapixel APS-C BSI-CMOS sensor
    Hybrid AF system with 205 phase-detect points covering 90% of the frame
    15 fps burst shooting with continuous autofocus
    4K (DCI 4K & UHD) video recording using H.265 codec
    Can output 4:2:0 8-bit 4K video over HDMI
    Stripe pattern AF illuminator with 15m range
    Weather-resistant magnesium alloy bodyContext-sensitive adaptive noise reduction
    3″ tilting Super AMOLED touchscreen display
    2.36M dot OLED EVF with 5ms lag
    LCD info display on top of camera
    Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    USB 3.0 interface
    Optional battery grip

    1. I wouldn’t say fps is a gimmick. I don’t think folks realize the advantage to shooting 10 fps. As a sports shooter I don’t typically shoot 10 fps for 20 frames – although it does sound cool. I will shoot 3-8 frame bursts. The big deal isn’t 10 frames in a second but how fast it gets from frame to frame. You can’t imagine what happens in one second on the football field. A split second can make a huge difference in capturing the peak moment. True – timing is more important than 10 fps but sometimes unexpected things happen in that split second after what you thought was going to be the shot – (e.g. breaking bats, helmets flying off, etc.)

    2. Hi Ray. Canon sent me the 7D Mark II to try out well before it shipped and then they flew a Canon tech rep to my office in Florida to show me all the new features and how to use it. No one from Nikon even mentioned their new releases to me in any way whatsoever. Still haven’t.

      1. Thanks for your reply Scott. Bad on Nikon then, they need to up their effort.

        Very few care what brand you shoot, but most want to see competition between the major brands. It sounds like Cannon is making more of an effort.

        I apologize for the snarky remark.

  7. Have to take the Nikon soapbox, after all you spoke on the PowerShot G7 X, and now the EOS 7D Mark II from some company. With the news about the Nikon D810, I think I’ll touch and feel it since Terry White and Moose spoke of it too.

    1. Canon sent me the 7D Mark II to try out well before it shipped and then they flew a Canon tech rep to my office in Florida to show me all the new features and how to use it. No one from Nikon ever mentioned the D810 to me, or the just announced D750 to me in any way whatsoever. Still haven’t.

  8. It is amazing to me how, when someone makes an announcement about some product, the trolls and haters are immediately out there tearing it down. Either that or tearing down the person that is helping promote the product. This is Scott’s blog. His blog, his rules. BTW, KelbyOne is his company. Don’t forget that he dedicates a ton of time to being balanced with tips for every other system owner. What do you think Camera Tips & Tricks if for?

    I for one don’t care about the this camera vs. that camera thing. However, this new 7dmkii looks absolutely amazing. For someone like me that dabbles in shooting sports I would love to own it. It looks like the camera that can be truly used for a broad spectrum of shooting. In fact, If I had the money I would have already ordered one. We are truly in a period of Photo/ Art/ Creativity renaissance. Never before have the tools of the trade been more accessible to more people. Forget about this brand vs. that brand and get out there and be creative.

    Aside from all that, Scott, were you able to use this camera at any football games? I Would be really interested in the AF performance when the there are many subjects in the viewfinder (refs, ball boys, line judges, etc.).

    1. Thanks Myles but I am neither a troll or a hater, just someone who loves to take photos regardless of what equipment I am using. I could care less what Scott uses to shoot with and when he switched it did not matter to me. What started my loss of respect for his advice is when everyone in the office decided to switch at the same time…..what a coincidence ! And now today I tune into his blog and have to watch a Canon commercial??? Not only that I get a “breaking news” email about the Canon releases…..that never happened when he shot Nikon. He has changed from being just a photographer giving unbiased opinions and I can no longer put faith in his equipment reviews.

      1. “And now today I tune into his blog and have to watch a Canon commercial?”

        Somebody have a gun to your head and FORCED you to visit, did they?

      2. First of all where does it say this is an equipment review. If you want a review head over to dpreview. Also have you and a friend ever decided to switch brands of something at the same time. The advice I give all the time when someone asks me what camera to get is to get something from the same brand all your friends have. It’s weird I’m a kelbyone member and I didn’t get an email form them about this.

      3. Hi Kevin: Matt shoots a Nikon D810 and some Sony gear and a Canon 5D Mark III. RC shoots a Fuji and a Nikon D800. By the way, As Keith wrote above “That was not a review and was never presented as such. It’s just NEWS.”

      4. Scott, it should also be noted that many of the classes that are on Kelby one are taught by people shooting all kinds of gear. Alan Hess shoots Nikon, Joel Grimes shoots Pentax medium format and switched from Canon, I’ve seen RC shoot with a Sony as well as some others. But it seems people conveniently forget this fact. Amazing. It’s almost like politics.

  9. I have a 7D, and while they claim it’s something like 6400 ISO, it’s worthless to shoot anything even close to that. I hope the higher ISO looks better in the 7D Mark II. I would consider upgrading. I don’t shoot at high ISO that often though.

      1. Nikon does not discriminate. Nikon doesn’t market anywhere. Not even in Dallas. Scott has issues. But in this case, Nikon has a larger issue.

