Catch “The Fuji x100” Blues on the latest episode of “The Grid”

Some are calling it “Our best episode ever” and although I can’t swear that it is, it’s definitely our longest show ever (we were on a roll and just couldn’t stop).

On the latest episode of “The Grid” (our free weekly talk show about photography), during our discussion of the Fuji x100 camera (started by my posts on Google+) RC Concepcion (filling in for Matt Kloskowski, who was out shooting college baseball team portraits), and I broke into a spontaneous rendition of “The Fuji x100 Blues” (see above).

We also covered the “Five stages of owning a Fuji x100″ (it’s all in fun. Kinda), and if you want to watch the Fuji “lack of lovefest” part, scrub to about 53:00 minutes into the show (you can start right there, no problem).

The first half of the show was all about why I like Google+ for photographers. Here’s the link to this week’s episode:

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P.S. I’m off to Cologne, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands tonight for our Tour Stops there. I’m really excited about our first tour ever in Europe, and I hope I get to meet some of you in person while I’m there.

  1. This Fuji X100 has really got your collective panties in a bunch, doesn’t it? To paraphrase a wise man… “Want to stick it to the man? Don’t buy it… Don’t talk about it.”

  2. I can’t comment on the Fuji X-100, haven’t ever used one or even seen one in the flesh, but I agree with Red. It ain’t worth the energy you are expending on it. It’s just a camera albeit one with problems. When I saw the specs on Fuji’s pre-release announcement I already knew it wasn’t for me. The lack of lens interchangeability was an instant deal breaker. The stated reason: they couldn’t get the same precision from lenses that could be changed. Well, it appears that the didn’t get precision anyway but realistically most users don’t need the kind of precision they were aiming for anyway. If you do you aren’t likely to buy a P&S camera.

    1. Jim, we’re just having fun with it—that’s all. We think it’s a fun (and funny) topic, that’s why we’re doing stuff like singing the blues, and coming up with “5-lists.” If people like the x100, we’re totally cool with it. :)

    2. It’s also a lot more about the ‘reaction’ to not liking it that really gets curious. If you get out there and tell someone ‘ you know. I think this thing isnt really all that cool’ it really gets people all bent.. that right there is worth a verse or two.. :)


  3. That was an awesome show! I love the fact that you guys call it as it is. You aren’t afraid to say, hey this camera has some problems. Nice to see some honesty and it was hilarious at the same time. Keep it up!!! Love the humor :-)

  4. I got an x100 in the mail so I will find if what if it is true. Are you sure that that x100 is not worrying Nikon as much as Leica?
    Since we on the topic of 5100 why there are no small professinal grade cameras?
    Why could not have a 5100 body size with proper viewfinder and battery pack so you can do portraits an be built like the d300? (comething like the fe3 or the olympus om4?????
    A lot of people would love a Full frame pro caliber camera and price it accordingly.
    the new d400 (?) could be just like that and then the x100 market would have been cut in half.. BTW I do like the idea of hybrid viewfinder if it is res and responce is good enough.
    Wouldnt you buy an FM2 style full frame body? I would buy two in an heard bit..

  5. The show was awesome! I love the fact that you guys aren’t afraid to say when something doesn’t work. Nice to see some honesty, instead of worrying about what others will say. The song was brilliant. Keep up the great work!

  6. Why bother with one of those cheap Fuijis when everyone knows that the best point and shoot camera is the Leica x1. It only costs $2000.00 and it comes with a red dot!

    Actually there are a lot of compact alternatives to the Fuji that cost less and may just be better, including some of the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. You might discuss them on a future show.

  7. Was such a fun episode. I also vote it “Best ever” (no offense Matt)

    I’ll be in a plane to Amsterdam Thursday night, ready for Friday morning. Really looking forward to the class.

    Scott,- will it be possible to get a John Hancock in a book? Would be really cool.

  8. Guys, this episode is so relevant to so many great things going on in the photography industry. Google+, 500px, Fuji x100, all things that I have been reading about, interacting with , a shaping my photography life.

  9. I am wondering if something is wrong with your particular copy of the X100. If my X100 focused as badly as you say yours did, I would get rid of it right away. Unlike you, I have been shooting with the X100 for several months and have not had focusing problems. I have a Nikon D3S, D7000, and a Leica M9, and the X100 has been my camera of choice while traveling this summer.

    Two things that really stand out for me with the X100 are size (it just fits comfortably in my cargo shorts pocket, which even the small Nikon DSLRs won’t do, so the difference you show in the video really is a significant difference), and the quiet shutter – unlike a DSLR (or even my M9!), nobody notices me shooting with the X100. When I walk around a city and want to travel really light and quiet yet get good results, those two features often rule out carrying around anything else except my X100 and/or an iPhone.

    I also like being able to shoot at F/2 and using the built-in ND filter at the same time, which enables nice subject isolation and background blurring. Sharpness and color are also impressive, and the sensor size / resolution is large enough that I can print large. The same can’t be said for smaller sensor point and shoots.

    I don’t really have any vested interest in defending the X100 – I don’t even like the style and design that much, and if something else comes along that fits my needs better I have no problem selling it.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I’m pretty sure RC and Scott called the rep that sent them the x100 to test and they asked him if it was possible that their copy was broken… You did guys, right?
      (I just can’t imagine if they get a new copy and it’s fine… now THAT would be funny)

  10. Well Scott,

    If this was your idea of a “fun” show you’ve missed the target completely! If it was some kind of “review” you missed i also. I guess you want to make a joke about of all the hype around the X100. However if you got a malfunction piece from Fuji any serious comedian/reviewer would not put that as a main object of the “show”. I am sorry to say that you do not seem trustworthy at all in your work from now on. Sorry to say that because it has been good so far.

