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….or, Salt Lake City this Friday, where I’m helping kick off the grand opening of Pictureline. I’m doing a “dinner and a class,” and I’ve got lots of cool stuff to share, and I’d love to get a chance to meet you. It’s just $15 for the dinner and the class, and when you go, they give you a $15 gift card, so you get your money right back (how cool is that?). Details and tickets are at this link – go reserve your spot now.

Wonderful, beautiful Italy. A photographer’s paradise

Check out the quick video below where I tell you how you can come with me on an epic travel photography workshop to one of the most beautiful regions in Europe (heck, in the world) – the stunning Tuscany region of Italy, next month – October 5-8, 2022. Check it out (it’s short):

Here’s the link with more details or to snag your ticket and come with me to Italy next month.

Have a great Monday, everybody! (BTW: It was a glorious weekend!!! Both my teams won this weekend – Alabama and The Bucs. Whoo hoo!!!). Remember, when the Cowboys lose, America wins! ;-)


Hey, real quick, before we dig into this, just wanted to thank all the folks who joined us for the Photoshop World Conference this week. We had a fantastic week, with absolutely great attendance (nearly broke last year’s record), and I’m so grateful to my team here at KelbyOne, who did an outstanding job, and to everyone who attended the conference and helped create such an awesome community vibe. Thank you!

No, The New iPhone Won’t Have That One Camera Feature You’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve been waiting and waiting for this feature from literally day one, and every time we think Apple is going to finally give us a 10x or more zoom on the camera, they don’t. Just about every competitor has a tighter real optical zoom but the iPhone. Sadly, instead, what it appears Apple will do is, give us 48-megapixels and tell us there’s so much resolution that we can crop in tight, so a long optical zoom doesn’t matter. Nobody’s asking for a 48-megapixel camera; everybody’s asking for a real 10x, or higher zoom (instead of our lame 2x, which really isn’t a zoom at all), but don’t get your hopes up – it’s not coming, and that stinks. It’s the Achilles Heel of what is otherwise an amazing camera, but it looks like there’s no long optical zoom in sight. Sigh. :(

I’m Teaching Travel Photography at OPTIC WEST 2022

I am psyched, honored, and super jazzed to be one of the instructors at the first West Coast OPTIC conference, coming up November 6-7, 2022, in one of the most idyllic photography locations in the US:  Monterey, California.

Their New York conference earlier this year, produced by the folks at B&H Photo, was just outstanding, and I am thrilled to be teaching there again, especially with it being in Monterey, which is not only where I honeymooned with my wife (33 years ago tomorrow) but is a location I’ve taken trips to twice in the past just to take photos. Here’s a link for more details – hope you can come.

Come With Me To Italy Next Month

If you want to grab one of the last spots (I had an extra spot open up) for my travel photography workshop in the breathtakingly beautiful Tuscany region of Italy next month, here’s the link for details and tickets. It’s going to be an absolutely epic learning experience. You’ll come back having learned a ton about travel photography, about post-processing; you have some incredible food, lots of gorgeous new images, and you’ll make some great new friends. It’s the trip of a lifetime, so come and join me and KelbyOne Instructor Mimo Meidany for “Timeless Tuscany” next month in Italy.

If you’re into Lighting, catch my live class in Salt Lake City Sept. 16th

Come out for “dinner and a class” with me at the grand opening of Pictureline in Salt Lake City. I’m there on behalf of Westcott lighting and Canon, and I’m doing a live demo on stage and then sharing a ton of my favorite tips for making great portraits using lighting. I’ve got lots of cool stuff to share, and I’d love to get a chance to meet you. It’s just $15 for the dinner and the class, and when you go, they give you a $15 gift card, so you get your money right back (how cool is that?). Details and tickets are at this link – go reserve your spot now.

That’s it for now. College football is here, and I could not be more psyched. #rolltide! Have a great weekend, everybody!


I am super excited to be one of the speakers again at the 8th Annual B&H Photo OPTIC conference (called OPTIC 2022 – It’s a conference for outdoor, wildlife, travel photography, and post-processing), and after a couple of years of doing it virtually, this year they are doing a hybrid event where it’s your choice – you can go and be there live in person as it happens at the New Yorker Hotel up in Manhattan, or you can catch the conference virtually, but here’s the best part – all you have to do is RSVP and tell ’em you’re coming (and, of course, choose in person or online) Registration is free. That’s it. You’re in. Boom. Done.

I’m teaching sessions on travel photography, on post processing your travel photos, and I’m co-hosted a dinner cruise (well, that’s for the folks who come in person of course), along with B&H Photo’s on rockstar David Brommer, and I really want you to be there, so RSVP right now at this link.

