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Some folks will be watching online, some watching in person at the event at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City, but no matter where they are, B&H Photo is doing this entire event for free, and it’s not too late for you to come to either – all you have to do is RSVP at this link, and let ’em know you’re coming.

I’m teaching three classes along with some amazing instructors like: Joe McNally, Kristina Sherk, Peter Hurley, and so many more great teachers.

Check out the class schedule (below):



It’s going to be a really great event, and I hope I get to meet you there (or see. you online).

I’m off to New York today, and you know what that means – one night, I’m going to be eatin’ at Carmine’s on West 44th – awwww, yeah! (well, if all goes well – that’s the plan). LOL!! Have a great week, everybody! :)


I am really excited about this one – it’s a landscape/nature conference out in scenic Kanab, UT. It’s 3 Full Days of Intense Photography Instruction featuring an exclusive Keith Ladzinski Keynote Experience. There are Round-table discussions and 1:1 Small Group Interaction. Includes a Keynote Catered Dinner and Catered Lunches, Contests, Freebies, and Image Critiques. It’s going to be a great experience, you’ll get lots of great shots, and you’ll have a ball. 

It’s only $699 for the conference, and I hope to see you there. Here’s the link to grab your spot. 

Here’s wishing you a great MLK day. :) 


P.S. if you’re tired of seeing thing white glows around the edges of things in your images, over at LightroomKillerTips.http://lightroomkillertips.comcom I posted a video of an easy way to get rid of them in Photoshop. Super easy and fast. Here’s the link.