Catch Joe McNally on “The Grid” (Rebroadcast Now Online)

If you missed Tuesday’s live broadcast of “The Grid” with our in-studio guest Joe McNally, make sure you catch the free rebroadcast. Our topic this week, “When is it OK to sue for copyright infringement?” People have said it’s one of, if not, our best episode yet, plus we’ve got some cool giveaways, and you can watch it now, online right here.

Also, if you want to catch all the episodes of The Grid for free, you can subscribe to the show (did I mention it’s free?) on iTunes (here’s that link).

  1. Yes, indeed … I was especially taken with Joe’s appraisal on the Maisel issue … reflected many of my own sentiments about the unwarranted controversy …

  2. I think Joe provided a great perspective from a working photographer on why it’s necessary to protect his images, and also that he deserves the choices to decide which non-profit or charitable issues that he is willing to support.

    That said, I would’ve liked to have had someone on the show with the opposing point of view. Not for an argument, but to see if they could provide some rational perspective of why folks think this case was Fair Use.

  3. Wish you guys would revisit the Maisel issue and out this guy Thomas Hawk who’s real name is Andrew Peterson who is not a photographer but a stockbroker who lacks the balls to use his real name when calling someone out!

    You guys are great but were duped on this one! Ed

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