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Congratulations are in order — at PhotoPlus Expo in New York last week, Canon announced a series of additions to their prestigious “Explorers of Light” program — made up of gifted photographers, cinematographers and talented educators. The new additions to the program are:

> Joel Grimes

> Lindsay Adler

> David Bergman

> Jimmy Chin

> Charles Glatzer

> Roberto Valenzuela

> Peter Hurley 


Mornin’ everybody, from the Photo Plus Expo – it’s an absolutely beautiful day here in New York City. Not cold, not hot – just perfect with that crisp twinge of fall in the air. Perfect day to be in this amazing city. I’ve just got a few minutes, so here’s quickly what’s up:

The Morgan Library Started the day with a shoot for my “The Great Indoors” book at the Morgan Library here in Manhattan. What a just jaw-dropping place. They were kind enough to let me come in this morning before it opens to the public to get some shots for the book (a bit thanks to the incredibly patient Moriah Shtull from the Morgan, and to Grant Friedman for bringing us together). Here’s the link to the Morgan Library and Museum – this is a MUST-SEE for any photography – just stunning.

Brad is leading a location Photo shoot / walk this morning as part of Photo Plus Expo, so my buddy Jeff Revell went with me to assist (Jeff took the bts shot you see above and the one below). That’s me getting an overhead view using a fisheye lens up on a monopod, triggered by the remote you see in my other hand. Had to shoot at 6,400 in the low light, but no problem for the Canon 1Dx.


Here’s another BTS shot – getting down low and using Live View to help position the 11-24mm super wide angle lens. I haven’t imported the actual shots yet, but will share some next week once they’re done.

Teaching in Canon’s Booth
Yesterday I did a session on the main stage at Canon’s booth at Photo Plus Expo. My talk was How to Take Travel Photos Like a Pro, and I covered everything from the gear, to shooting recipes, to so much more. Great crowd (and thanks to RC and Brad for taking the BTS shots you see below).



I’m off right now to do a book signing at the Rocky Nook booth – signing my new “How Do I Do That in Lightroom” book. Hope I’l see you there.

College Football Tomorrow!
The Bucs are on the road this week, and so I’ll be shooting for the Tennessee Vols tomorrow as they take on the Alabama Crimson Tide  in Alabama’s Bryant-Denny stadium. The atmosphere is just electric at these games, so I can’t wait! (Plus, I’m trying out a Cam-Ranger rig for a remote camera shoot, and I’m not sure my idea is 100% solid, so this will either be really cool and helpful….or not. More after I try it and report back).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see ya back here on Monday. Have a good one!


P.S. I’ll be in San Francisco next Wednesday teaching my new Shoot Like a Pro: Part 2 (Reloaded) seminar. Hope you can come out and spend the day with me. 

Food Photography Master Class: Natural Light with Steve Hansen
Create amazing food and beverage photos in natural light! Join Steve Hansen, a commercial food and beverage photographer, on location as he takes you through a variety of food and beverage setups in a natural light studio. Styling food is a huge component of food photography, and Steve shares invaluable tips on how to handle and style everything from fried eggs to cold glasses, and from real flames to coffee. For each shoot Steve builds the set from scratch sharing his thought process and various tricks and techniques he’s learned and developed over his career. Beyond the sets and the food styling you’ll learn how to control, tame, and manipulate natural light even if you’re just using one of your own windows.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a 1-month KelbyOne membership so you can watch this class (and all the rest) for free!



A few years ago my now-wife made a simple request that radically changed the way I thought about what I was doing with my photography and how I could actually make a difference with it. She asked me to create some portraits of our three dogs (two of which are rescues) because they were getting older and we had very few pictures of them that weren’t made with a camera phone. She wanted something that was a little more professional feeling, something that she would be proud to share and hang in our home. I had never photographed animals before, but I was game for the experiment.

Petunia - An adoptable rescue pit bull from Buffalo, NY. Apx 4.5 years old female.
Petunia – An adoptable rescue pit bull from Buffalo, NY. Apx 4.5 years old female.

Thankfully, that first experience was a really positive one. So positive, in fact, that my wife (a long-time volunteer at our local animal shelter) suggested that I might be able create some images for a few of the long-term residents of the shelter that were having trouble getting adopted. (more…)


Creativity doesn’t come easy, at least not for me. It’s more of a fight with plenty of ups and down. Often it involves climbing to the top of one ladder, only to discover the need to jump off. Through it all I’ve discovered that striving to become more creative is a challenge worth the reward, because it helps us to become more of the person who we were designed to be.


In my own journey, I’ve found that when the creative spark is ignited we create our best work and lead more meaningful lives. Yet, becoming creative isn’t as easy as it seems. So I set out to write a book on the topic with the goal of helping others to become more creative and alive. And I’m super excited to announce that as of last week, the book has been released! The title of the book is, The Creative Fight. Check out the trailer below:

Do you want to become more creative? If so, read on!  Below are a few stories, images and ideas that I hope will strike a chord and inspire you to fight the good fight and live a better life. Let me begin by introducing you to the cast of characters that I hope will inspire: Miguel, Andrew, Jack and Chuck. The first character you probably know. His full name is Miguel de Cervantes. But what you probably didn’t know, is that…