        When I was in Viet Nam, Nikon was everywhere. Nikon had a 20% premium over all other cameras. Nikon has since lost the bubble. It is not a lack of engineering. Nikon cameras are second to none. Nikon simply can’t afford to market their product.

        BTW . . . I bought Canon in Vietnam. After the digital revolution I bought more Canons.

  10. I have not checked into Scott’s blog for a long time now, and a post like this is the
    reason why. From the poor way in which he inform us as to the which to cannon and many
    others, I have decided I do not need the constant sales pitch from Scott and his group. I find
    it troubling Scotts seems to think of us as mindless sheep. goodby and good luck.

  11. I guess I see this as a gap filler between the consumer market and the 1Dx. Nikon did something similar with the D700 and D3 (I currently shoot both) and it was an awesome thing. I was hoping the D750 would be the same gap filler for the D4s – since it was touted on Nikon sites as a “sports action” camera – but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    As for Scott showcasing the Canon products – doesn’t really bother me. It seemed like a bunch of folks that jumped from Canon to Nikon when the D3 hit. And several have jumped back with the 1Dx. Sports shooting is a niche that requires special equipment and this could be a nice fit for someone that just dabbles in sports and can’t fund a 1Dx. When Scott shot Nikon he would often give thoughts on Nikon gear that he had tested –

    I say keep the reviews coming – Nikon or Canon – I enjoy them all!!

    1. Bryan, with all due respect, THAT was not a review. As well, this doesn’t come across as presentation of Scott’s “thoughts” on the camera. The video, in my view, looks like a scripted infomercial written by Canon or at least written by KelbyOne to please a sponsor.

      1. Yes I would agree – “review” – was probably not the correct word to use. Scotts reviews tend to inlcude the postives and negatives. Either way I still enjoyed seeing the new camera.

      2. “Bryan, with all due respect, THAT was not a review”

        Nor is it presented as such. It’s just NEWS.

      3. Scott, I gotta be honest with ya. Only on Fox, does an over-the-top rave like that qualify as “news.” I guess I just feel like I’ve heard the claims here, “This is gonna be a game changer!” so often (only to never hear another peep about the product) that it becomes tough to accept these “news” items as anything but infomercials. You have told us in the past, “Hey, if there’s something about Adobe’s products I don’t like, trust me, you and Adobe will hear about it.” For a lot of people here, that trust is wearing thin and it has NOTHING to do with Canon/Nikon rivalries. It has NOTHING to do with being a hater or a whiner. It does have everything to do with trusting KelbyOne to be an unbiased source of photo information. I fully admit that you and your site are a valuable source of paid and unpaid information, but as many have respectfully pointed out here, it is unfortunately getting harder to separate the wheat from the chaff.

      4. What’s the difference between KelbyOne being sponsored and your favorite photo magazine? Do you think for a second the reviews aren’t biased? Have you ever read anything really horrible about any photo product in any publication? Rhetorical questions actually. The answer is no. If a publication were to be truthful, they would quit receiving advertising dollars from each manufacturer they printed a bad review about. Get real, do your own homework and go with what you feel is the best for your situation. And frankly, it doesn’t matter what you shoot with…. it’s all the same in the end if you know what you’re doing. :)

      5. Todd, if you’ve read any of my other posts on this thread, you will see that my criticisms have nothing to do with Scott pushing Canon cameras (clearly that’s a bigger issue for others here). I would feel the same way regardless of what he was plugging. It comes down to a matter of trust. How many times have we heard proclamations here like, “This is gonna be a game changer!” or “This is forever going to change the way photographers share their work”? It becomes kind of like a reverse “boy that cried wolf” scenario. I really think with all of Scott’s expertise and experience, he would still have a lot to offer in terms of product reviews and recommendations, but at this point, just as with the photo magazines you mention, I don’t feel we can look to him for objective views on most products. In no way does that take away from all the great training he provides, free and paid.

      6. Scott has stated that he personally used the 7D Mark II which Canon provided to him. He is not making comments like “This is gonna be a game changer!” without merit.

        I think it speaks volumes of Canon to give professionals ‘beta’ (test) versions of their products to test and try out before sending them to manufacturing. Otherwise you end up with issues like the D600 sensor spots from the shutter assembly: or the D810 bright spots in long exposures:

        I have been following Scott and KelbyOne for several years within which he and everyone else that worked with him shot Nikon and the tips were often Nikon-centric, forcing me to figure out what the Canon procedure was to a certain approach, but guess what – I learned a TON about and improved my photography in that time even though I used Canon.

        I never considered Scott nor KelbyTraining/KelbyOne a source for product reviews (there are awesome sites for that), but instead I consider this a source on how I can improve upon my photography and related knowledge with Scott sharing what HE thought was neat or worth presenting.

        I am not offended by any Canon-slanted presentations or announcements just like I wasn’t offended by the overt use of Nikon gear.

        Never have I seen such a chatty and polarized group of commentators. It reminds me of my day job in technology where everyone quibbles about whether Windows is better than Linux or better than a Mac.