Besides me (and awesome instructors like Joe McNally, Deb Sandidge, and Matt Kloskowski among many others), plus there’s an Industry Trade Show, Panels, Portfolio Reviews, Webinars, that Sunset Cruise I mentioned earlier, a Print Competition, and OPTIC Signature Photo Walks around the city. All you have to do is RSVP at, and you’re in. You should RSVP right now and I’ll see you, one way or the other, up in New York City, June 12-15, 2002 – it’s going to be incredible – I hope you can go. :)

Anyway, as you can tell, I’m super psyched to speaking in front of an in-person audience; I’m delighted B&H Photo asked me back again, and I’m honored to be sharing the stage with so many amazing photographers. I just. Can’t. Wait!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everybody, and we’ll catch ya next week. :)


Hey, everybody – I’m back from nine days in Prague, and I’m ready to get back at it (I was leading a travel photography workshop, and it was epic. Epic! What a blast!). Anyway, next week we’re hosting an online conference that’s designed to help you learn your camera, your accessories, and all your photography gear. Check out this short 1-minute video I did about the conference below: 

On Monday, we kick off with a pre-conference workshop, and then the conference runs all day Tuesday and Wednesday with two simultaneous tracks. The entire conference is archived for an entire year for you to stream on demand any time so you can catch any classes you missed, or rewatch any you want to catch again. It’s going to be really awesome, and I want you to be there. 

It’s not too late to sign up for The Photography Gear Conference: here’s the link. 

Now that I’m back, I’ll be back on the Lightroom stuff on Monday, so I hope you’ll stop back by. Have a great weekend, and we’ll catch you at the conference. :) 


P.S. I‘m still working on my images from the trip and I’ll be posting a link to my Adobe Spark page next week when it’s posted.

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here to share. This week I write from Austin, Texas, and with the Photography Gear Conference coming up, I want to first take your mind elsewhere and talk about how we can broaden our photographic minds by taking influence from other creatives.

We’ve all heard countless times about how graphic designers and photographers should work with similar things in mind. Copy space is the go-to example that I always use to highlight the importance of keeping graphic design in mind when we take photos. In that example, I point out that we should be thinking about copy (words) and leave room for titles, graphics, and everything else we see in magazines and on posters. These photos tend to perform the best on photo stock libraries like Adobe Stock and Getty Images because of their versatility when it comes to their final use. I learned a lot more than that recently at an Adobe event – Russell Brown’s Rock & Roll Reunion.

The two most important take-away points I feel were offered at the conference are the two I want to focus on today:

1 – Work happy, not harder

Mark Heaps created this tagline to best explain that we use far more time than we should in parts of the process that could be automated or simplified, leaving us with a lot of wasted time that could better be spent on something creative and therefore make us happier. Mark speaks about this concept regularly and has absolutely nailed the process. We should be looking for ways to work smarter, automating elements of our workflow and giving ourselves the time to focus on our photography and retouching. The application of this concept translates from graphic design into photography and it’s a great point that we should focus some energy on if it allows us to be more creative in the future.

2 – Create a story, and an ecosystem

When graphic design projects are undertaken they tell the story of the brand or the campaign. We should always be looking to do this in our photography. Telling the story of the scene in a single image, or across the series for multiple images, is a way to connect with our viewer that is often overlooked. We can focus on the subject, the composition, the light, or any other factors of our image, and use them to try to tell the story of what is happening in our shot to draw our viewer that little bit closer. This can help us to keep someone’s attention for longer on social media and drive our engagement, or it can be the difference we need to convert that engagement into a revenue stream. Telling stories through photography is something that Ansel Adams himself did, and something that seems to be lost here and there. The importance cannot be stressed enough and just as designers are trying to tell stories with typefaces and shapes, we should be doing just that with our photos.

Much love

Happy Monday, everybody! Here are a couple of events coming up very soon that I’m a part of, and I hope you’ll be able to attend.

1. The B&H Photo Depth of Field Conference

I am honored to be teaching again at the 5th Annual B&H Photo Video Pro Audio Depth of Field Conference (the online portrait, wedding, and event photography conference) kicking off this Wednesday. A fantastic roster of instructors (including Joe McNally), and of course, B&H Photo runs a first-class conference from beginning to end.

This year I’m doing a keynote presentation and can’t wait to share some really cool Photoshop and Lightroom magic to enhance your outdoor portraits. RSVP now at this link:

2. The Landscape Photography Conference

It’s just a week or so away (March 29th and 30th, 2022). It’s two full days, two simultaneous training tracks, all online with an all-star instructor team, and, everyone’s invited. Not only that, you get full access to all the classes to stream on-demand for an entire year after the conference, so you rewatch any classes or catch any classes you missed. It’s an incredible value!

You will learn so much, you’ll glean insights, come away with new ideas, inspiration, and real education, and if you sign up right now, you’ll save a bundle. Tickets and more info are right here. Hope to see you there. :) 

3. Picture Perfect Prague Photography Workshop

I have one spot open for my Prague Travel Photography Workshop in May. You could grab that spot and come with me to Prague in May. It’s a small group of just 12, and we’ll be shooting on location in one of the most photogenic cities in the world (it’s a photographer’s paradise), and we’ll be learning in the classroom, and eating lots of yummy food, drinking lots of wine, and making new friends. Details are right here – hope you can grab that last spot – it will be an epic experience and you’ll come back with some incredible shots, fun stories, and a few extra pounds. ;-)

Hope you have a great Spring Break kinda Monday (and don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow for Travel Tuesdays with Dave. :)