Hi Gang: Here’s a quick video on the post production I did in Lightroom (or Camera Raw) on the photos I posted from Greece on Tuesday. I also had a lot of questions about tips for how I shoot food during trips like this, and I give two tips that I hope will help.

Have a great weekend everybody. :)


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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. This will be good, thanks Scott!

  2. Thank you, Scott. Love the tips!

  3. May seem like a funny question but if you are doing so little to your raw shots wouldn’t it be better to shoot jpegs either exclusively or in addition to raw?

  4. Hi Scott!

    thx for video and welcome back – Scott Kelby_Photographer ;)


  5. Very quick and easy. Thanks. Superb one.

    Photoshop insider, working on Lightroom ;)

  6. You were in Croatia? Why didn’t you tell us, fans from former Yugoslavia, you would had more free food and drink to photograph :-)
    Greetings from Slovenia,

  7. Hi dear Scott,

    Cool tips :) ….

    Take care

  8. Scott
    Not to criticize you and please don’t take it that way. But I noticed your files in L/R are .nef (Nikon raw files) and that they are not .dng. Don’t you convert as you are importing into L/R or do you not convert anymore?

    Thanks for the simple cool tips.

  9. Help! What am I missing? When I look at the Camera Calibration, Profiles, my only options are ACR 4.4, ACR 4.2, and Adobe Standard. Where did Scott get all his wonderful profiles? Any help/advice is appreciated!


  10. Hey Scott,

    Some really nice shots from Greece! Boy, the blue sky and white buildings really complement each other! Thanks for the tips! Glad to have you back!


  11. Often, some of the simplest tips are the best. It’s easy to over-complicate things, but your simple edits really make these photos sing like Maria Callas (Google her, kids). :-)
    Have a great weekend, Scott. We’ll be celebrating Canada Day on this side of the border.
    Trev J.

  12. Scott, thanks for all that you do in giving back to the community. You’re making a difference in peoples lives and making the world a more beautiful place. Now…did you happen to bring some of that pizza BACK with you to share? -mM

  13. Scott:

    Thanks very much for the video tips. So much easier to see something explained and to see the results on screen. And it was obvious to me that you didn’t really have too much to do in post-processing because you got everything right in camera when you shot it.

    I was one of the people asking about the food shots and I was surprised that you did so little to get such great shots. Two great tips, and pretty simple. 8)

    Have a great weekend!


  14. Scott:

    A question. Why is the quality of your videos on your (free) website so crisp and clear compared to the soft, muddy videos on your (pay up) Kelbytraining.com. I just went back to Matt Kloskowski’s “Lightroom 3 In Depth, Part 1 – Importing and Organizing Your Photos” on my desktop, to make sure and it still looks like I need a new pair of glasses! Then I go to my iPad and summon up the same course and it looks as good as your video today about your Greek vacation photo’s. What’s up Doc?

    Happy fourth,


    • Hi Trent:
      That has to do with the player we were using. If you notice, on the iPad App that is no longer an issue, and we’re about to launch an entirely new player, and experience at KelbyTraining.com and the videos will all be crisp and clear once again (yay!). I’ll let you know as soon as the new player/site launch, but it’s in its final testing stages now. You’re gonna love it!

  15. Hey Scott

    Great tips. Very usefull and easy as your Books to follow for a novice like me.



  16. Because the camera calibration area is at the bottom, I never really used it until recently. I went ahead and made a Lightroom preset just to apply the camera calibration, and made sure that it falls at the top of my presets list so I will be sure to see it. I also made some that were the camera calibration and lens combos that I have. It makes applying the camera calibration a little easier.

  17. Nice tips, I need to start using Lightroom more and this has given me the kick up the ass I needed lol.

  18. A great video Scott thanks….less IS more. Cheers

  19. Hey Scott.

    Great little video there, reminding to make use of the Camera Profiles…a section I never seem to make use of but I think that needs to change :)

    Great shots as always, and geez that pizza looked tasty!

    All the best to you,
    Have a great weekend,

  20. I need to process some of my photographs from vacation in Croatia (yep, same country :-). I thought that it would take hours and hours to process them. And now I’m sure that Auto Button will save my day.
    Thanks Scott!

  21. Scott – Brad,
    I received my metal mural today that I ordered on your weekend special. I am completely blown away with the excellent quality of this product. I expected real thin pieces of aluminum. I was wrong. Look to be 3mm or so thick and real sturdy.
    Thank you from me and everyone else who took advantage of this deal.
    See ya soon,

  22. I actually lol’d at the end of this. Great way to remind us that it doesn’t always have to be hard to post process an image.

  23. Scott,
    Your level of productivity is ridiculous. I want to know either where you got your clones, or your ten extra hands so as to have a thumb in everything. Thanks for the tips and great books!

  24. I am a new photographer, I purchased Photoshop, but it seems pretty hard to learn on my own (too many functions)… Would Lightroom be worth investing in? It seems way more easy.

  25. Why are people so wound up with the tech side of things, me personally its your composition I admire the most not your gear or post processing techniques.

    Thanks for sharing Scott, happy holiday weekend to you and your family.

  26. Great video, shows how simple post processing can be if it’s good in the camera allready.

    I would love to see an post processing video of your sports photography though!

  27. NAPP member 800926.
    When I am in Bridge and try to open a raw image (double click) i got always the following error: “Some of the application components are missing from the application directory. Please reinstall the application”. Which I did, also deactivate CS5 and reinstall. Nothing helped.
    I can open with “Open with Photoshop Standard” and “Open in Camera Raw”.
    Can somebody help me?

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