        Aren’t you glad you now know some facts about the specifications of a competing camera so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not to purchase the next Nikon that comes out by comparing what they bring to the table to compete with the 7D2?

        To those whom are on here still complaining about some ‘obvious relationship with Canon’ instead of soaking things in to better your knowledge on the field of photography in general, just cancel your membership and/or block this site from your computer and stop all the negativity.

    2. Hi Bryan. That’s exactly the niche I think they were trying to fill. Nikon did it brilliantly when they introduced the D700 years ago (one of their best cameras ever IMHO for the money). I wish other people had seen this as clearly, and calmly, as you did. Thanks for sharing your views. :)

    1. Agreed, the Kelby Group have lost their independence to their sponsors. They need to get back and focus on their training to make ends meat then we can get back to trust their posts again.

      1. I shoot both Nikon and Sony and find they are very comparable in features and quality of images. Try one you may convert.

      2. I shot a sony a77 and can tell you the noise after 1600 iso is horrible next to an older 7D. Details are mushy. You might stop the action but I like to see clear detail in my shots of ballet performances. Sony, even the a99, couldn’t give me what my Canon has. same with Nikon…it’s in the algorithms and neither Sony or Nikon has kept up with Canon in that regard except for maybe the upper in Nikon D4s.

  12. Scott, saw this post when you first put it up this morning and immediately went and pre-ordered myself one. I will be trying to find my old 7D a good home now! Thanks for the information, reading specs is one thing but hearing comments of someone who as used the product is a lot better.

  13. I’m really interested to see if the metering improvements help with motorsports. I’ve shot cars separated by seconds on-track with my 7D, and the metering was different depending on the color of the car — not good at all. I understand the new metering sensor is supposed to help with that — I’m really interested to see some real-world examples to back it up, though.

      1. Thanks, Scott. I’ve been really happy with the 7D’s AF, so if they’ve improved on that, I’m impressed. I was also really impressed with the improved Auto-ISO functionality — it sounds a whole lot more like what I’ve wanted all along (upper / lower limits plus min shutter speed — killer!). If you want to have Canon send me one for testing, BTW, I’d be more than happy to take it to the track! ;-)

  14. Scott, thank you for a great informative video! Please ignore all those people who look for any opportunity to criticize. The fact is, Canon make better cameras, they have much larger market share (than Nikon & Sony) and there is no problem if you choose to lean towards their products. The Canon EOS 7D Mark II looks amazing!

  15. Scott I’m curious on your opinion comparing the 7D Mark II vs the 5D Mark III for sports. I realize the FPS is greater on the new camera. I shoot a lot youth sports with the Mark III and a 100-400 lens. I’m considering adding another body so I can setup for some wider angle shots as well. The 1DX is something I’d like to have but the price is a little rich for my non-pro blood.

    1. I think all around the 7D Mark II is better for sports — it was kind of made for sports (the crop sensor gets you so much closer to the action), and obviously the 10-frames per second and such gives it a huge edge. The one place where the 5D Mark III wins out is on noise. While the 7D Mark II has improved low noise performance, it’s a crop sensor camera and the 5D Mark III is a full frame with lower noise. Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks Scott, I realized later that the 7 isn’t going to be available until after youth football season so I’ll probably rent one for a weekend next year and try it out. Light is almost never a problem for the games I shoot so I’m not worried much about the noise.

      2. Scott – thanks for the feature review and information. I’m a canon shooter so I have no problem on your choice of camera system :-) I’m curious how the 7D mk II would rate in your opinion vs a 5D mk II on performance at a high school football game. I’m currently using the 5D mk II with a 70-200 2.8 and as you know from the video you shot with with Dave Black a while back, you’re talking ISO 4,000+ to keep that shutter around 1/1000. I wish I could swing a 300 2.8, but have decided my best route would probably be a crop sensor to get that effective 320 @ 2.8 with my current lens and along comes this beast! Just curious how you’d compare this camera vs a 5D mk II, as it seems superior in many ways sans the full frame sensor of the mk II :-)


        Bob Lewis
        Binkdog Photography

  16. I was a Nikon shooter over 10 years ago when I started following Scott Kelby. He was a Nikon shooter at that time and I kind of wondered of that was “fair” to all the Canon shooters. This is Scott’s blog and he has stated many times what he uses it for. He is sponsored by Canon now and frequently reviews their equipment, that is just business. Scott has most of the Nikon Ambassadors in the world hired and doing tutorials so how can anyone say he is promoting only Canon. IT”S NOT THE CAMERA, it’s the photographer. I could personally careless what camera Scott shoots, he is a great friend and I know him to be a kind and generous person, but most of all he is a great business man.
    Scott has one rule on his blog, no whining. :)

    1. Ken, I too really couldn’t care which brand of camera Scott/KelbyOne staff use or don’t use and that certainly was not the point of my original post. I would feel the same way had I watched a similar video pumping a Nikon, Apple, Adobe or OnOne product. The vast majority of “critical” comments here have been very respectful (yes, it is possible to criticize someone respectfully) and I think they are far from whining. I think the world would be an incredibly boring place if we all shared the same opinions. As long as differing opinions are expressed respectfully, I’d much prefer to see that than a bunch of lapdogs accepting any bones thrown their way. :-)

      1. Agreed, I’m still trying to figure out where these posts start/stop. I put mine in and it showed up in the middle of the comments, I liked the old comment method better here.