    When I want to have a show with a stand up comedian (in your case sitting down) I turn to the professional ones and then know what to expect.

    1. So, you bought an x100 huh? Sorry ’bout that. Here’s an email I got from a reader today: “Hi Scott, I bought the fuji x100 and was disappointed with a few things but mostly the AF and as such I was thinking about returning it before I lost my chance, then I stumbled upon your show with the 5 stages of owning a x100, the next morning I boxed it up and shipped it back!”

      I guess his was another one of those crazy malfunctioning units. And I guess when Zack Arias wrote his and complained about the quirky focusing, his was just a malfunctioning unit, too. How about Thom Hogan’s in-depth review. I guess his is bad, too. The only difference is—they will admit it. It’s OK that you like your x100, and you’re willing to deal with the focus. Do you feel better now? Do you want a hug? ;-)

      1. I don’t see where Zack Arias or Thomas Hogan mentioning every 2nd-3rd shot to be out of focus as you and RC claim it does. You’d think that at least they would do us the favor and mention such an important thing, if it was true?

        Since your X100 focus issue can’t be because of operator errors, I’m guessing you must have a faulty one then. Get it replaced. And please stop disregarding comments from people who has no issues, and only read/report from those who has. It makes it seem like you’re on the payroll with Nikon/canon etc., which I’m sure is not the case..

    2. Well Anders:

      You know what I think is funnier? The fact that all of these people.. on email, Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, and the like.. can generally be cool with having a lighthearted episode that picks on the X100 for having a verifiable and reproducible problem. This isn’t a malfunctioning unit.. this is the X100 experience.

      The entire “How DARE you comment on the sacred cow that is the X100” attitude is -precisely- why the topic got as much buzz as it did.. and even people who use it regularly were able to play in that sandbox. People laughed.. and cried… but not you.

      Im not trying to be insincere – i’m really trying to find out.. but I fail to see how telling someone exactly how frustrating a new piece of technology is – despite a popular swell of ‘this is the best thing ever’ make something not worthy of trust. Rather than get on a bandwagon of “Awesome” we decided to use our forum to talk about the things that didn’t work for us.. and how considering it’s price point, it didn’t bring anything new to the table.

      We have thousands of people that -look- to us for an opinion.. and i’d MUCH rather be the person telling someone to exercise caution (or in this case skip it), than let one of our readers:

      1. Go out there and buy one because we overhyped it
      2. Have a bad experience..
      3. Believe that they are too ‘out of the game’ to get photography
      4. Believe that we sold them on something that didnt work on Hyperbole

      THAT is a breach of trust. -That- is taking advantage of your voice..

      It goes off the rails for me even further back though.. you were totally OK when Scott played guitar on the show… or when we talked about how Color management was dead and made fun of the super technical people. There was no humor or wit when the hosts talked about 100 reasons Lightroom kicks Bridges ass. This was all serious tech journalism… But stray into the X100 and its Stand up night.

      If you like the camera, great.. that’s good for you.. and this show was for naught. If what you were trying to do was be funny with your letter – I wouldn’t go too far in accusing people of missing their mark.


      1. RC — Stick with trustworthiness. I’ve spent a lotta money trusting advice from you guys, I’ve no regrets, and I trust that’ll continue to be so. Thanks for all the thoughtful content.

  11. For R.C. (I read even the introductory notes in S.Kelby´s books)
    Nice video.I recently purchase your book and after reading the contents I found with a little tribute to your mother in english and spanish(weird spanish I must to say) both grammatically and syntactical I mean,and one misspeling(cualiquiera/cualquiera).I hope you don´t bother for my comment in Scott Kelby´s blog.
    Anyway a wonderful hdr book.

  12. I have a X100 that I have been using for a few months and mainly for studio shots and would like to sell it for around $4,500. It appears I have the only X100 that takes tack sharp images every time. (Please note: I did not read the manual and perhaps I’m doing something wrong)

  13. Wow never seen someone put up so much of a fight against a camera. I can assure you there is plenty more expensive cameras aimed at pro’s with bigger faults. You do realise this is just a point and shoot? I agree the camera has big focusing faults never the less takes great high quality images better than cameras most at any size. The Fuji has rated above many DSLR’s on DXO Marks tests thats is being well higher than many cameras even ones you mentioned such as the Nikon D3100, d300s Canon EOS 1D MK III even the much more expensive Leica m9. You also can not even compare size to any DSLR as they are much thicker than the X100 even with a 50mm. You seem to have done well in putting down anyone who dose not agree with your distorted/selective views and ideas on the camera. Me I do not care either way but find your attitude towards this very funny.

  14. I have the x100.  If you actually know how to shoot a photograph verses reading a recipe in a book that you buy a bookstore for 10 bucks than it takes amazing pictures for its size and weight.  Try lugging my d700 around NYC for an hour with the 24 1.4 versus this machine?  Also, since the new firmware the focus is much improved…. keep writing books for people who don’t actually understand exposure and how to use a camera and leave the real photography up to the artists.  I guess Nikon gives you more free stuff so you trash the other companies that are trying to sell some overhead?

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