  17. Scott, I really admire you and appreciate you for all you have taught me and other photographers around the world. Like many here I am a but frustrated with the one-sided praise of everything Canon and your complete silence on anything Nikon. You’ve built up a lot of credibility with photog’s around the world – it would be a shame to let that go to waste.

    1. Canon sent me the 7D Mark II to try out well before it shipped and then they flew a Canon tech rep to my office in Florida to show me all the new features and how to use it. No one from Nikon ever mentioned the D750 to me in any way whatsoever. They still haven’t.

  18. He sCanon Kelby… ur really brainwashed by Canon. Anyone is free to make a switch to another brand. But man!!! Youve really lost the confidence of your fans by the way you praise Canons.. yes Canon is a good brand. But wake up, Canon is falling behind on the competition.

    Just tell your readers that Canon gave you alot of money and thats the only reason you ditched Nikon.

    1. So, Scott isn’t allowed to like Canon for any other reason? Are you that pissed that he switched from Nikon? I have to disagree with your stance that Canon is being left behind. All the fluff from other manufacturers is just that. Imaging has reached a plateau at this point and getting rid of the mirror isn’t going to change the quality of an image, that is more in the processing. The best advancement I’ve seen in years was the Digic 5+. It’ll be nice to see what the 6 brings to the table. As for Sony et al. they are all still way behind in the noise game. The only way Sony could play was to reduce the resolution of the sensor by 2/3 to 12mp in the a7s. I’ve shot with the a7r 36mp camera and I didn’t see much of a difference in noise from my a77, which I dumped to get the 5D Mk III, which blows anything I’ve seen out of the water for low light, high ISO performance. Sorry but those are simple facts image to image at the same ISO Canon is still king regardless of what any review will lead you to believe. Even the big medium format cameras can’t compare.

  19. I have been shooting with a 7D for years and love that camera to death but as anyone who’s ever spent time with one knows, it’s pretty dang noisy in low light. What can you tell us about the noise at higher ISOs of this body vs the 5D Mk III? I’m happy about the focus point increase and extra card slot, but it’s that noise that’s the kicker for me.

    1. Hi Katie: It still has a cropped-sensor body so the noise isn’t going to be as low as a full frame sensor like the one in the 5D Mark III or the 1Dx. I do feel it’s the lowest noise of any crop sensor I’ve ever shot, though.

      1. Should I bother with this new 7D or go for the 5DMkIII when the time comes for an upgrade? I’m out a pretty penny either way so I want to be sure I spend wisely. I’m not shooting sports, but do like my shutter as fast as possible if I’m not on a tripod (since often my subjects are moving or my weak girly hands are not the most steady), necesitating a bump in ISO to allow for a faster capture. With the 7D, I cringe to go above 250 ISO. Guess I’m spoiled on today’s crystal clear potentials. Maybe I should just embrace the grain and make it part of my “look” LOL.

        BTW, I have just one lens right now and it will fit either body (24-70mm 2.8) so there’s no issue with lens investments for the crop vs full frame for me.

        I’ve been taking all the lessons on KelbyOne to heart about making the most of the gear I have. I try so hard to not think about the limits of the 7D, but this release has got the cogs turning again >_<

      2. KatieO: I own both the 5D Mark III and the original 7D. I have shot with a 70D as well which had a slight marginal improvement over the 7D in the noise department. Canon and others are bumping up against physics here. They are already splitting a single photon of light onto multiple photo-sites in the higher-resolution crop camera sensors.

        Realistically, I would NEVER give up my 5D Mark III now that I own a full frame sensor camera. The image quality is notably superior. No matter which lens I stick onto either camera, there is something special about the images coming from the 5D. I can’t get past the grain/noise of the crop cameras but DO hope that somehow Canon has surpassed the laws of physics with the 7D2 and if they have, I might just have to get one.

        The 5D’s 6 frames per second is quite sufficient for moving subjects. Yes, it is true that higher frame rates are beneficial for catching the ‘exact moment’ when a baseball bat, tennis raquet, etc. are making contact with a ball.

        On a side, using your 24-70 lens lens on a full frame camera will open an entirely new world of options, while limiting you on the telephoto end. If you can keep the 7D and purchae a 5D3 I would prefer to have that combination than to just own a 7D2. If I were to just own one camera though, 5D3 is the one I would always run to.

        Hope this helps.

      3. I’m not sure if I want to carry around 2 bodies, but that 5D3 has been calling my name since I heard about it. But, when you find a like-new 7D on eBay at a steal of a price, and you’re already familiar with it from work, ya go for it ^_^ Hopefully my biz will take off next year and I’ll be able to splurge on the 5D3 (or get lucky again with a used model).

  20. Wow….. I wonder if the uproar would be the same if Scott had converted to a large format camera – any company IMHO, Scott has done as much for photography….especially post processing training, as any human on the planet. BTW, I am a Nikon shooter and have been since the mid 80’s. It matters not to me what camera you use, what car you drive, what glock you prefer (I like the baby glock), or what toppings you put on your pizza – there are some things that do matter (families health, deployed troops, and status of our country) – but what camera you like, for whatever reason, is not one of them.

  21. Scott – You’re a good guy, but you’re letting Canon take your reputation down. Nothing Canon or Nikon has done recently has been innovative. The last really progressive cameras were the 5D Mk III and D800. Everything from both is simply incremental, while Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung are eating their lunch. I love the DSLR form factor and don’t own a camera from that group, but I continue to be grossly disappointed in the Canikon philosophy of “take no risk.” If they aren’t careful, they will soon lack relevancy. Seeing this commercial by you and Matt just kills your credibility IMHO and I don’t want you to lose your relevancy. Your voice in the world of photography is too important. But continue this way and you are heading to the same place. Your reputation is everything Scotty. Protect it.

    1. Hi David: This was not a camera review. It was a list of new features of a camera released today. I don’t believe any of the camera companies you mentioned makes a camera aimed at the sports photography market this camera is aimed it. It’s $5,000 cheaper than what was “the sports camera.” I think that’s pretty big.

      1. Ya know I remember having FILM cameras and having to get shots in 36 exposures at 4 or less FPS. More FPS may not make you a better photographer, but your hard drive will be full.

  22. Well, judging by the comments today, you’ve opened up the proverbial can of worms! The new Canon cameras sound cool, but I’m too invested in Nikon to switch.

    So, Scott….Coke or Pepsi? :-)

    1. then don’t switch due to big loss of investment… pretty images is created by the person behind the camera, not the camera… either brand can help you to yield good images…

      a message from canon user…

      1. Scott, I switched just a few months before you did and was excited for you to change..Your stated reasons just gave validity to my own, they were the same. Now, on the subject of soft drinks. I have to say I like Cola…. I really don’t care what brand. lol

  23. I have a Canon 7D and it is a good camera but ISO performance horrible for shooting indoor sports even with a f/2.8 lens. I would like to know how the 7D Mark II performs when shooting indoor sports?

  24. Scott, we all have to pay our bills, but you are losing your independence and we count on the Kelby group to give us unbiased opinions. The faith in the group is quickly fading, it was so obvious you were paid a lot to read that scripted commercial. Lets get back to the old days or I will have to think twice about my renewal subscription.

      1. what amazes me is, everyone discounting the classes and information based on the fact you made a choice based not only on equipment but on business as well. I truly believe most of the people posting the hate here are being ridiculous. Just because you use a certain brand and may be compensated for it doesn’t alter the content of the classes. It’s mind boggling actually.

  25. I never saw accusations of Bias when all NAPP/Kelby One pushed was Nikon Gear. Kind of shows your own BIAS. Look both companies make a good products and both companies have PROs who use their products. I believe the reason so many pros have switched to Canon over the years is a little deeper than commercial agreements.

    Each company, not just Canon and Nikon, puts preproduction products in the hands of selected Photographers. That does not mean they get to keep the camera nor does it mean they do not get compensated for testing the product. Too many are making too big of deal out of this; ever hear of “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Certainly a bunch here are sweating the small the stuff.

  26. Scott, is there an office pool on which blog post will get the most haters for the year?

    After all this time you must have a pretty good idea of what will be controversial or not. You must dread hitting the “post” button sometimes as you’d be certain of what you’re going to come back to.

    So, to change the soundtrack for just a moment…

    Thank you for the info you provide on this blog every day. Some of it doesn’t suit my tastes, yet I somehow manage to just scroll on by without posting my outrage. It’s a skill :)
    Thank you for the free and paid content.
    Thank you for the countless hours spent in front of, or behind a camera.
    And thank you for helping me become a better photographer.

    Oh, one last thing. For full disclosure, of course!

    This post is not a paid advertisement :)

  27. Hey Scott, You should do a news blog on the up and coming Holga camera, the high dynamic range of it’s sensor, and the incredible quality of the built in lens. :o) That’ll get the blood flowing… a lot of your anti-fans won’t even know what it is until they Google it.


    I love photography. I have loved it since I was 6 (50 years). It’s taken me a long time to shift from being frustrated to being happy with my photography. Do you want to know what caused the shift? Too bad, I’m going to tell you anyway. The advent of digital photography opened the door to me and a lot of other photographers learning how to become a much better photographer.

    Opening that door came at a high price for some people. The seasoned pro’s found themselves competing with an ever increasing pile (I use the word pile in every sense of it’s meaning) of photographs from the eruption of “photographers” that digital spawned. A lot of photographers were pushed out. Stock photography prices tanked. Studio photographers saw competition from “P shooters” that barely charged enough to cover print costs or, even worse, gave away files.

    Pro’s had to make big changes to stay relevant. Those changes included creating workshops to teach people to be better photographers and how to work in the digital darkroom. They also started doing gear reviews, posting news about gear and software innovations, and demonstrating techniques to help us make our images better.

    Some pro’s didn’t make it. Some did. Which brings me to the point. Instead of bitching and moaning like a bunch of little girls why don’t you take a second and realize how fortunate we are to have access to the level of information and training that we have today?

  28. NAPP/KelbyOne has long been a source of “I use ‘this product’ because I find it is the best.” For those that have been with NAPP/KelbyOne for a long time, we are well aware of the ‘Photoshop Guys’ saying that they used Nikon cameras because it was their preferred choice to do so. For the most part, the general population accepted that—because the Kelby gang were well-respected people in the photography industry stating a “choice” to use something—NOT because of sponsorship—and often against the grain of the popular vote.

    I am guessing that it would have been just as well received by those replying to this blog post if the ‘Photoshop Guys’ has CHOSEN to make a move to Canon because of quality, cost, or whatever reason. However, when most of us who regularly read/follow the Kelby gang noted very overt and blatant bias toward Canon equipment—immediately after announcing a sponsorship by Canon—feel very let down by the seemingly unapologetic “selling out” to a brand instead of a choice.

    I think a lot of others may also feel this way. In the end, it has little to do with BRAND CHOICE, and everything to do with BASIC TRUST; trust that you were telling us something was better for us—based on your professional testing, review, and opinion.

    We trusted you, and you sold out to the highest bidder.

  29. Scott, thank you for all the entertainment this morning reading all the comments. Next time please also mention how great the iPhone is so we can really get the comments going : )

    On a different note, I am very interested in this camera because I am shooting more action sports including some DIII football and swimming and can’t afford the 1 Dx. If this camera can get close to the Dx in focusing and fps for $5,000 less even if it is on a crop sensor, it could open up a new market for many people like me.

    Thanks for everything!

  30. Been waiting for this camera for 2 years Scott…. How was the noise in high ISO?? The first 7D is pretty weak and I’ve blown plenty of low light shots because of it…. This one better i hope? Comparable noise to a 5d?

  31. I don’t care at all if Scott shoots Nikon, Canon or even something else. He’s done a lot to share information freely and try to advance this world we all love of digital photography. He’s done way more than most who are complaining here to advance the enjoyment and knowledge of digitial photography for us all – instead of complaining, learn to apply a reasonable internet filter to information and move on. At least Scott has been fully up-front about his relationship with Canon. I’ve gained a lot from even the free information on his site and even more so now that I’m a KelbyOne subscriber (in the spirit of full disclosure).

    Canon was smart when they worked to establish their relationship with him. And why wouldn’t Scott and company be interested in a closer relationship with one of the two major SLR manufacturers today — I’m sure Canon shooters appreciate getting an early ‘hands on’ report on these new cameras. In this day when the value of photography is constantly being cheapened by a myriad of people who think they’re good enough, almost every photography business needs to consider different ways of making money or supporting their business. If this relationship allows Scott & company to continue sharing the information they do (much of it free!!), then that’s a bonus for us all.

    There’s plenty of information around for Nikon shooters from similar calibre photographers – heck, many of which even teach classes or post on Scott’s site. {And yes, currently I’m a Nikon shooter … and I’ve owned Canon’s in the past too} I enjoyed this video even if it was about a Canon product – I wish Nikon currently had something similar {unless we finally get the D300 replacement:-)}, but I doubt this will make me switch and that’s fine.

    Heck, I’m not a big football fan either and we all know Scott shoots lots of football. Much more of a hockey fan/shooter. But I can learn things from his posts on shooting football which potentially apply to any sport and so I don’t ignore his football posts just because I don’t happen to shoot it.

    If people are going to ‘ditch’ Scott or KelbyOne purely because of a relationship with Canon, then go ahead. Don’t complain that he’s doing things to allow him to keep progressing his business and move the enjoyment and knowledge of digital photography forward. Go ahead and leave. Let those of us that are interested in learning more and advancing our craft enjoy the tons of free and useful information that Scott & company provide. We will be saddened that your not participating in that, but we certainly won’t miss the whining and complaining.

    Thanks Scott for what you’ve built that all of us can enjoy. It is much appreciated by many of us who I fear are largely in the silent majority.

  32. Now people are just trolling… I can’t imagine how hard it is to resist but don’t respond! Is there a block function like on Twitter? This is getting idiotic!!! Keep pumping out great content, I don’t know where I would be in my photography journey if not for the guys at Kelby Media….

  33. Seems like this is becoming a Canon biased sight. I know Canon sponsors your site but give us a break and make it perfectly clear they are doing so. I know some of your staff have changed to shooting Canon cameras, but really it would be nice if you’d do more to review some of the other competing brands and give us an unbiased view of the market if that’s possible.

  34. Are you guys getting paid to read Scott’s blog or are you consuming all that valuable information for free? I don’t think anyone is forced to read this blog and while Scott may or may not get camera gear from Canon to review he was always fully transparent in his relationship with Canon.

    I’ve been shooting Canon for over 20 years btw but I was following his blog when he was shooting Nikon, I was (and still am) a KelbyTraining (now KelbyOne) subscriber and the most shocking news to all of you, I was even watching the evil Nikon D-Town show back in the days and I loved it. He got a lot of hate back then from Canon shooters because he was running a Nikon branded show. So what?

    Who knows, 2 years from now, he might be shooting Sony but guess what, it does NOT matter because you all will still get valuable information about photography, Photoshop and much more from him and his team for FREE!!! If you don’t like it, delete his blog from your bookmarks, stop subscribing to “The Grid” on youtube but STOP wasting your time with all those hate comments and – I assume – hundreds of hate mails that he will find in his inbox today. Note to Scott; “Don’t read them!”

    Over and out.

  35. Scott, I just wanted to encourage you. I have shot both Canon and Nikon, both are excellent systems. However I was saddened to see all the negative comments directed at you. I have only been photographing with any serious intent for about 7 years and you and your team have lead the charge in my education. You are one of the most generous people out there. You have freely given so much content that it is staggering. I am proud of the business you have built and the heart you have shown. You have an amazing talent, a great team and a beautiful heart. Please keep on keepin’ on brother!

  36. Hello Scott. I’m here wondering why we can not see a combo with 7D Mark II and a 20-105mm F4 L? I tried to find this at 3 sites and they don’t sell this combination. This lenses when sold with a 6D cost only 600 bucks. Their regular price is U$ 1,999.00. Thank you for your support and a huge hugs from Brazil!

  37. It looks like a seriously impressive camera, but I did find myself cringing a bit at the delivery, do you guys actually work for Canon now? I’d love to hear the good AND the bad about the camera, I can’t believe there’s nothing that made you go ‘oh man, if only they’d done X’.
    I don’t mind a largely positive review, but this just feels fake/sponsored.
    Let me know when you do an honest review.
    I’m also surprised you’ve not done anything on the Nikon D750 yet, I know you’re not a Nikon shooter anymore, but I also know you made a big deal when Canon started sponsoring stuff that it wouldn’t make you bias, and you’ve gotta still be interested in the other stuff!

    Having said that, I love everything you guys do especially all the free stuff, and you have to pay the bill somehow and if that means toeing the party line with Canon once in a while, it’s still a price worth paying for all you do!

  38. Some people if given the winning numbers for next weeks lottery would surely Pi$$ and Moan about having to go down to the corner store to buy the ticket. Scott can’t win regardless what he says. First it was “must be in bed with Adobe to say anything positive about CC” now he is getting kick backs from Canon because he says something about Canon, but doesn’t say anything about the new Nikon models.

    I own Canon products and there was an entire Kelby media show called “D Town” that was skewed to the Nikon brand. I didn’t complain about it, I just didn’t watched the brand specific items that didn’t apply to me and appreciated the wealth of FREE photography information that could be applied to any brand of gear.

    Some here say that the review is an infomercial for Canon, maybe but then again I don’t remember Scott saying that it was a review at all… Others say his opinion is skewed now because of his use of Canon products, so why would you care what he has to say about the new Nikon models? He obviously could never say anything negative EVER cause then there would be an all out rant on here about that too.. Sometimes you just can’t win…

    Thanks Scott from a current 7D owner who has looked forward for too many years for the replacement model. I’m glad that you think that the MKII has better noise handling now, my only complaint with the current body. Will wait to see for myself from other wildlife users before I bite…

    I’d ask for you to post some high ISO samples, but obviously they would be put thru the special secret Canon infomercial noise filters given with all of the free camera gear that Canon employees like yourself get to promote their products (gee I can read the posts now… “see, I knew they use special enhanced filters for the promo photos”).

  39. Why do people complain a lot about things they don’t like? If Scott was paid or not by Canon it’s none of our business anymore. If he prefers to advertise for Canon, let him be. Business wise, everybody have sponsors whether it’s basketball, racing , or other sports.

    Thank you Scott for sharing the news….

  40. I just read your video on the D7 Mark II. l like very much what you and Matt had to offer. A question i own and 50D now. I would like to upgrade. Would the 7D Mark II or the 6D with the full frame sensor be the better move?

  41. Jeezo, imagine how many photos could have been taken in the time it took to write all these negative comments – dear o dear :) It’s Scott’s blog page, he can post what he wants. Thanks for everything you do Scott and also for the New York restaurant tip on Twitter a few days ago – appreciate you taking the time to respond. All the best.

  42. Scott, Do what Taylor Swift’s song says and “Shake It Off”… the haters are going to hate, no matter what. This reminds me of the Mac and PC wars. People tend to choose their equipment based on their needs and preferences. KelbyOne, PhotoshopUser Mag and Photoshop World provide more learning opportunities than anything else out there and a lot of your offerings are free! Keep doing what you do Scott, you can’t please everyone.

  43. Do those who complain about Scott talking about the benefits of a new camera also complain about all the free info and tutorials that Kelbyone give out on a regular basis? Do they complain about the free tips and tricks that can be used on any camera?
    Shows them up for what they are, just complainers.

  44. Scott, I am not going to bother reading all of the vituperative comments. Nothing to be learned there. However, I can say this, these people need to get a little perspective. I am a NIKON guy – all the way. Because i am so heavily invested in Nikon equipment – and because I am an amateur, unless all my best Nikon stuff gets stolen or destroyed somehow, I will not be switching to Canon, no matter how wonderful their cameras and lenses are these days. To those who always suspect ulterior motives, to those who seem to feel you are shoving Canon down their throats, to those who feel you have been “disloyal” (somehow – don’t ask me how) to Nikon, I have a simple answer. Stop watching the free broadcasts of The Grid Live and stop reading the free blog posts. Another way to fix the problem would be for them to get a life! Why would anyone give a #%&* what equipment you use and comment about? So what if you use Canon rather than Nikon? What does that matter to anyone except Scott Kelby? People are amazing life forms sometimes.

  45. Scott, I have read just enough of the vituperative (big word, Scott!) posts to know I should not waste any more time on them. Nothing to be learned there! Of course, everyone has aright to an opinion – BUT, I think unreasoned, ridiculous remarks like those serve only to illustrate how petty people can be. I am a Nikon guy. I will always be a Nikon guy, because I am an amateur who is too heavily invested in Nikon’s excellent cameras and lenses to consider replacement with the excellent cameras and lenses Canon produces these days. The only way I would even consider switching is if most of my best Nikon gear were stolen or destroyed by some disaster. That said, I do not understand the emotional outbursts from your detractors. First of all, why would anyone care what gear you use or highlight on your blog and website postings? Personally, I don’t give a #%&* what gear anyone else decides is to use. I cannot figure out why the negative commentors think you owe Nikon anything – Or, why they think you owe anyone else anything in this regard. My advice to those who feel you are being deceptive, disloyal, craven, corrupt, etc. by shoving unwanted information down their throats is simple – Stop watching the free webcasts of The Grid Live and stop reading the free blogs. It’s as simple as switching channels when one gets p*&^%$#-off by politics on TV. However, if they still want to learn something about photography that is presented in an entertaining way, they should dry-up about the gear issue and keep watching/reading. To quote a wise man, “Never bite a gift horse in the mouth.”

  46. I’ve been waiting two years for this camera since rumors first began. For a wildlife photographer, there is nothing better. Nikon, you blew it by not updating the D300s.

  47. Hi Scott
    A greeting from Denmark. I have a Canon eos 50d, bought just 2 months before the 7D entered the market in Denmark.
    Since I am no millionare, i had to wait and save my money for my next upgrade.

    It is here now, and I think the 7D MK 2 wil be perfect for me. I am into wildlife, mostly birds, and animals, all in motion.

    That is all about me and my interest.

    Regarding the discussions in Your blog, I can see that there is the same “war” in US, as in Denmark between Canon and Nikon.

    Ridiculess, both are very good cameras.

    I am looking forward to hold my new 7D MK 2, and your video didn’t make the waiting time feel shorter.

    Keep up Your performance, You are doing excellent.

    Best regrads


  48. Man….people sure get worked up over anything. Thanks for the review, Scott. I’ve been a devoted 7D user and have been waiting….waiting for this camera to come out. I agree with you. There’s not ANY camera in this price point that’s as good for taking wildlife photos. HOORAY Canon. I’m sure Nikon has good cameras too, but that’s not what you were reviewing today, now was it?

  49. Wow, I’m amazed at all the ignorant negative, hating comments. As a wildlife photography, I fully appreciate the priorities that Canon has put into this camera. 10-fps is nice, but an AF system that locks on fast and stays locked on is a Godsend. The 7D was okay in this regard, but the 5D MkIII and the 1D X were so much better that my keeper-rate doubled when I moved to the 5D MkIII as my primary camera.

    With this superior AF on the 7D, I’ve pre-ordered mine and I’m looking forward to making it my main body starting in November.

    One other thing, from a guy that stood beside frustrated D800 and D7100 users as they cursed their meager buffers, while I continued to shoot dozens of in-focus bird-in-flight shots in Raw as eagles flew over. This will be even better.

    To sports and wildlife users, the advantages of this 7D MkII,are crystal clear. In focal-length limited situations, crop-sensors are a huge advantage, a fast, accurate AF system with superior tracking ability will increase our keeper rates exponentially, high fps allow us to get the perfect poses and high buffer capacities allow us to keep shooting when the action keeps going.

    The only question remaining for me is the high-ISO performance. When shooting with a super-telephoto lenses and teleconverter combinations, my default ISO is 800, to keep the shutter speed high enough to stop action. With the old 7D, we couldn’t really go above ISO 800 and expect high Image Quality. I’m hoping for at least one better EV step. I’m worried because the 70D didn’t really improve that much over the 7D. Can’t wait to do my own tests.

  50. Thanks for this Scott and Matt. Exciting news. Need to start saving up. For all you complainers out there, take a pill and chill out. This is not a review endorsing Canon over Nikon.

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